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30th April 2019

5 Things on Every Groom’s Checklist

Accustomed as you are to planning and preparing, chances are that you?ve overlooked something when organising your wedding.

Today?s grooms are becoming more involved in planning their own weddings ? from choosing the wedding cake to selecting a best man. Nevertheless, there is always something to do as the big day approaches.

So, whether you?re a hands-on type of guy or just looking to stay out of the way, here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you draw up your groom?s checklist.

Dress to Impress


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For men, dressing for a wedding has never been so important. Thanks to the copious amounts of Royal weddings and celeb nuptials recently, men now have a duty to stand out and look their best.

Once your soon-to-be bride has picked out the colour scheme, you should go and choose what you?re wearing. Whether it?s a regal morning suit or an elegant tuxedo, it?s important for you and your groomsmen to look sharp and sophisticated.

So, save the novelty bow tie for your bachelor party and ask your mates to do the same, pick out something smart and relax safe in the knowledge that you?ve crossed another thing off your groom?s checklist.

The Importance of Grooming


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Grooming, be it the fragrance you choose or the haircut you sport, is important ? fact. There?s no point in wearing a perfectly tailored tux for you to then look rough.

Of the pre-wedding appointments that you should make, a manicure is one of the most important because your hands are going to be photographed over and over again – and, it goes without saying that you should shave and get a haircut.

Also, this is no day to raise a stink so, post-deodorant, spray on something extra ? something that complements what you?re wearing.

An immaculately groomed groom is what you should aim to be.



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If you want a lesson in elegant wedding cars, Prince Harry?s recent nuptials provided just that. Leaving for his intimate wedding reception in a vintage Jaguar E-Type, Prince Harry showed every groom how it?s done.

The lesson learned? When it comes to your wedding day, you want to arrive and leave in style.

So, if you?re looking to escape the pre-wedding madness for a few hours, add the word ?transport? to your groom?s checklist and go classic car shopping.

Pick your Best Man


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For those of you standing at the end of the aisle, choosing who to stand next to you can be extremely problematic ? particularly if you have more than one very close friend.

Not only is the best man?s job to make an hilarious speech at your reception, but it?s also his job to make sure you?re punctual, prepared, dressed and relaxed ? so maybe choose someone you can trust.

What we?re trying to say is, pick someone who?s responsible enough to keep your rings safe and get you to the venue because, lets be honest, nobody wants to see another Hangover movie.

You also want someone who knows you inside and out so, whether that be your brother, mate, two mates or your female friend, do what works for you.

Your Groom?s Speech


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Nerves, alcohol and new in-laws can make your speech seem daunting ? that?s why it should take priority on your groom?s checklist.

Maybe practice your speech a couple of times in front of your friends ? and try and make them shed a tear or two.

At the end of the day, you?re standing up and speaking to simply thank your groomsmen, encourage the guests to enjoy themselves and, most importantly, compliment your other half who, we imagine, looks stunning.

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Groom's speech

We hope you?ve enjoyed our guide on how to make a groom?s checklist. These thoughtful and helpful pointers are sure to help you when planning your wedding.

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