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28th March 2019

Great Ideas for a Perfect Spring Wedding

If you?ve chosen to get married in Spring, then congratulations! There?s so much inspiration to glean from this wonderful season; it is the time for new beginnings, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Embrace the vibrancy and vitality that Spring brings by incorporating ideas like these into your big day.

Bring the Outside in

Unpredictable weather at this time of year means that an outdoor wedding is risky. There?s no need to give up on the idea, however, as you can bring the outside in with clever use of foliage, flowers and woodland elements.

Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

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A Fresh Twist on Foliage

Flowers shouldn?t just be reserved for the bouquets ? think chandeliers made of lush greenery and roses, wall hangings filled with seasonal blooms and even pressed flower personalised favours.

Think tulips, hyacinth, peonies & freesias combined with woody accents and bright, colourful textures.

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Break Tradition

It?s the beginning of a new season, and with this particular season comes life, vivacity and new beginnings. Why not opt for a less traditional dress that accentuates the rest of your Spring theme? Floral accessories and embroidered applique detailing can create a lovely soft change from plain, white gowns that we are used to. If you?re feeling brave, play around with colour, too.

Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

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A bright and striking dress that pops with colour can make for some really memorable wedding photographs.

Embrace the Season

Fruits like strawberries, apples and fresh apricots are all in season around this time of year. Incorporate these along with edible flowers into a range of themed spring cocktails instead of bubbly at the wedding reception.

Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

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Seasonal fare can also be the focus of your wedding breakfast in Liverpool. Most tasty fruits and vegetables are in season around springtime, but the stars of the show are usually asparagus, carrots & greens. A fresh take on a traditional wedding meal will perk guests up and prep them for the night ahead.

A Spring Inspired Statement

When it comes to the cake, this is where your Spring theme can really shine. Utilise the berries that are in season around this time of year and go for a ?naked? cake full of fresh cream and zesty lemon.

Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

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Or, if you want something a bit livelier, have your cake-maker adorn your wedding cake with cheerful, dynamic colours that really channel the essence of Springtime. Painted sugar petals and realistic iced ?succulent? cupcakes will really bring your wedding cake to life!

Earthy Accents

To contrast against the bold colours that encapsulate your Spring wedding theme, bring earthier, more mellow niceties into the day that will help balance everything out. Wicker baskets are a great item to use, especially for flower girls and to hold floral centrepieces in.

Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

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Magnolias have beautiful branches that can be incorporated into your d?cor, alongside flowering cherry tree branches and blossoms. There are plenty of great places out there that make some incredibly convincing artificial flowers, trees and other foliage that can stand in for when you can?t source the real thing.

A Dream Spring Wedding with Signature

Once known as Loyola Hall, Rainhill Hall is a perfect setting for a Spring wedding. It?s only a short distance away from the centre of Liverpool, however, feels more like an ethereal woodland oasis once you set foot into the grounds!

Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

They even have woodland cabins in which to house your guests and an incredible treetop Bridal Suite for the happy couple!

Start planning your perfect Spring wedding with Signature Living Weddings. Our dedicated wedding coordinators will be on hand every step of the way to ensure that your big day is the happiest it could possibly be. Give our lovely team a call on 0151 305 3757.?Alternatively, make an enquiry online here.?

11th December 2018

How to Nail the Coolest Winter Wedding Looks for 2019

So, you?ve chosen a winter wedding date, opting for frosty hues of silver and blue and the crispy whiteness only the freshest winter snow can bring.

But what to wear?

Of course, you want to look your best on the most special day of your life but, let’s face it, winter in Britain can get quite glacial. So how to look good and keep warm at the same time?

Here?s our guide to putting together the coolest looks for the most wonderful winter wedding day.

Top Winter Wedding Dress Trends

Straight from the bridal catwalks of 2019, we?re seeing some of the most stunning winter weddings dresses with designers wrapping brides in layers of lace, flurries of feathers and elegantly elongated sleeves.

There?s a style to suit everyone, whilst also keeping every bride’s body shielded from the chilly winter elements.

Choose minimalist detailing and impeccable tailoring for a look that screams Snow Queen chic and embodies the purity of freshly fallen untouched snow.

Achieve this impeccable style by channelling looks seen from Susan Neville?s 2019 collection or the Savin, Volume III Emerald Collection.

Or why not flutter in a flurry of white downy feathers, bringing a touch of old Hollywood red carpet glamour down the aisle of your winter wedding.

Add feathers to trim a daring cold shoulder neckline as seen in the Halfpenny London lookbook or tuck yourself into a hooded feather cape like the one worn on the Pronovais catwalks.

Bring a touch of Bohemian beauty to your winter wedding wardrobe with whimsical gowns inspired by nature.

Tiered lace gowns that wrap brides in top to toe layers of luxurious lace were seen at Katya Katya?s 2019 show whilst at Leanne Marshal’s, lighter than air floating sleeves, simple bodices and swishing skirts stole the show.

It was back through the fashion pages of time for some designers with many channelling the sophisticated style of the 20s.

Eliza Jane Howell?s intricately beaded sheath dresses, marabou feather capelets and jewel-encrusted pearl headbands harken back to an age where glamour and opulence were all the rage.

Overall the message of the moment was to cover up and show off at the same time.

The peak of a shoulder, a whispering of sheer panelling, daring necklines each element allowing the bride to show off her style yet keep warm during her winter wedding day of dreams.

Winter Wedding Accessories and Makeup

Tis’ the season to sparkle and what better way to do so on your winter wedding day than with diamonds and crystals of all shapes and sizes.

Embellish your veil with a frost like trim using thousands of delicate Swarovski crystals, or go big and bold with shimmering snowflakes captured mid-fall in translucent tulle.

Statement earrings are a must at a winter wedding and this year they sparkle with the richest blue, green or dazzling white jewels.

Using the whiteness of winter as your inspiration why not stud your ears, fingers and neckline with classic strings of gossamer pearls.

There?s no need to go all Ice Queen for your makeup, it?s not a fancy dress party, after all. For your make-up keep things cool or heat things up is all up to you.

Warmer winter makeup includes berry shades and natural hues. Go for a daring claret lip and simple delicate smokey eyes, channelling the alluring beauty of Disney Princess Snow White.

Or turn things fairytale frosty with a dusting of silvery blue across the eyes, a dewy natural blush and barely-there lips.

You?ll be the bell of your own winter wedding day ball shining out among the rest.

Where to Book Your Wonderful Winter Wedding

At Signature Living Weddings our selection of venues can cater to your winter wedding of dreams with ease.

Match the theme of your special day with the elegance of the White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street where a gleaming heritage d?cor provides an exquisite backdrop to host your special day.

Winter wedding venue White Star Grand Hall

30 James Street – Home of the Titanic White Star Grand Hall

Or invoke the heat and passion of Cuba to warm up your winter wedding in Alma de Cuba?s Vestry. The flexible new events venues gives guests the chance to enjoy a vibrant carnival atmosphere from the privacy of an exclusive upper-level space.

Winter wedding venue Vestry

Alma de Cuba – Vestry

These wonderful wedding venues are available to host the magical winter wedding you?ve always dreamed of as well as others to be found all over the UK that are still yet to come.

Call 0151 305 3753 or get in touch using our enquiry form to start planning the winter wedding of your dreams with Signature Living Weddings.

4th October 2018

Bring the Outside Inside with a Magical Botanical Wedding

Lush grasses, vibrant leaves and freshly cut bouncing bouquets of hydrangeas: the botanical wedding trend is all about bringing the outside inside and putting foliage at the heart of your special day.

Take inspiration from the great outdoors, with delicate sprigs of foliage, forest touches and cascading floral displays. Perfect for stunning rooftop weddings and classic, heritage occasions, this trend isn?t going anywhere as we head into 2019.

Picking the perfect foliage

Carry your botanical wedding theme throughout the day by picking key foliage types to repeat across your decorations. The cool tones of eucalyptus, soft edges of ferns (such as asparagus fern or leather fern) and traditional, rustic shapes of ruscus, kumquat or lemon leaf are ideal foundations for flower arrangements.

Foliage tends to be lower in price than blooms, meaning you can create dramatic garlands around wedding arches and head tables without worrying about cost.

“Take inspiration from this elegant interior style and evoke the great outdoors, with delicate sprigs of foliage, forest touches and cascading floral displays”
botanical wedding

Source: Shutterstock

Garden garlands

botanical wedding

Credit: | Pinterest

Flowers aren?t just for the table ? maximize the woodland atmosphere with floral garlands and ceilings hangings above the reception venue. Add pale flowers, delicately lit bulbs and even fragile glass baubles for a cascading, forest-like effect that evokes the magic and mystic of green spaces.

Floral arrangements

For tables, bouquets and venue arrangements, stick to your key foliage choices but add delicate flowers in white, pale yellow and pale pink to offset the darker green tones. The soft, lazy blooms of anemones contrast beautifully with the more structured shapes of eucalyptus or ruscus while traditional roses and ranunculaceae add a timeless and classic touch to any arrangement.

For a softer look, add gypsolia. Its tiny, cloud-like blooms evoke cottage gardens and country weddings.

“The soft, lazy blooms of anemones contrast beautifully with the more structured shapes of eucalyptus or ruscus”

The Table

botanical wedding

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Runners of foliage such as eucalyptus or lemon leaf look beautiful, but for a quirky take on the botanical trend, use terracotta pots of herbs. Perfect for naming tables, potted plants at a rustic touch and, if they?re edible, have the bonus of being garnishes for delicious G&Ts!

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Pick unusual vases such as brown glass bottles, or miniature zinc milk churns to add depth and colour to a simple table arrangement.

Stationary Styles

botanical wedding

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Go bold on your invitations with graphic prints of jungle plants, such as philodendron or dieffenbachia against white card or try a softer, woodland style with delicate floral imagery, botanical drawings and and brushed lettering.

Brown card tones well with green shades, so opt for eco-friendly recycled materials if you want your botanical wedding to be green in footprint, as well as theme.

“For a softer look, add gypsolia. Its tiny, cloud-like blooms evoke cottage gardens and country weddings.”

Bring the trees inside

botanical wedding

Source: | Pinterest

For large spaces, or high ceilings, miniature trees can help fill a reception venue and create a magical, mystical atmosphere. Opt for artificial cherry blossom trees with their cloud-like puffs of pink for a burst of colour against foliage floral arrangements, or pick the lustrously leafy likes of olive, citrus or birch for a greenery explosion that isn?t overpowering.

How to make the cake botanical

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For a botanical cake that?s simple but impactful, aim for modest icing designs and leave the decorations to do the talking. Naked cakes look suitably rustic, but neatly-iced towers topped green leaves and delicate white flowers can be similarly stunning.

And don?t just stick to white ? pastel tones or natural greys, beiges and pale pinks in icing can all create warmth against the backdrop of heavy foliage and pale neutrals. Just stay away from the maximalist patterns and let the plants shine.

Enjoy the great outdoors in a drink

botanical wedding

Sparkling Apple Holiday Cocktail. Credit: | Pinterest

Specially concocted cocktails add a personal touch to your big day and ensure you’ll have a flavoursome way to evoke nostalgia in future years. Get creative with spirits, mixers and garnishes to bring the botanical theme straight into guests’ glasses.

Gin and tonics are an easy way to add some greenery into your drinks – consider garnishes such as juniper berries, citric peels and tufts of vibrant rosemary. To bring a delicate warmth, consider using a flavoured gin like raspberry, sloe or rhubarb.

You’d be surprised how often the glassware can make all the difference – unusual glass shapes such as jars or bottles, or delicate goblets will add a finishing touch to your personalised punch.

Seasonal touches

botanical weddings

Credit: Julie Blanner | Pinterest

A botanical wedding theme works best when it’s aligned to the seasons, reflecting the natural world outside. For autumn weddings, a touch of harvest time can be achieved by adding bountiful fruits and vegetables to the table decorations, alongside pinecones, branches and autumnal leaves.

Try hiding ripening apples and pears in table displays and adding the woody tones of chestnuts, dried citrus fruits and physalis.

“A botanical wedding theme works best when it’s aligned to the seasons”

For winter weddings, look to yuletide foliage favourites such as pine, cedar, ?juniper and spruces and add touches of natural colour with berries and pinecones.

Favours your guests will never forget

Forgo the traditional sugared almonds and chocolate truffles for tiny potted succulents that guests can take home at a botanical wedding ? sedums and echeverias need minimal care and will look healthy for long periods, making them an easy wedding favour to buy in advance of the big day.

Alternatively, send guests home with a favour that encourages them to spread a little greenery into their own lives by offering personalized seed packages, ready to be sprinkled elsewhere as a memory of your big day.

Headdresses and bouquets

botanical wedding

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Floral headdresses aren?t just for the flower girls ? bring your wedding day together by echoing the blooms your choose for your bouquet and floral headwear in the flowers around your reception.

Ferns work particularly well in bouquets, suggesting volume without looking ?heavy? ? opt for an all green arrangement if you want a fresh and botanical style that?s pretty without being overpowering.

Book your botanical wedding today with Signature Living Weddings

At Signature Living, our beautiful venues are the perfect backdrop for your botanical wedding theme. With historic interiors, such as the grade-II* listed 30 James Street White Star Grand Hall, and stunning vistas like the panoramic views from our rooftop Garden of Eden terrace, you can bring the magic of the woodland world to life in the centre of Liverpool.

Filled with natural light to perfectly compliment foliage decoration, all our venues have light and airy interiors ready to be beautifully personalised for your big day.

botanical wedding

Credit: Matthew Rycraft

Experience a wedding like no other with expert guidance from our incredible wedding-coordinators who are renowned for never saying no to a bride-to-be or future groom’s request. There isn’t a challenge we won’t take on – from fire-breathers and stilt-walkers to getting a pony on the roof of The Shankly Hotel, we’re always happy to make your day an unforgettable and unique experience.

?To start your Signature Living Wedding Journey today, and begin planning your dream day, call us today on 0151 305 3753.

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