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23rd August 2019

Sustainable Wedding Ideas for a Planet-Friendly Big Day

Reducing plastic use, minimising our carbon footprint ? we?re all aware of our alarming impact on the planet and how to reduce it. But weddings can be a minefield of plastic wrappings, unwanted favours and food waste, making your big day a not-so green wedding.

Aiming towards environmentally friendly nuptials isn?t just better for the planet ? it can help you save money and stress by simplifying wedding plans and reducing unnecessary spending on defunct items.

If you?re serious about making your wedding sustainable, there?s lots of steps you can take to make it a plant-friendly day. You don?t have to go mad ? but even taking a few steps to reduce your impact will guarantee a special occasion to be proud of as you help the planet alongside celebrating your marriage.

And the best part? You don?t have to compromise on style for sustainability. Thanks to this year?s trend for botanical-themed weddings, green is now a timeless touch for any nuptials.

Go local


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Air miles and traffic fumes are some of the worst polluters in the world, so cutting down on travel for your wedding gives big green brownie points towards sustainability.

And it?s not just about hosting your wedding in the local area ? using local companies and sourcing flowers and food from your region will cut down on carbon production.

Get serious about sustainability by making a promise to use local brands where possible during your big day preparations.

Think carefully about the location of your venue


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When it comes to eco-friendly venue choices, inevitably it?s better to choose permanent wedding spaces rather than renting marquees, as hired tents must be transported to the location.

Even better ? pick a venue that?s close to public transport hubs. At Signature Living Weddings, all our venues are just moments away from the city?s Lime Street Station. From the historic White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street, sitting elegantly on the waterfront, to the sumptuous Shankly Hotel Garden of Eden rooftop space, your guests can travel to the big day without hassle and reducing their carbon footprint.


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For a green wedding with a unique twist, why not take a look at our new Rainhill Hall venue? With a stunning open air, woodland ceremony space and gorgeous tree house suites tucked into the trees and lakeside luxury cabins, all available soon, you can bring the outdoors straight into your big day.

Hosting your ceremony and reception in one space also helps cut down on guests travelling. At Signature Living Weddings, we?re happy to accommodate every aspect of your big day from start to finish ? making your planning easier, and helping the planet.

Choose favours that benefit the Earth

Inevitably, wedding favours often seem to come wrapped in cellophane or tucked into plastic bags. And sadly, they?re often left behind, thrown away, or unused despite the effort put into sourcing them.


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But favours are also one of the easiest ways to make your wedding more planet-friendly. For a more sustainable choice, think about using edible favours (everyone will want to eat a personalised biscuit) or consider offering small, potted plants which guests can take home.

A quirky option that?s increasingly popular for couples-to-be is offering packets of wild flower seeds, which can be personalised and double-up as place names, allowing guests to give back to the environment when they go home.

For a zero-waste option at your green wedding, why not chose to give charity donations in lieu of a material gift? Ask guests to pick from a list of charitable donations, or chose just one close to your heart and give the money you would have spent on favours helping ecological causes.

The dress

Your wedding dress is arguably the most important part of the day if you?re a bride. But sadly, it?s also often the least environmentally friendly aspect of the occasion.

Vintage dresses are an increasingly popular route to sustainability, as are ethical designers produce custom-made garments. But sometimes that won?t work out ? and we don?t want to suggest you give up on your dream dress because you feel guilty about its eco-impact.


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Instead, focus on the second life of the garment to reduce environmental harm. Too many wedding dresses end up in landfill, so focus on what happens to the dress after your wedding to make a change. Think about hiring your dress, so that you can be certain it gets a second life, or keep it for relatives to also use. Or, think of ways to reuse the materials. Why not craft a cushion or sew parts of it into a quilt? There?s companies all over the UK who specialise in re-purposing wedding dresses into beautiful keepsakes so that you?re once-in-a-lifetime garment can be used again and again.

Recycle, recycle, recycle


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Try to cut down on paper-use by minimising the amount of stationary you send to guests. Rather than sending save the date cards, why not use an online e-card service?

And for invitations themselves, source recycled and recyclable paper that won?t be cutting down any more trees for its creation. Some printers even offer vegetable-based inks rather than traditional ones that contribute to chemical pollution.

For an extra green wedding touch, why not use seed paper? Available at a number of online retailers, seed paper lets your guests ?plant? the invitations after use, which then sprout wild flowers thanks to seeds embedded in the biodegradable paper!

Look local for food

Catering for large parties is difficult ? and food waste is one of the worst offenders when aiming for sustainability at weddings.


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At Signature Living, all our restaurants offer regionally-produced and locally sourced food, meaning your can be sure your wedding day menu doesn?t carry unnecessary air miles. Whether you opt for an elegant sit-down meal or a laid back buffet style, we?ll strive to create a menu that uses the best local, fresh and tasty produce for your wedding.

And to cut down on food waste, make sure you designate someone to pack up any leftover food for that post-wedding night snack. You could even try to arrange for any leftovers to be delivered to a homeless shelter, like the Cotton Street Project, although bar in mind that once left at room temperature, the perishable food will have a short life span.

Avoid plastics when decorating the venue


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If you?re looking to be as sustainable as possible on your wedding day, decorating the venue can be a minefield. From flowers to balloons, you?d be surprised how much single-use plastics and carbon footprints creep into the least expected areas of wedding planning.

As a rule for green weddings, always look to hire rather than buy to reduce waste. Luckily, according to Signature Wedding Specialist Ciara Martin, borrowing decorations is a great way to keep costs down on your big day. At Signature, our couples-to-be love the centrepiece blossom trees we offer for your reception tables.


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Other easy ways to reduce waste include hiring lanterns rather than balloons, using beautiful liquor bottles to hold flowers (all those gin bottles you stored could come in handy) and finding household products that can be re-utilised on the table. Why not keep it homely with tealight lanterns made from jam jars or add a touch of Bohemia by arranging your flowers into jazzy old food tins? A trip to your local vintage store will spark your imagination.

Forego your gift register


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Do you really need that ice-cream maker, or will it just end up in landfill a few years down the line? Ask for sustainable and ethical gifts from your guests to ensure you?re not throwing things away a few months after you?ve received them.

Why not ask for monetary donations to help with your dream honeymoon, or request that guests donate to a charity working towards minimizing the effects of climate change?

Pick your confetti with care

The confetti toss as you leave your wedding venue can produce some of the most beautiful photos of the day. But throwing rice or paper around outside isn?t particularly environmentally conscious.

As an alternative, look towards biodegradable and water soluble substitutes or revert to nature with plant-based confetti made from lavender, rose petals, fresh herbs and micro flowers.

Pick seasonal flowers for your green wedding

Flowers won?t last forever ? but they might have a lasting impact on the environment. Many cut flowers are flown in from far-away countries like Kenya and have been treated with damaging pesticides that decimate local bio-climates.

To keep your green wedding on track, go seasonal and local and ask your florist to source your blooms from known sustainable producers. You?ll benefit from the freshest, brightest blooms and the planet will benefit from a reduced carbon impact.

For a Spring wedding, consider bulb plants like daffodils, hyacinths and muscari, as well as ranunculus, lilacs and viburnum. In Summer, look towards hydrangea, peonies, the sunshine blooms of sunflowers and larkspur. As you head into the colder months, pick wax flower, stephanotis and dahlia.


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Make sure to ask your florist to avoid using floral foam (commonly known as oasis) ? this traditional material that is used to hold blooms in place is an open-cell plastic and pretty nasty, causing skin irritation and breathing issues. It?s also not great for the environment.

Or, if you?re keen to make your wedding totally sustainable, opt for potted plants rather than cut blooms. Make like Kate Middleton and hire small saplings to fill an airy venue or buy your own plants which can be planted afterwards for a lasting memory of your special day.

For more information on our stunning venues, or to get in touch and start planning your perfect green wedding, contact us today on 0151 305 3753 or email

2nd August 2019

The 11 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Liverpool

The dramatic skyline, spectacular sunsets and dreamy waterfront of Liverpool make it an idyllic city in which to pop the big question. Here at Signature Living Weddings, we know your engagement is the first step on the path to a magical wedding, so we think you should consider these places to propose in Liverpool and make the proposal as romantic as the special occasion itself.

The city is full of stunning viewpoints, adorable hideaways and incredible experiences that can help make your proposal a magical moment. In no particular order, we?ve pulled together our favourite places to propose in Liverpool.

On the Waterfront


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Liverpool?s iconic waterfront is undeniably one of the most romantic spots in the North West. From its palatial architecture to its stunning views across the Mersey – a proposal at the Pier Head on a warm summer?s evening could be a truly unforgettable experience – making it one of the most gorgeous places to propose in Liverpool.

The Cunard Building, one of the city?s Three Graces is situated right on the waterfront. A perfect spot to pop the question and get some snaps to mark the occasion!

Atop Liverpool’s Best Rooftop Bar


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Located at the top of 30 James Street, this incredible rooftop spot is part of the amazing Carpathia Restaurant and Champagne Bar. After an exquisite fine dining experience, why not take your spouse-to-be onto the rooftop and propose as the sun sets? Carpathia will be sure to have some bubbly on hand to celebrate afterwards.

It doesn’t have to end there, though. Book yourselves into a luxury room in the hotel here and see where the night takes you.

Climb the Anglican Cathedral


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For breathtaking views and spectacular sunsets, there is no better place in the city than the top of the Anglican Cathedral. Sitting 500ft above sea level and with 360? rooftop views of Liverpool and beyond, the incredible Vestey tower has been the site of many Liverpool proposals.

For only a few pounds, you can ascend the 108 stairs and enjoy stunning, uninterrupted views of the city, providing an unforgettable spot to begin your engagement.

One of the most awe-inspiring places to propose in Liverpool, the Anglican Cathedral is an amazing place to pop the question.

Under the Petal Shower


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If you?ve ever experienced an Alma de Cuba petal shower, you?ll know it?s a moment like no other. So why not surprise your other half with the big question just as the flowers begin to fall? For those not in the know, the petal shower at Alma De Cuba happens every Friday and Saturday at 11pm in Liverpool?s most famous Latin American inspired bar and restaurant. On the hour, a gorgeous petal display rains down on revellers in the spectacular venue, as our samba dancers take to the stage for a vibrant, fun-filled performance.

Plus, the formerly Grade II listed St Peter?s Roman Catholic Church and its new Vestry floor is available for weddings, so you can complete your wedding journey in the place it all began. Retaining many of its original features including the altar and magnificent ornate glass windows, this spectacular venue offers a romantic venue in the heart of Liverpool for your special day.

On the Liverpool Wheel


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With the wheel being known as more of a tourist destination, this may be a less obvious choice. But when you think about it, you’ve got a great set up and everything you need for a proposal all in one! You’ll have privacy, amazing views and enough time to build up the courage to ask the vital question as the wheel turns.

The big wheel may not be one of the most obvious places to propose in Liverpool, but it’s certainly one of the most dramatic.

Walking Down Crosby Beach


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For a more relaxed proposal that takes you back to nature, a romantic stroll along Crosby beach on a Sunday morning is the perfect time to pop the question for low-key couples. You?re sure to find a moment of intimacy on the dramatic stretch of coastline that has views out to the Wirral and North Wales.

Outside (or Inside!) Sefton Park Palm House


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The Victorian architecture of Sefton Park Palm House evokes the dreamy days of times gone by when courting couples would take walks in the park with their betrothed.

Reignite the romance of the past with a proposal amongst the arching glass windows and beautiful flora that fills this spectacular glass house.

By the Love Locks at Albert Dock


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Propose right by the water and secure your own unbreakable bond with your very own love lock! Make it even more special by inscribing your own message onto the lock and leaving it as a symbol of your everlasting love.

Evoking images of The Pont des Arts bridge on the River Seine in Paris, the love locks bridge at the Albert Dock is one of the most romantic places to propose in Liverpool.

Within the Intimacy of a Private Suite


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For a seductive proposal, why not book the intimately private Signature Living Lust suite and sweep your future spouse off their feet?

The Lust Suite is the perfect place for a cosy, private proposal between you and your partner. Located within The Shankly Hotel, this beautiful pale-pink suite features Signature padding and sensual velvet furnishings. Complete with an indulgent double bed, and a beautiful mirrored ceiling feature, the suite is completed by a luxurious ensuite with whirlpool bath and waterfall shower.

Only a stone?s throw away from some of Liverpool?s most romantic restaurants, The Shankly also boasts a spectacular rooftop bar overlooking the city skyline

Book a room in The Shankly Hotel here – pick out a ring and build up the courage to ask that all important question.

Mathew Street


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Forgo the typical proposal spots in Liverpool and instead head to Mathew Street. Pop the question whilst being serenaded by The Beatles? greatest hits.

Or why don?t you get down on one knee beneath the famous Cavern Quarter sign that greets tourists as they walk down Europe?s most famous street.

Nothing says ?I love you? more than popping the question with Cilla Black and John Lennon watching on.

St Georges Plateau


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Escape the crowds and head to St George?s Plateau, pick a spot and pop the question. The architecture and d?cor is as elegant as it is romantic ? making it the ideal place to not only propose in Liverpool, but to have a wedding too.

Take your pick from a host of amazing rooms and outside settings and propose in style this summer.

Your Future Awaits

Already engaged? Congrats! The proposal is only the first step on your wedding journey. Get some inspiration for your big day over on our blog!

To start planning your dream day at one of our spectacular venues, contact our friendly team on 0151 236 0166.?Alternatively, make an enquiry online here.?

31st July 2019

Wedding Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

From the moment you get engaged (or before, if you?re keen!) you will be thinking of all the potential themes, locations and intricacies of your wedding. Sometimes, though, all of the endless options can get a little overwhelming, you have a creative block and you just want a little guidance. That’s were these amazing wedding Instagram accounts come in.

That?s where we think Instagram comes in. Following some great wedding inspiration accounts can help populate your feed with beautiful wedding ideas, helping you to come closer to a decision on what you want for that big day.

We?ve picked the best of the best when it comes to wedding Instagram accounts, so read on and feel the inspiration come flooding in.

You & Your Wedding – @youyourwedding

Led by UK magazine You & Your Wedding, this account is filled to the brim with great wedding inspo from around the globe – making it one of the best wedding Instagram accounts to follow.


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Paper Grace – @papergraceuk

The award-winning stationery?company’s Instagram is full of beautifully minimal ideas. Great for when you want wedding stationery that is slick, stylish and straight to the point!


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Cotton and Crumbs – @cottonandcrumbs

This UK-based wedding cake designer makes some truly stunning traditional cakes with a twist. Good for those who want to keep things classic, with a touch of modern.


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Rainhill Hall – @rainhillhall

For fairytale wedding and enchanting escape inspiration, follow Rainhill Hall. Their majestic woodland venue is nestled amongst lush greenery in a Grade II listed house. How idyllic!


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Putnam & Putnam – @putnamflowers

These two guys really know their way around a bunch of flowers or two! They state their approach to floristry is “inspired by romance” – and we agree. See for yourself.


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Once Wed – @oncewed

This account is gorgeous, featuring inspiration for those who want their wedding to be a little more pared back and organic. Expect minimal?wedding dresses, creative photography and simplistic floral arrangements.


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Stephanie Fishwick – @stephaniefishwick

Stephanie’s colourful and unique creations make great inspiration for wedding stationery with a difference. Intricate illustrations, collage and calligraphy make up the majority of her amazing work. Perfect material for a botanical Spring wedding.


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Signature Salon – @signaturesalonliverpool

Get your glam wedding hair and makeup inspiration from Signature Salon. Their feed is full of beautiful looks! Give them a follow for chic, stylish beauty ideas.


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Riley and Grey – @rileyandgrey

Described as “non-wedding-y wedding inspiration & gorgeous wedding websites and invites for discerning couples.” They post some really lovely ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.


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Jasmine Rae Cakes – @jasmineraecakes

We’ve honestly never seen cakes like it! Jasmine’s creations are out of this world. From marbleised geode cookies to ornate roses made out of sugar – her talents know no bounds.


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Love My Dress – @lovemydress

This fantastic wedding blog posts inspiring, varied and beautiful wedding inspiration. Definitely give them a follow if you’re wanting to build that mood board out!


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Bride and Tonic – @brideandtonic

This account is run by London-based wedding bloggers who believe in simplicity and sustainability. All the wedding inspo that they post caters to those who want a smaller, more intimate day with lots of little personal touches.


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30 James Street – @30jamesst

One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Liverpool, 30 James Street is a great account to follow for wedding inspiration. They offer some brilliant wedding packages, all in the buzzing heart of Liverpool.


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The Bijou Bride – @thebijoubride

This account is run by wedding designers and planners based in London. They work with “stylish, fun-loving couples from around the globe.” They seem to be the experts in effortless yet sensational celebrations!


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Way Out Wedding – @wayoutwedding

Consider yourself an alternative bride? Well, this Instagram account is good for those who are looking for a bit of “modern romance.” Their unconventional feed of wedding inspo is full of unique ideas.


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Signature Living Weddings – @sig_weddings

We may be a little bias, but we think our Instagram is fab for that all-important wedding inspiration. We post general bridal inspo as well as gorgeous pictures from weddings we’ve helped bring to life. Go on, give us a follow, it’s one of the best wedding Instagram accounts around.


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Make your dream wedding a reality at one of our spectacular venues.

To find out more about?Signature venues, our packages or to download our brochures, head over to?our contact page!?Alternatively, make an enquiry online here.?

9th July 2019

Hen Party Games That Everyone Will Love

The hen party is booked, the venue agreed, the drinks are chilling in the fridge, the last thing to think about is how you?re going to entertain a large group of women who?ve been promised a good time. You need some fun hen party games!

At Signature Living Weddings, we know that every bride-to-be is looking forward to an unforgettable hen do. That?s why we offer the very best hen do advice for everyone that books a wedding with us. From bingo to drinking games, memory quizzes to dares these hen party games are sure to keep everyone entertained during your hen do.

The Best Hen Party Games?

Hen party bingo

This one might take a bit of organising but it?s definitely worth it. Get your hens to write down what gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive, and as she opens them, mark off any of the presents written down. Once someone correctly guesses five in a row, they shout out Bingo! The winning prize is up to you!

The Garden of Eden Suite

Funny story time

Before the party begins, ask all the guests to write down an embarrassing, funny or unusual experience they have had with the bride-to-be. Put them all into a bowl and have guests take it in turns to draw one and read it aloud! Everyone can then guess who wrote the story. This is one of the best hen party games and is sure to get all your guests talking and laughing.

Fill in the blanks

Another fun way to bring up old embarrassing stories of the bride. Ask the hen party crew to write down an embarrassing story about the bride-to-be, but leave some of the key words blank. For example ?Sophie once accidentally exposed her blank at a party in high school, which earned her the nickname blank.? Each person then has to guess the blank words, enjoy! This is one of the most popular hen party games on the list.

hen party games

Fun hen party games

Don?t say it!

Fun, easy and as naughty as you like! Simply choose a list of words that can?t be spoken throughout the night, but make sure they?re relatively hard to avoid! You and the hens can decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, from doing a shot, to taking part in a dare, the choice is yours!

Prosecco pong

One of the most popular hen party games, prosecco pong is perfect for getting the real party started. If you?ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years, this game is a ?classy? take on beer pong. It requires your hens to be split up into two teams, with a table set up in the middle and 6 prosecco-filled glasses either end, in a triangular shape. The teams then take it in turns to throw or bounce ping pong balls into the opponents? glasses. If they succeed, the opponent must drink the glass of fizz in one!

prosecco pong hen party games

Never have I ever

I think we all know the rules to this game. Basically, everyone takes turns admitting to something that they?ve never done. If anyone in the group has done it, they have to drink. This is one of the hen party games where the quiet ones will surprise you!

Balloon dares

Next up in our list of the very best hen party games is balloon based. To play, simply fill a number of balloons with funny dares and throughout the night nominate someone to pop a balloon and complete the challenge. This game also provides the perfect excuse to decorate your venue with pretty balloons!

Balloon pass

Start by splitting the hens into two teams and ask them to pass the balloon from one person to the next using their knees or noses. After a few proseccos, this game is much harder than it sounds. You could even combine the balloon dares with this game and have double the fun if someone pops one.

hen party games

Source: Shutterstock

The cocktail quiz

Test your guests? knowledge of some cheeky cocktail names with this fun quiz. Write down a list of funny or suggestive cocktail names, leaving certain words blank. For example, slippery? sex on the ? and many more. If you don?t know the answers the game becomes even funnier, as the cocktail names become even more hilarious. ?If you?re starting your night in a bar, then order a few of each of these cocktails or ask the barman to design a special drink based off your wrong guesses.

Wedding film charades

You may not have enough time to take part in a wedding movie marathon, but you can definitely act some of them out! Re-enact everything from Bridesmaids, to Runaway Bride and see if the other team can guess the film.

Bridesmaids - hen party games

Pin the trunks on the hunk

Print a large picture of a ?hunk? ? could be the groom, could be a celeb crush of the bride?s (we recommend Leonardo DiCaprio, but that?s just us). Much like pin the tail on the donkey, you can then take it in turns to pin some trunks on him, whilst blindfolded.

Make a man

This one calls for some creativity. Split the hens up into teams and equip them with plasticine or play-doh. Each team is then given a body part to make, but they?re not allowed to see what the other teams are doing. At the end it?s the bride?s job to put it together and make a man. It?s our favourite kind of team-work!

Hen Party Games – Wedding Celebrations With Wow Factor

At Signature Living Weddings, we are experts in creating moments of magic. From your wedding, to your reception and even your hen and stag parties, we understand that your special day is one of the most important occasions of your life.

outdoor wedding venue

The beautiful Rainhill Hall

Home to a number of magnificent wedding venues, from heritage treasures, to unique rooftop spaces, each romantic setting is breathtaking. We can offer you a bespoke planning experience tailored especially for you. From the catering, to the entertainment, we?ll help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for a magical outdoor wedding venue like Rainhill Hall, or a magnificent and historic landmark like The Exchange Hotel in Cardiff, Signature Wedding are the go to for truly spectacular occasions.

Perfect Accommodation to Enjoy Hen Party Games

Maybe you?d just like to plan your hen or stag party first? Our sister company, Signature Living are on hand to offer you the very best party accommodation for large groups. Our unique rooms and suites have been designed with pure luxury in mind, each decorated with stunning themes and quirky features.

We also offer a number of hen party packages that are made for big occasions and celebrations, offering only the very best rooms, dining and drinks available.

hen party games - Flamingo room

The Flamingo Room

Sound good? Talk to one of our talented advisers today and find out everything Signature Living can offer you. Book your hen or stag party today and enjoy a truly unforgettable celebration before you tie the knot. Call them on 0151 236 0166.

Whether you dream of a wedding with wow factor, or a more intimate affair. Our talented team of coordinators are always on hand to talk you through the process, every step of the way. If you?d like to enquire about weddings with us, get in touch with our friendly team today and take the next steps to your happily ever after. Fill out our enquiry form or call us on 0151 305 3753.

25th January 2019

The 7 Different Types of Bride

They say that planning a wedding is up there as one of the more stressful things you can choose to do. It can bring out the bridezilla in most brides-to-be, but it?s all with the best intentions. All you want is a practically picture-perfect day that everyone will enjoy, great dress, amazing venue, flowers, good weather and last but not least a wedding that feels unique to you and your beau.

It?s not too much to ask?is it?

You may be so laid back you?re horizontal or you?ve ended up swinging from the chandelier in your dream venue refusing to come down unless they fit you into their schedule. There are 7 types of bride; which one are you?

1. A Serial Spender

This is the most important day of your life and you?re prepared to give an arm and a leg to make sure it?s the dreamiest wedding your guests will have ever had the pleasure of attending. Outfit changes throughout the day have been discussed at length and you?ve been trying to get John Legend?s agent on the phone to organise the entertainment for the evening. Budget? You don?t know her.


You?re fancy yourself as a bit of a Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton ? that red carpet isn?t going to buy itself now, is it?

2. Bridezilla

Knock knock – it?s me, The Moodswing! This wedding is the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before you go to bed. You?re willing to sell your soul for the perfect dress and are currently responsible for the local shortage of waterproof mascara. You currently love this wedding more than you love your fianc?.


You?re Liv and Emma from Bride Wars combined into one; you?ll stop at nothing to make sure your day is absolutely-100%-without-a-doubt faultless.

3. The Budget Bride

You?re determined to cut any unnecessary costs to make sure your big day doesn?t end up quite literally breaking the bank. You?ve searched Pinterest high and low for the best DIY wedding hacks and have already started searching for the perfect second-hand gown on Etsy. Mum has agreed to tackle the cake and you?ve got all your bridesmaids on hand to help craft your own table decorations. Girl, you?ve got this!


You?re a Phoebe from Friends getting married in the snow or a Miranda from Sex and the City tying the knot in the park in front of all her nearest and dearest.

4. A Laid Back Lady

You?ve put everyone on edge with how un-bothered you are, but you just don?t care. You know you?re going to be exchanging vows with your significant other one way or another. It?s not really an issue that you?ve left it too late to book the caterers; you?re happy to just order pizza for everyone. That?s if they turn up. You forgot to send your invites out in time, so just posted it on Facebook instead.


You?re more of a Pam from The Office when she sneaks off with Jim to seal the deal. You?re not bothered what the celebrations are as long as everyone?s there to celebrate with you at some point.

5. The Life and Soul

Forget the ceremony, you?re here for the party! The hen ?do was probably the highlight of this whole wedding shebang, but you can?t wait to carry on the celebrations as soon as the formalities are over. You?ve put more planning into the evening?s playlist than what flowers you carried down the aisle and your bridesmaids can?t wait to bust out the moves you?ve all been practising for weeks.


You?re a Lillian from Bridesmaids, but only once she?s dropped the bridezilla routine and lets loose with her best mates.

6. Miss Meticulous

Clipboard? Check. Colour coded spreadsheet? Check. Walkie-talkies and headset? Check. The planning started before you were even engaged and you?ve put the Maid of Honour out of a job because you?ve already arranged your own hen party.


You?re a Monica from Friends through and through, and the prospect of all that new wedding stationary feels much more exciting than actually getting hitched.

7. The Hopeless Romantic

Your head is in the clouds, the stars are in your eyes and birds are tweeting on your shoulder. We?ll just call you Cinderella. You?ve watched all your favourite romcoms throughout the entire process and the wedding scrapbook you made when you were 11 has been used as a very serious and detailed reference. You?re a walking, talking bridal stereotype ? and you love it!


You are most certainly a Charlotte from Sex and the City. You?ve been dreaming of this moment since you were little and no amount of stress or any obstacle can pop your lovey-dovey bubble.

No matter what type of bride you are, what really matters is that you?ll get to marry the one you love on your big day. If you?re looking for inspiration on where to tie the knot, then look no further than these five beautiful places to get married.?

Alternatively, get one step closer to your dream wedding my?making an enquiry online here.?

16th November 2018

Why Signature Living is the Only Choice for a Liverpool Asian Wedding

Traditions are what makes a wedding special and unique to the happy couple and at Signature Living, whatever your faith or religion, we?re able to accommodate your preferences to make sure your day is a completely personalised celebration.

A popular choice for Asian weddings in Liverpool, all our venues boast flexible and versatile facilities to match your dream big day. Whether you?re looking for a colourful, energetic occasion or sleek, low-key nuptials, our stunning locations all have something unique to offer you.

From specialist catering, to making sure all those little necessary extras are sorted, our wedding coordinators are well versed in ensure your wedding is the most wonderful day it can be.

Flexible and versatile venues

Liverpool Asian Wedding

The Garden of Eden Suite

Whether you?re inviting 30 guests or 300, Signature Living?s flexible venues can accommodate any size of party. We understand the importance of accommodating a large wedding party while still ensuring you have a beautiful and luxurious setting for your big day. From the intimate and charming Baby Eden in the centre of Liverpool, to the expansive soon-to-be open woodland wonderland at Rainhill Hall, we?ve got a range of spaces to suit your needs that don?t compromise on size over quality.

The showstopping Garden of Eden suite is a popular choice for couples planning a Liverpool Asian Wedding, with its stunning panoramic views over the city skyline, a gorgeous outdoor terrace area and a light and airy indoor venue space. Neutrally decorated, so that your colour scheme can shine through, we?re happy to help plan your furnishing choices for the special day.

liverpool asian wedding

Source: Shutterstock

Your very own specialist wedding coordinator

Organising your wedding can be complex, but the Signature Living Wedding Coordinators are on hand to help make your special occasion run smoothly.

All our coordinators have ample knowledge of cultural elements and religious requirements you might want to include in your wedding and always strive to provide whatever the happy couple require for the perfect occasion.

“We welcome everyone to host their special day at Signature Living,” says coordinator Ciara Martin. “And Asian weddings are some of my favourite to help organise. They’re always incredibly glamorous and beautifully extravagant. Each wedding we host is bigger and better than the ones before. They’re a joy to help plan. Even if you want a more subdued event, we’re able to offer you that dream wedding whatever the scale of your ambitions.”

Liverpool Asian wedding

Source: Shutterstock

Luxury accommodation for family and friends

At all our venues, you and your guests can enjoy luxury accommodation moments from the wedding location. Our stylish hotel suites are ideal for both you as newlyweds and your party guests.

Offering a range of fantastic amenities, guests can enjoy everything from waterfall showers to whirlpool baths. Plus, you can get ready at our ornate dressing tables and relax at the end of all the celebrations in deluxe beds, perfect for a blissful overnight stay.

Whether you’ve chosen the historic White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street as your venue (perfect for an elegant and timeless nuptials), the glamour of the rooftop Garden of Eden suite at The Shankly Hotel, or the dramatic interiors of Alma de Cuba in the centre of town, we can provide nearby (and luxurious) accommodation for everyone,

liverpool asian wedding

Bespoke catering just for you

When you book a Signature Wedding, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with our catering team and discuss a specific and bespoke menu for your big day. Our chefs love sitting down with the family to offer a personalised service. Whether you’d like the more standardised three course meal or would rather look at buffet catering, our team can match the food to your exacting preferences.

Start your wedding journey today

We can’t wait to begin planning your wedding with you. Call our team today on 0151 305 3753 or fill in the contact room below to start your journey.

15th October 2018

Festivals, Foliage & Autumnal Touches: Royal Wedding Inspiration for Your Special Day

There?s nothing more magical than a fairy-tale royal wedding and Princess Eugenie’s nuptials to Jack Brooksbank last Friday ticked all the boxes. Two awe-inspiring dresses, a historic venue, stunning floral arrangements – it was the perfect occasion to pick up royal wedding ideas for your special day.

Unlike the more formal affairs of Prince William and his brother, the younger Princess was willing to break tradition and pick something a little bit different for her special day. From laid-back catering options to a right royal knees up for all the guests over the weekend, this was a relaxed royal wedding that’s easy to draw inspiration from.

We took a look at the key trends to surface from this autumnal wedding and how you can incorporate a bit of royal magic into your big day?

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Autumn is the new Spring

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank have shown that summer weddings are no longer the customary expectation of big days. Autumn nuptials are now preferred over summer weddings.

With stunning colour scheme options, cosy receptions ideas and the bonus of stunning natural light in the later months of the year, more and more couples are choosing an autumn wedding. This royal bash confirms that it?s the season of choice for 2019.

Seasonal floral arrangements

One of the easiest ways to reflect a little seasonal beauty in your wedding day is to match your floral arrangements to what?s outside the window and Princess Eugenie was reportedly keen to take the inspiration from nature for her big day.

Sourcing local foliage and flowering branches from Windsor Great Park, the stunning flowers for the big day reflected the rich seasonal tones on fall trees, autumn?s jewel colours and the warming undertones of woodland walks.


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Foliage is having a moment in weddings, and the newly-weds definitely picked up on this trend.

Turning away from the Spring-like, and more formal, arrangements used outside St George?s for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?s wedding, Eugenie and Jack opted for rustic, reddish tones with ornamental Liquid Amber Trees offering an unstructured and natural look to the floral decorations.

If you?re looking to mimic the carefree look, pick rich jewel tones of purple and red and contrast them with brighter touches of vibrant pinks, with the occasional yellow or orange. Opt for darker foliage in deep green and purple tones. Blooms including roses, spray roses, hydrangeas, dahlias and plenty of glittering, juicy berries were used to create a bountiful, harvest look.

Elsewhere more vibrant floral arrangements were spotted, with bright yellows, reds, pinks and oranges creating a warm, pop of colour on the autumnal day in the marquee.


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An alternative bouquet

Unusually, Princess Eugenie?s bouquet didn?t match the floral arrangements outside of the church ? instead she opted for a lighter, brighter display which looked as though it had been inspired by more wintry?tones and textures.

Featuring Lily of the Valley, white spray roses and trailing ivy the bouquet symbolized purity, happiness, humility and eternal love.

Keeping the cake simple

The autumnal inspiration was taken further at the Royal Wedding in the happy couple?s choice of cake decoration. And it?s clear that the move towards natural, botanical styles has been cemented by their beautiful Sophie Cabot design.

The cake was decorated with burnished orange leaves, English ivy and touches of white flowers, while delicate sugar blackberries nestled amongst the leaves. Buckingham Palace said it was inspired by the ?rich colours of autumn?.

The cake emphasized another clear wedding trend to look out for this year: a steer towards timeless, classic styles with a modern update. In fact, the cake was described as traditional with a ?modern feel? by the Buckingham Palace Press Office.


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The dress

The most anticipated reveal of the big day on Friday was what Princess Eugenie would be wearing to walk up the aisle. And we weren?t disappointed.

The stunning Peter Pilotto design was elegant and timeless, with a portrait neckline, that folded around her shoulders and dipped gracefully at the back. In another touch to modernity, the Princess decided against a veil, opting instead for just a tiara formerly owned by her great-grandmother.


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And the second dress!

A second wedding dress is now a hallmark of modern weddings. From the Duchess of Cornwall to Kim Kardashian, the evening outfit on your big day is almost as important as what you wear down the aisle.

With receptions becoming the main event for big days up and down the country, it makes sense to dress for your party in something new! And we loved Princess Eugenie?s choice. Picking a Zac Posen gown in the blush colour of an English Rose, she looked radiant on the arm of her new husband.

And the newest Botanical theme for weddings even crept into the second dress: designer Posen stated that he?d drawn inspiration from the natural world around Windsor and the surrounding countryside during creation.


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Time to leave sit-down meals behind

In another break from tradition, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank chose to hold two receptions this weekend for friends and family. After a toasting reception held by The Queen at Windsor Castle, guests enjoyed a boozy night under the stars when they entered a marquee in the park grounds. Lasting late into Friday night, they were then offered a second chance to celebrate with a festival-themed day-time event on the Saturday.

Moving away from more formal wedding breakfasts and sit-down, multi-course meals, the couple chose finger food as the sustenance of choice for their wedding weekend. From delicate pastries at the toasting reception to gourmet pizza served direct from a van on the Friday night, fast and fuss-free was on the cards.

At Signature Living, we love mixing it up and will help you make your wedding feast exactly how you want it. Whether you?d love a traditional sit-down meal, a delectable buffet of gastro-delights or plates piled high with personalized offerings that reflect you as a couple, we?re happy to help out.

Festival fiestas

You heard it here first: 2019?s top wedding trend is definitely going to be festival inspiration. Breaking away from the stuffy formality weddings are so often associated with, it?s time to get mess at your reception!

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank nailed this trend with their second wedding reception on Saturday, which offered guests a festival experience in the grounds of Windsor. With funfair rides, inflatable slides, coconut shies and even dodgems, guests got busy having fun while sipping on custom-made cocktails and enjoying street-food.


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Relaxed, informal and fun, it made the wedding as exciting for guests as for the happy couple ? especially as fancy dress was encouraged. At Signature Living Weddings, we love it when our soon-to-be-wed couples ask for something a little different on their wedding day, because we make a promise to never say no!

From fire-breathers and stilt-walkers to cakes hanging from the ceiling, we won?t raise an eyebrow at weird and wacky suggestions to make your wedding day the special occasion it should be. And our newest venue is the ultimate backdrop for a festival-inspired big day. Nestled in the suburbs of Merseyside, Rainhill Hall offers a picturesque woodland setting for the biggest day of your life.

Whether you?re looking for a ethereal woodland wedding or a fairy-light reception, the rustic lakeside cabins and treehouse retreats in the grounds of a beautiful country house are the perfect location for a festival fiesta.

Planet-friendly celebrations

With the oceans swimming in plastic and all of us looking for more sustainable ways to live our lives, it?s no surprise that the royal newly-weds were keen to do their part and host a once in a lifetime occasion without damaging the planet.

In an interview with British Vogue in August, Eugenie stated that she was aiming for her big day to be ?plastic-free? so that the impending nuptials would reflect her views on sustainability.

botanical wedding

Credit: | Pinterest

And with wedding suppliers increasingly seeing eco-friendly as a new trend that isn?t going anyway, you can also help save the planet without compromising on a spectacular big day.

One easy way to help the planet is ditching cellophane-wrapped wedding favours. Why not double-up on place cards and get hand-iced biscuits with guests names on for the table? Or give something back and offer guests packets of wildflower seeds so you can be sure the environment gains something from your big day.

Perfect personalisation

There?s nothing more special at a wedding than personalisation ? it makes the special day unique to you and your partner and instantly memorable to everyone involved.

It?s not surprising then, that we saw plenty of personal touches across Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank?s big day, making what was a very public affair more intimate for the newly weds.

Their initial-iced cake might have kept long-held Royal traditions alive, but its inside delicacy was based upon a deeply personal choice by the two newly-weds. Moving away from the customary fruit cake, the stunning five-tier centerpiece was made from three layers of Red Velvet and two layers of chocolate cake, with baker Sophie Cabot stating that the two were ?very excited? about having red velvet.


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Timeless, classic wedding venues

The historic backdrop to Princess Eugenie?s wedding day gave the occasion a timeless and classic atmosphere. There?s nothing more emotional than exchanging vows in a venue filled with charm, heritage and tradition.

And while the stunning St George?s Chapel at Windsor might not be available for every soon-to-be-wed partnership, Signature Living?s wedding venues will ensure your big day has a romantic and elegant backdrop to rival any royal wedding.

royal wedding ideas

Enjoy a historic wedding venue at 30 James Street. Credit: Andy Jackson Photography

The beautiful interiors of 30 James Street?s White Star Grand Hall in Liverpool and The Exchange?s Grand Hall in Cardiff are steeped in elegance, charm and history, offering a regal setting for your wedding day.

Or, if you?re more concerned with beautiful vistas, our Garden of Eden rooftop venue is the perfect place to host a festival-inspired big day. Offering stunning, panoramic views across Liverpool?s skyline, full use of one of the UK?s largest outdoor roof terraces and even access to our incredible tepees, it?s a sunshine-filled venue that will make your special day an unforgettable experience.

For more information on all our wedding venues, and to start your journey towards your big day, call our team today on 0151 305 3753.

4th October 2018

Bring the Outside Inside with a Magical Botanical Wedding

Lush grasses, vibrant leaves and freshly cut bouncing bouquets of hydrangeas: the botanical wedding trend is all about bringing the outside inside and putting foliage at the heart of your special day.

Take inspiration from the great outdoors, with delicate sprigs of foliage, forest touches and cascading floral displays. Perfect for stunning rooftop weddings and classic, heritage occasions, this trend isn?t going anywhere as we head into 2019.

Picking the perfect foliage

Carry your botanical wedding theme throughout the day by picking key foliage types to repeat across your decorations. The cool tones of eucalyptus, soft edges of ferns (such as asparagus fern or leather fern) and traditional, rustic shapes of ruscus, kumquat or lemon leaf are ideal foundations for flower arrangements.

Foliage tends to be lower in price than blooms, meaning you can create dramatic garlands around wedding arches and head tables without worrying about cost.

“Take inspiration from this elegant interior style and evoke the great outdoors, with delicate sprigs of foliage, forest touches and cascading floral displays”
botanical wedding

Source: Shutterstock

Garden garlands

botanical wedding

Credit: | Pinterest

Flowers aren?t just for the table ? maximize the woodland atmosphere with floral garlands and ceilings hangings above the reception venue. Add pale flowers, delicately lit bulbs and even fragile glass baubles for a cascading, forest-like effect that evokes the magic and mystic of green spaces.

Floral arrangements

For tables, bouquets and venue arrangements, stick to your key foliage choices but add delicate flowers in white, pale yellow and pale pink to offset the darker green tones. The soft, lazy blooms of anemones contrast beautifully with the more structured shapes of eucalyptus or ruscus while traditional roses and ranunculaceae add a timeless and classic touch to any arrangement.

For a softer look, add gypsolia. Its tiny, cloud-like blooms evoke cottage gardens and country weddings.

“The soft, lazy blooms of anemones contrast beautifully with the more structured shapes of eucalyptus or ruscus”

The Table

botanical wedding

Source: Shutterstock

Runners of foliage such as eucalyptus or lemon leaf look beautiful, but for a quirky take on the botanical trend, use terracotta pots of herbs. Perfect for naming tables, potted plants at a rustic touch and, if they?re edible, have the bonus of being garnishes for delicious G&Ts!

Source: Shutterstock

Pick unusual vases such as brown glass bottles, or miniature zinc milk churns to add depth and colour to a simple table arrangement.

Stationary Styles

botanical wedding

Credit: | pinterest

Go bold on your invitations with graphic prints of jungle plants, such as philodendron or dieffenbachia against white card or try a softer, woodland style with delicate floral imagery, botanical drawings and and brushed lettering.

Brown card tones well with green shades, so opt for eco-friendly recycled materials if you want your botanical wedding to be green in footprint, as well as theme.

“For a softer look, add gypsolia. Its tiny, cloud-like blooms evoke cottage gardens and country weddings.”

Bring the trees inside

botanical wedding

Source: | Pinterest

For large spaces, or high ceilings, miniature trees can help fill a reception venue and create a magical, mystical atmosphere. Opt for artificial cherry blossom trees with their cloud-like puffs of pink for a burst of colour against foliage floral arrangements, or pick the lustrously leafy likes of olive, citrus or birch for a greenery explosion that isn?t overpowering.

How to make the cake botanical

Source: Shutterstock

For a botanical cake that?s simple but impactful, aim for modest icing designs and leave the decorations to do the talking. Naked cakes look suitably rustic, but neatly-iced towers topped green leaves and delicate white flowers can be similarly stunning.

And don?t just stick to white ? pastel tones or natural greys, beiges and pale pinks in icing can all create warmth against the backdrop of heavy foliage and pale neutrals. Just stay away from the maximalist patterns and let the plants shine.

Enjoy the great outdoors in a drink

botanical wedding

Sparkling Apple Holiday Cocktail. Credit: | Pinterest

Specially concocted cocktails add a personal touch to your big day and ensure you’ll have a flavoursome way to evoke nostalgia in future years. Get creative with spirits, mixers and garnishes to bring the botanical theme straight into guests’ glasses.

Gin and tonics are an easy way to add some greenery into your drinks – consider garnishes such as juniper berries, citric peels and tufts of vibrant rosemary. To bring a delicate warmth, consider using a flavoured gin like raspberry, sloe or rhubarb.

You’d be surprised how often the glassware can make all the difference – unusual glass shapes such as jars or bottles, or delicate goblets will add a finishing touch to your personalised punch.

Seasonal touches

botanical weddings

Credit: Julie Blanner | Pinterest

A botanical wedding theme works best when it’s aligned to the seasons, reflecting the natural world outside. For autumn weddings, a touch of harvest time can be achieved by adding bountiful fruits and vegetables to the table decorations, alongside pinecones, branches and autumnal leaves.

Try hiding ripening apples and pears in table displays and adding the woody tones of chestnuts, dried citrus fruits and physalis.

“A botanical wedding theme works best when it’s aligned to the seasons”

For winter weddings, look to yuletide foliage favourites such as pine, cedar, ?juniper and spruces and add touches of natural colour with berries and pinecones.

Favours your guests will never forget

Forgo the traditional sugared almonds and chocolate truffles for tiny potted succulents that guests can take home at a botanical wedding ? sedums and echeverias need minimal care and will look healthy for long periods, making them an easy wedding favour to buy in advance of the big day.

Alternatively, send guests home with a favour that encourages them to spread a little greenery into their own lives by offering personalized seed packages, ready to be sprinkled elsewhere as a memory of your big day.

Headdresses and bouquets

botanical wedding

Source: Shutterstock

Floral headdresses aren?t just for the flower girls ? bring your wedding day together by echoing the blooms your choose for your bouquet and floral headwear in the flowers around your reception.

Ferns work particularly well in bouquets, suggesting volume without looking ?heavy? ? opt for an all green arrangement if you want a fresh and botanical style that?s pretty without being overpowering.

Book your botanical wedding today with Signature Living Weddings

At Signature Living, our beautiful venues are the perfect backdrop for your botanical wedding theme. With historic interiors, such as the grade-II* listed 30 James Street White Star Grand Hall, and stunning vistas like the panoramic views from our rooftop Garden of Eden terrace, you can bring the magic of the woodland world to life in the centre of Liverpool.

Filled with natural light to perfectly compliment foliage decoration, all our venues have light and airy interiors ready to be beautifully personalised for your big day.

botanical wedding

Credit: Matthew Rycraft

Experience a wedding like no other with expert guidance from our incredible wedding-coordinators who are renowned for never saying no to a bride-to-be or future groom’s request. There isn’t a challenge we won’t take on – from fire-breathers and stilt-walkers to getting a pony on the roof of The Shankly Hotel, we’re always happy to make your day an unforgettable and unique experience.

?To start your Signature Living Wedding Journey today, and begin planning your dream day, call us today on 0151 305 3753.

20th September 2018

15 Autumn Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

Weddings are no longer solely summer affairs: this year the number one wedding date in the US was 7th October, followed by four other autumn dates throughout September to November. End of year nuptial celebrations are in and there?s plenty of autumn wedding ideas to help shape your big day.

There?s something about the idea of beautiful burnished leaves, cosy receptions and the stunning natural light of the later months that are drawing more and more couples towards hosting an autumn wedding.

But with temperamental weather, fading daylight and the potential for cold snaps, planning is key for a big day after summer. From perfecting autumnal colour schemes, to ensuring your venue won?t turn into a mud bath, here are 15 autumn wedding ideas to ensure your special day is a beautiful and unforgettable occasion.

1. Consider rich, regal colours for your bouquet

autumn wedding ideas

Source: Shutterstock

Autumn is the season of rich tones, from burnt oranges to rustic reds and the most magical autumn weddings reflect the natural colour scheme. Consider deep greens, rich reds and golden tones for bridesmaid?s dresses, d?cor schemes and over-arching schemes.

For wedding flowers, rich jewel tones are beautifully set off in the warming autumnal light. Consider colours you might not initially be drawn to such as pops of bright yellow, and the royal tones of a vibrant purple.

2. Take your menu seasonal

Autumn weddings allow you to be adventurous with your food options! Let your menu be inspired by the seasons with warm, comforting dishes.

Apples, blackberries and pumpkins are all in season during the UK autumn ? can you imagine tucking into a steaming crumble for a wedding dinner pudding?

Form porkpies and wood-fired pizzas to pumpkin pies and sausage and mash, the autumn wedding ideas for disrupting wedding clich?s is endless when you?re hosting your day later in the year! Home comforts will go down a treat and help keep the cold at bay.

3. Warm up cold hands with unusual drinks

autumnal wedding ideas

Source: Shutterstock

Keep guests warm with a glass of mulled wine when they arrive or invest time in concocting some personalized cocktails to bring a special something to your wedding bar. Add cinnamon, blackberries and sloe gin for warming touches to a delectable drink inspired by the autumnal outdoors.

4. Be practical with what you wear

You might love chiffon, but is it going to keep you warm when it starts getting chilly in the evening? Autumnal days have changing temperatures so you should be more mindful of how practical your dress is.

Opt for three-quarter length sleeves, or a shrug for the later hours to stop the cold ruining your magical day and ensure, if you?re having an outside reception, that you?ve got the necessary Bride?s wellies available to keep your feet dry!

5. Dress the cake in the colours of autumn

autumn wedding ideas

Source: Shutterstock

Opt against a traditional white wedding cake and look towards the more rustic colours of caramel, golden and brown to complete your autumnal theme.

Cakes dressed with the bounty of an autumn harvest, with berries, figs, grapes and wintry fruits will reflect jewel tones of floral bouquets, while adding touches of burnt orange with sugar flowers, glossy nuts and using partially frosted edges will echo the woodland beauty of autumn.

6. Keep guests happy with seasonal treats

The colder temperatures also invite you to create some delectable autumnal treats to keep guests happy. If you?re heading outside at any point, why not offer creamy hot chocolates to keep hands warm, or include some toffee apples on a treats table for hungry little mouths?

7. Match your flower arrangements to the natural world

winter wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Look to roses, chrysanthemums, tulips and carnations to bring some warmth and structure to your wedding boutique at an autumn wedding. Chose reds, yellows and oranges with deep green foliage for a focal point to your special day.

For a perfectly matched wedding theme, why not look to inspiration from woodland for floral arrangements? Add forest foraging treasures such as pinecones and conkers to centerpieces for a reflection of the natural world.

8. Plan for all eventualities

autumn wedding ideas

Source: Shutterstock

The weather in England is always unpredictable and, unfortunately, hosting an autumn wedding likens the possibility that you might be visited by some unwanted rain clouds.

But that doesn?t have to be a worry. Adequate planning will mean that the rain is a feature of your special day, rather than a negative.

Make sure your venue has some back-up indoor spaces if the heavens truly open (and spaces that you would be happy to pick as a wedding venue). Our Garden of?Eden suite, at The Shankly Hotel, has a stunning roof terrace looking out over the Liverpool skyline and plenty of indoor space with panoramic views from its beautiful windows, ensuring whatever the weather, you get the venue you wished for.

Signature Living Wedding specialist Ciara Martin thinks that the Garden of Eden suite at The Shankly is the best venue for an autumn wedding. It’s perfect for capturing dusk photos and looks stunning when the hanging woodland decorations on the ceiling are incorporated into bold autumn colour schemes.

autumn wedding ideas

A stunning photo taken on the Garden of Eden rooftop

And if you?re worried about guests getting wet moving between venues, why not provide umbrellas for everyone, as well as snuggly blankets for outdoor venues that might get chilly in the evening?

9. Treat your bridesmaids to an autumnal spa session before the big day

autumn wedding ideas

When the weather is a bit temperamental, keeping pre-wedding events inside prevents excess spending on activities you can’t enjoy. Treat your bridesmaids (or grooms men) to a day of pure tranquility before the excitement of your wedding with luxurious spa time away from the cold. Head down to a premium spa for a pre-wedding pamper. At 30 James Street, we offer exclusive packages to brides- and grooms-to-be, offering spa treatments, wedding breakfasts and time out to relax before the big day.

10. Keep your guests going throughout the evening

At Signature Living Weddings, we love the wild and the wacky for weddings and food is one of the best ways to express the personalities of you and your partner. Why not order some pizza in from one of Liverpool?s best pizza parlours as a late-night snack to keep your party-goers dancing?

11. Consider an indoor venue that?s as stunning as the outdoors

autumn wedding ideas

The Exchange Grand Hall in Cardiff

Autumn might be a stunning time of year in the natural world, but with it?s windy weather, chances of rain and chilly temperatures, you risk some catastrophes by picking an outdoor venue.

Choosing an indoor venue that?s as stunning as the outdoors makes your job planning much easier. With so many magnificent, historic venues around the UK, you don?t have to compromise on the drama of your wedding backdrop just because it?s raining outdoors. The Exchange Grand Hall in Cardiff radiates grandeur and history, making it a breath-taking wedding venue for a special day.

12.Bring the outside in for your wedding reception d?cor

Autumn is beautiful for a reason ? all those falling leaves are a stunning display in the natural world. And one magical autumn wedding idea is to take the outside in ? why not incorporate the colours of autumn into your table decorations, with brightly coloured flowers, golden leaves and even autumnal branches as centerpieces for a rustic, woodland feel to your reception?

Trails of fairy lights across your venue, interwoven with fall foliage, can also create a stunning effect. Unlike summer weddings where pale and minimal often inspirational, avoid the colder tones in autumn to keep your reception looking warm and inviting for guests.

13. Keep guests entertained with seasonal entertainment

For autumn wedding ideas that you might not have considered yet, make sure you think about keeping guests entertained with unique fun and games that will make your day unforgettable. Autumnal games such as apple bobbing, a pumpkin shy (rather than coconut) and conker wars for the little ones will bring a touch of nostalgia with a seasonal twist.

With so much autumnal anticipation in the city of Liverpool, it?s the perfect place to host your wedding. Why not send your guests our guide to enjoying the city over the next few months so they can make the most of Liverpool in autumn during their visit?

14. Spend your wedding night in a cosy location

autumn wedding ideas

The Presidential Suite at 30 James Street

One the party has ended and it’s just you and other half, the cherry on the cake for a perfect autumn wedding is a romantic night in a cosy location. From historic cottage honeymoons, to a rural yurt heated by a wood-burning stove, there are endless possibilities for where to spend your special night.

The Presidential Suite at 30 James Street in Liverpool matches decadent elegance with the warmth of tradition, making it one of the city’s most popular autumn wedding night suites. With a vast and luxurious bed, a plush champagne turret with views of Liverpool’s Three Graces and a spacious roman bath-style pool in the room, plus a twin seated steam room, this magnificent suite is perfect for helping you relax and unwind as a couple after an emotional day. Where better to enjoy the autumn evening than looking out over the waterfront with a glass of champagne in hand?

15. Pick the perfect wedding venue for a magical autumn day

autumn wedding ideas

The Exchange Hotel Cardiff – a beautiful autumn wedding venue

The perfect autumn wedding venue should encompass the warmth of late summer days, but also be cosy at night as the temperatures drop.

In Liverpool, our White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street is the most magical place to host your wedding. With stunning, historic windows that flood the room with natural night, elegant heritage interiors and the opportunity to use our rooftop restaurant and bar, it brings the beauty of autumnal days indoors for a dazzling day. Plus, it?s officially the luckiest hotel to wed your other half in Liverpool, with over 97% of our beautiful couples still happily married!

autumn wedding ideas

A beautiful wedding at 30 James Street. Credit: Andy Jackson Photography

At Signature Living, our wedding coordinators can help you plan the perfect autumn wedding in any one of our stunning, historic venues. Whether you?re hoping to have burnished orange trees on the rooftop of the Garden of Eden, or 100 golden pumpkins at each table during your reception, we?re renowned for never saying no to your requests.

We hope you’v enjoyed reading our 15 autumn wedding ideas. To start your Signature Living Wedding Journey today, and begin planning your dream day, call us today on 0151 305 3753.

29th August 2018

8 Magical Flower Arrangement Ideas for Your Winter Wedding

Hosting your wedding during the winter can seem daunting floristry wise. Fewer flowers bloom in the colder months, meaning many popular varieties are more expensive or have reduced availability. Peonies, for example, are hard to come by.

But that doesn?t mean that your floral arrangements have to be drab. Instead, winter weddings open up a host of possibilities for creative and innovative floristry, allowing you to play with striking colours and bold arrangements, without compromising on style.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

winter wedding flowers

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Rich, jewel colours work well at winter weddings ? think royal purples and opulent reds. These decadent colours are best displayed in your bouquet.

Don?t be afraid to be bold ? an eclectic mix of flowers in varying rich tones set against a deep green foliage will be suitably eye- catching for your big day, and bring warmth to a winter colour scheme.

You can afford to amplify your use of colour at a winter wedding ? look to red anemones and yellow ranunculus for a flash of dazzling sunshine on a winter?s day.

Think about adding texture

winter wedding flowers

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Added elements such as figs, grapes, hypericum and pomegranates within floral table arrangements help create depth in a display. For a warm winter colour scheme, think about matching the velvety soft reds and dusky pinks of roses with the deep jewel tones of the fruits for a dramatic touch.

Make the most of foliage

winter weddings flowers

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What might seem a little dark and heavy for a summer wedding can make a winter bouquet really stand out. Foliage is less pricey than flowers and helps achieve a natural look on your wedding day.

For a soft effect, look to ferns for your bouquet base while the rounded silverly shapes of eucalyptus leaves contrast beautifully against darker greens to add depth to a bouquet.

Think about matching the deep greens of foliage to rich reds and and dark pinks in bridesmaids’ dresses.

Don?t be afraid to go festive

winter wedding flowers

There?s a reason why red berries are a popular addition to many floral arrangements around Christmas time ? their vibrant reds bring a warmth to a winter display and a celebratory feel to any special day.

Try adding red berries to your table decorations for an easy focal point in any floral arrangement.

Think about what?s available

winter wedding flowers

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Many flowers are available year round but for a special touch, it?s nice to think about using seasonal winter flowers. Look towards hyacinths, amaryllis, hellebores, paper whites and ranunculas for a seasonal addition to any bouquets and arrangements.

Hyacinths, in particular, can make beautiful table centerpieces ? try having pure white ones on their own in a vase for a striking, simple display.

Add some magic at the table

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Some beautifully table displays don?t have to use flowers at all! Why not go back to basics and consider using wintry branches covered in fairy lights or vases filled with pine cones for a rustic effect? Or return to tradition with elegant candelabras along the tables for a timeless d?cor scheme.

Little touches, like added flora at each table seat, can help warm the scheme up as well. On a chilly winter’s day, it’s important to keep the decorations cosy so that a room doesn’t look cold.

Cedar can make a beautiful centrepiece

winter wedding flowers

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Adding ceder to your table displays will give your wedding reception a rustic feel. Try replacing your table runner with boughs of the rich, green tree for a Scandinavian touch that?s soft and whimsical. Add red roses or pine cones to create a fairytale theme.

Don’t forget the cake!

winter wedding flowers

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It?s easy to forget that the cake should fit in with your wedding d?cor scheme as well. At a winter wedding, you can tie together your theme by matching the cake to the floral displays. Unconstrained by the inevitable pastels of summer months, why not go for a bold, brightly coloured sweet treat?

Think about decorating the cake with signature notes from the floristry ? if you have bright orange ranunculus, why not include orange peel or dried slices in your cake decorations? Winter fruits, such as blackberries, can also tone well with a colour scheme that includes rich reds and deep, jewel tones.

Winter Weddings at Signature Living

winter wedding flowers

A happy couple at 30 James Street

At Signature Living Weddings, we think hosting your special day in the winter can make it even more magical. Our beautiful venues always look extra special dressed for the colder months.

The White Star Grand Hall?at 30 James Street in Liverpool is the perfect venue for a white winter wedding scheme, with it?s beautiful period features and gorgeous ceiling. Or, for a traditional take, why not take a look at our stunning Exchange Hotel?s Grand Hall? It’s wood panelling and grand interiors are a great backdrop to your special day.

For more information, and to start planning your magical journey today, call our incredible wedding specialists on 0151 305 3753.

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