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2nd October 2018

Halloween Wedding Ideas for a Wickedly Wonderful Wedding Day

Just for those of us who love the idea of a Halloween Wedding we?ve put together a handy guide to throwing the perfect Halloween themed day of your dreams.

Everything from ghoulishly gorgeous dresses to frighteningly fabulous flowers alongside all the bizarre and brilliant ways you can make your Halloween wedding everything you ever wished for.

Creepy Cake Ideas

Your guests will remember a lot from your Halloween wedding day, mainly your dress but in close second comes the cake.?This is a chance to play with your creativity, and your chosen cake designers skills too.

Ask them to help make your spooky day of dreams come true by fashioning a deliciously devilish Halloween themed wedding cake that looks both tempting and terrifying at the same time.


Channel your favourite Halloween movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas or go all out hellish with skulls, red roses, stained glass and black icing.

You could even go for a natural approach taking all the golden rusted colours of autumn and using them to decorate and adorn your haunting Halloween wedding cake.

As the centrepiece of your special day, Halloween wedding your cake is a chance to impress your guests with your bold choice and creative wedding day choices.

Heavenly Halloween Wedding Dresses

A Halloween wedding really gives you the opportunity to step outside the conventional wedding dress box and chose from an array of stylish alternatives.

For floor sweeping glamour choose endless black and grey tulle, long lace sleeves and intricate black beading.

Or instead, invoke your favourite gothic glamour icon and chose a Morticia style fishtail or the rich royal hues worn in medieval times.

You needn’t choose all black either. Alternatively, you can accent an off-white gown with black detailing and give an otherwise conventional wedding dress the Halloween edge.

The elaborate styling of traditional Spanish attire lends itself well to a Halloween wedding, with black lace veils, square-necked gowns and button up gloves.

There?s a haunting beauty in the darker details of a Halloween wedding and your dress will speak volumes about the mood you want to set.

Devilish D?cor Ideas

Just because you?ve picked Halloween as your wedding theme, the wedding venue needn?t be decked out like a kids Halloween party. Opt instead to go for dark and decadent glamour with black elaborate candelabras, hanging lanterns, autumn coloured fabrics and delicate tree branches wrapped in chiffon.

Set the mood with plenty of natural candlelight and dress your tables with playful carved pumpkin or skull place settings.

Bring the outside in and turn your wedding venue into an enchanted forest complete with blackbirds in hanging faux tree branches, evergreen centrepieces and leaf-strewn floors.

Your Halloween wedding needn?t be all about black, red-purple, orange, gold and greens work just as well to set the mysterious mood.

Bewitch your guests with an enchanting Halloween wedding day decor on this the most important day of your lives.

Mysterious Masquerade Reception

Keeping your guests from attending your Halloween wedding in fancy dress is simple if your reception theme is an elegant masquerade ball.

Encourage your guests to stick to your colour scheme and theme by asking them to come to a ball dressed in black tie, channelling masquerade balls of the 19th century.

Your buffet could include a selection of trick or treat style sweets and cocktails could be white and black Russians, Zombies and Champagne cocktails with red and black liquors.

Book your entertainment to be more classical than a DJ or find a band who will perform all your favourite rock and roll classics.

Frighteningly Fabulous Flowers

Celebrate nature in the floral arrangements for the perfect Halloween wedding and choose evergreens, pale succulents and feathers for bouquets and pin holes.

Thistles, ferns and lavenders will give a pop of colour whilst keeping things natural and dark.

And of course, a large bouquet of red roses wrapped in fake ivy will always look elegantly enchanting.

Tie everything up with rich ribbons, dark lace or rustic parcel string and add gleaming red jewels or strings of shining pearls for some extra bling.

The Perfect Halloween Wedding Venue in Liverpool

Find the perfect Halloween wedding venue in Liverpool at Signature Living Weddings where we make all your wedding day wishes come true.

Alma de Cuba is the perfect place to host a Halloween wedding in Liverpool. Once a Catholic Church, Alma de Cuba has since been converted into Liverpool top nightlife and dining destination.

Halloween wedding at Alma

Alma de Cuba first dance

With a mysterious Southern Latin theme, the stage at Alma de Cuba is already set and all you and your intended need do is add your own personal touches to create the perfect Halloween wedding in Liverpool.

Alma de Cuba has everything from ornate stained-glass windows to exposed original roof beams and an intimate reception space for you and your guests to enjoy. The venues original altar is still standing and the exposed brick d?cor is just waiting to be the backdrop to the perfect Halloween wedding.

Another wedding venue in Liverpool that would be a stunning setting for a Halloween wedding in Liverpool is the White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street. The Grade II* listed building has features that echo an opulent past when shipping success bestowed the city of Liverpool with riches and wealth.

White Star Grand Hall in Liverpool - Halloween wedding venue

White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street

The White Star Grand Hall retains stunning period features such as the 15-foot Georgian windows that can be decorated with swathes of dark chiffon and a lofty vaulted ceiling that was uncovered during the extensive renovation of the heritage building.

Hosting your Halloween wedding with Signature Living Weddings will guarantee all your deepest wedding day wishes are made into a reality. Call our wedding co-ordinators for more information on 0151 305 3753 or browse our site for further wedding day inspiration.

29th August 2018

8 Magical Flower Arrangement Ideas for Your Winter Wedding

Hosting your wedding during the winter can seem daunting floristry wise. Fewer flowers bloom in the colder months, meaning many popular varieties are more expensive or have reduced availability. Peonies, for example, are hard to come by.

But that doesn?t mean that your floral arrangements have to be drab. Instead, winter weddings open up a host of possibilities for creative and innovative floristry, allowing you to play with striking colours and bold arrangements, without compromising on style.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

winter wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Rich, jewel colours work well at winter weddings ? think royal purples and opulent reds. These decadent colours are best displayed in your bouquet.

Don?t be afraid to be bold ? an eclectic mix of flowers in varying rich tones set against a deep green foliage will be suitably eye- catching for your big day, and bring warmth to a winter colour scheme.

You can afford to amplify your use of colour at a winter wedding ? look to red anemones and yellow ranunculus for a flash of dazzling sunshine on a winter?s day.

Think about adding texture

winter wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Added elements such as figs, grapes, hypericum and pomegranates within floral table arrangements help create depth in a display. For a warm winter colour scheme, think about matching the velvety soft reds and dusky pinks of roses with the deep jewel tones of the fruits for a dramatic touch.

Make the most of foliage

winter weddings flowers

Source: Shutterstock

What might seem a little dark and heavy for a summer wedding can make a winter bouquet really stand out. Foliage is less pricey than flowers and helps achieve a natural look on your wedding day.

For a soft effect, look to ferns for your bouquet base while the rounded silverly shapes of eucalyptus leaves contrast beautifully against darker greens to add depth to a bouquet.

Think about matching the deep greens of foliage to rich reds and and dark pinks in bridesmaids’ dresses.

Don?t be afraid to go festive

winter wedding flowers

There?s a reason why red berries are a popular addition to many floral arrangements around Christmas time ? their vibrant reds bring a warmth to a winter display and a celebratory feel to any special day.

Try adding red berries to your table decorations for an easy focal point in any floral arrangement.

Think about what?s available

winter wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Many flowers are available year round but for a special touch, it?s nice to think about using seasonal winter flowers. Look towards hyacinths, amaryllis, hellebores, paper whites and ranunculas for a seasonal addition to any bouquets and arrangements.

Hyacinths, in particular, can make beautiful table centerpieces ? try having pure white ones on their own in a vase for a striking, simple display.

Add some magic at the table

Source: Shutterstock

Some beautifully table displays don?t have to use flowers at all! Why not go back to basics and consider using wintry branches covered in fairy lights or vases filled with pine cones for a rustic effect? Or return to tradition with elegant candelabras along the tables for a timeless d?cor scheme.

Little touches, like added flora at each table seat, can help warm the scheme up as well. On a chilly winter’s day, it’s important to keep the decorations cosy so that a room doesn’t look cold.

Cedar can make a beautiful centrepiece

winter wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Adding ceder to your table displays will give your wedding reception a rustic feel. Try replacing your table runner with boughs of the rich, green tree for a Scandinavian touch that?s soft and whimsical. Add red roses or pine cones to create a fairytale theme.

Don’t forget the cake!

winter wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

It?s easy to forget that the cake should fit in with your wedding d?cor scheme as well. At a winter wedding, you can tie together your theme by matching the cake to the floral displays. Unconstrained by the inevitable pastels of summer months, why not go for a bold, brightly coloured sweet treat?

Think about decorating the cake with signature notes from the floristry ? if you have bright orange ranunculus, why not include orange peel or dried slices in your cake decorations? Winter fruits, such as blackberries, can also tone well with a colour scheme that includes rich reds and deep, jewel tones.

Winter Weddings at Signature Living

winter wedding flowers

A happy couple at 30 James Street

At Signature Living Weddings, we think hosting your special day in the winter can make it even more magical. Our beautiful venues always look extra special dressed for the colder months.

The White Star Grand Hall?at 30 James Street in Liverpool is the perfect venue for a white winter wedding scheme, with it?s beautiful period features and gorgeous ceiling. Or, for a traditional take, why not take a look at our stunning Exchange Hotel?s Grand Hall? It’s wood panelling and grand interiors are a great backdrop to your special day.

For more information, and to start planning your magical journey today, call our incredible wedding specialists on 0151 305 3753.

26th July 2018

The Meaning Behind Your Chosen Wedding Flowers

A perfect way to personalise your wedding is to choose flowers for your bouquet and floral arrangements that hold specific meanings in the language of flowers.

When your guests step into a venue for the first time, the sight and scent of beautiful blooms are one of the first things they notice.

Source: Shutterstock

And while the colour and shape of your chosen flora is important, a magical touch for your big day is to choose flowers that have specific historical associations, providing an added layer of meaningfulness to your wedding celebrations.

By using the language of flowers, you can communicate emotions and feelings of love on your special day.

What is the Language of Flowers?

Although finding symbolism in nature has been a part of human culture for centuries, it was the Victorians who first began crafting an emotive language out of flowers, expressing the feelings through bouquet gifting when words and gestures failed.

The popularity of floriography, or the language of flowers, in the late 1800s saw the publication of flower dictionaries and a trend in sending secretive messages to lovers through floral gifts.

Today, the London Flower School suggests that a floral arrangement can convey ?themes and motifs?, as well as ?emotional content and a range of meanings? from its composition.

We?ve researched a selection of the most popular wedding flowers and their meaning to find out which blooms will add a magical message to your big day?


Source: Shutterstock

The classic wedding flower of the rose has different meanings when used in an arrangement, depending on the colour you pick. White roses, a popular bouquet choice, stand for purity, innocence and youthfulness, while red roses represent love, passion and beauty. Light or dusty pink petals are said to mean admiration, gentleness and grace and peach-coloured blooms suggest sincerity and gratitude.

Roses also have a complex symbolism dependent upon how they are represented. The gift of a singular red rose on a wedding day is, according to Victorian tradition, a depiction of utmost devotion, while two roses entwined together can be interpreted as a floral illustration of marriage. Watch out if you?re future partner comes home clutching thirteen roses in a bouquet, however ? it?s said to be the gift of a secret admirer!

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus)

Source: Shutterstock

The homely sweet pea, with its rich fragrance and array of tones to suite any wedding colour scheme, is a firm bouquet favorite, inspiring thoughts of country weddings and delicate girliness. According to George Rouledge & Sons? 1888 dictionary The Artistic Language of Flowers, this two-petalled flower symbolizes the initial enjoyment of delicate pleasures, fitting for a bride?s bouquet.

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria)

Source: Shutterstock

According to The Artistic Language of Flowers, Lily of the Valley symbolizes the return of happiness. This beautiful little plant was chosen by Kate Middleton for her wedding day bouquet because of its secondary meaning as well ? trustworthiness.


wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Named by botanist Christian P. Ecklon after his friend Friedrich Freese, these sweetly scented blooms represent friendship, trust and honesty. They?re a beautiful addition to any wedding arrangements, representing the intimate trust a couple places in each other on their special occasion and the importance of friendship within a marriage.


wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Peonies can have different meanings, depending on their colour, and both meanings stem from ancient Greek mythology?

In the first, legend has it that Paeon, the Greek physician of the Gods, was a student of the god of medicine Aesculapius. When Paeon successfully used a peony root to heal Pluto, Aesculapius became jealous of his apprentice?s talents and tried to kill him. To save the doctor, Pluto transformed Paeon into a peony, cementing one meaning of the beautiful bloom ? compassion.

However, in a darker myth, the peony is linked to a nymph called Paeonia. The beautiful and attractive creature attracted the attention of Apollo. When Paeonia realized that the Greek god Aphrodite was watching them, she became bashful and blushed red. In anger and jealousy, Aphrodite transformed the nymph into a red peony. Today, a red peony symbolizes bashfulness and timidity.


wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

The Artistic Language of Flowers suggests that ranunculus symbolizes the receiver being ?radiant with charms? and ?rich in attractions?. These ruffled, bold blooms come in a variety of colours from elegant whites and pinks to fiery reds and golds.

The etymological meaning of the various blooms that come under the name ?ranunculus? is thought to be a combination of two Latin words: rana meaning frog and unculus meaning little. The story goes that the flower earned its name when it grew plentifully along streams during the summer months.


wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

The delicate white flowers of Stephanotis can look strikingly stunning in a simple bouquet. The elegant trumpet flowers of this Madagascan plant are said to symbolize marital happiness, making them a perfect addition to any floral arrangement on your special day.


Source: Shutterstock

Gardenias might have been used in days gone by to as fabric dye, food dye and medicine, but today its heady fragrance and bright, voluptuous blooms have made it a popular choice for table arrangements at weddings.

The intoxicating perfume of this velvety soft flower can sometimes be overpowering, so if you?re featuring them in your wedding day, it?s an idea to only include a couple per arrangement.

Originating from Asia, in Japanese and Chinese cultures, these flowers symbolise peace and calmness.


wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

The trusty Hydrangea fell out of favour as a wedding flower for a long time, but as with all fashions, its bulbous sprays of tightly-packed blooms are starting to see a renaissance amongst wedding florists.

Although the robust flowers of this plant were negatively viewed by Victorians, who associated them with frigidity and boasting, in their native Japan, they represent gratitude. Legend has it that an emperor supposedly gave hydrangeas to a woman he loved as an apology for neglecting her when his duties as a ruler took up his attention.

Baby?s Breath (Gysophila)

wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

Delicate sprigs of Baby?s Breath add a touch of romance to any bouquet, headdress or arrangement they are tucked into. This elegant flower is most commonly seen in white, but you can also find pink and pale yellow varieties.

Gysophila has two meanings in the language of flowers. Firstly, as with many wedding blooms, it symbolises innocence. But it also represents fertility and is frequently given within a bouquet at the birth of a child.

And the Flowers You Might Want to Avoid

Some flowers have negatives associations, so you might want to stay clear of them on your big day to avoid tempting fate.

The delicate blooms of Begonia have a decidedly darker meaning than you might think: they are said to symbolize a warning to be cautious. And be careful who you give them to! The Victorians often gifted begonias to symbolize dark, fanciful thoughts about the receiver.

Hyacinths might be beautiful, but you?re more likely to see them at a funeral than a wedding. These statuesque blooms have been linked to the tragic myth of Hyacinthus in Greek mythology. According to legend, Hyacinthus was a lover of the god Apollo but was also admired by Zephyrus, the god of Wind. The friendship between Apollo and Hyacinthus enraged Zephyrus, who used the wind to throw a discus Hyacinthus was playing with off course, hitting the mortal and killing him. From the spilled blood, sprang a hyacinth bloom. The plant now symbolizes sincerity (on Hycinthus? behalf), but also jealously and rashness.

At Signature Living Weddings, our capable wedding coordinators will be on hand throughout your wedding journey to ensure your special day is a magical experience. From picking the perfect flowers, to ensuring each guest has a wonderful time, we always go the extra mile to make sure you have your dream wedding in a beautiful venue.

Our hand-selected venues make the perfect, romantic backdrop to your wedding ? why not explore the historic Exchange Hotel in Cardiff or start planning your big day at the iconic Cunard House on Liverpool?s Waterfront?

To find out more about our stunning venues, get in touch with our team on 0151 236 0166 and take your first steps towards an unforgettable day.

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