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5th June 2019

Unique Wedding Ideas that Promise to Inspire You

The main point of any wedding is for you and your partner to get married, correct? Beyond that, however, this is your chance to throw an epic party for you and your guests to enjoy.

So, forget about boring best man speeches, bland food and lacklustre receptions, and instead, take a look at these ridiculously fun and unique wedding ideas which promise to inspire you to think outside the box.

Serve Carnival Food at Your Wedding


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We know that carnival food is distinctly American, but who can resist caramel drenched apples, a snow cone ? which is the quintessential carnival food, and succulent hamburgers and hotdogs. One way to bring about nostalgia and glee is by serving carnival food at your reception.

Supposing you and your partner met at a carnival, or maybe your favourite memories consist of big wheels and huge teddy bear prizes, nevertheless, these unique wedding ideas and menu options could set your wedding apart from everyone else?s.

Carnival foods may not be wholesome, but they sure are tasty ? and everyone loves a treat now and again.

Create Your Very Own Wedding Hashtag


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There is no shortage of unique wedding ideas to explore when planning your big day. From classic cars to elaborate photo booths, the modern-day wedding is more fun than ever before.

And now, guests can join in and share your big day on social media by using your very own wedding hashtag, created by you.

Your hashtag could be a play on your names, a creative turn of phrase or even something personal to you and your partner ? but whatever you choose, a wedding hashtag is the perfect way to document your day.

Just make sure somebody else hasn?t already taken your hashtag.

A Wedding Bouncy Castle


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Couples are jumping on this trend at the moment.

You may associate bouncy castles with children?s parties, but these days, grown-up brides and grooms are jumping at the chance to have a bouncy castle at their weddings. The white wedding inflatable is the latest must have party accessory.

From blow-up marquees to adventure castles, these unique wedding ideas bring a new level of fun to your day.

And remember, you?re never too old to have a bouncy castle at your wedding.

A Live Event Painter


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Bored of seeing the same old wedding photographs? You know the ones; you and your partner holding hands, standing next to each other or your groomsmen awkwardly cradling your new spouse.

One way to spice up your wedding photographs is by hiring a live event painter. The painter paints a picture of your wedding as it happens, at the venue. Guests can watch the person work, and you can take the painting away at the end.

From a beautiful wedding painting that perfectly captures your big day to a high-impact piece, a live painting is one of our more unique wedding ideas, but one that is sure to get people talking.

Creative Confetti


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Weddings are, at their heart, a lot of fun. However, confetti is often overlooked when coming up with cool and unique wedding ideas.

Largely passed over as old-fashioned, confetti has had a renaissance in the last couple of years ? and aside from the paper variety, a huge number of alternatives have appeared.

From snipping up pages of your favourite book or poem to blowing bubbles as you walk out the venue, confetti has never been cooler.

Eco friendly, free and a great idea for an Autumn wedding, dried golden leaves make great confetti. Once more, couples have even opted to throw cute paper airplanes or even lavender.

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We hope you?ve found our unique wedding ideas helpful and inspiring.

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