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13th August 2019

How to Make the Perfect Groom Wedding Speech

As a soon-to-be groom, making your groom wedding speech can be daunting. Accustomed as you may be to making big speeches, it?s unlikely that you?ve ever given a speech in what can seem such a high-pressured environment.

There?s a lot to consider when making your groom wedding speech including the length, structure, what to say and who to thank, but nevertheless, don?t panic ? we?ve got you covered.

Here are some important pointers to keep in mind as you get ready to give your groom wedding speech. We?ve also included some examples that you can adapt and reuse on the big day. Good luck!

Practice. Practice. Practice.


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A rehearsed groom wedding speech is guaranteed to be an improvement on anything you can ? or think you can ? knock up in a minute or two.

What we?re trying to say is, don?t be that groom who, when it?s his turn to stand up, goes to absolute bits, gets his new mother-in-law?s name wrong and who is sweating through his nicely tailored summer suit so much that it?s began to cause a scene.

So, practice your groom wedding speech ? maybe even try and make your mates cry a bit, just don?t, whatever you do, leave it to the very last minute.

?Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to decide. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.? (Louis de Bernieres)

Cut the Clich?s


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Remember, every groom thinks his partner is stunning (see also amazing, incredible and gorgeous) so think about what makes your partner unique; what makes them stunning to you and no one else.

Are they an ultra marathon runner who eats ice-cream in bed, are they a book-lover, rave-goer, or maybe they’re the most epic hip-hop queen in Eastbourne? Whatever it is, avoid using words like ?soulmate? and ?sidekick? and resist the urge to call them your best mate.

People want to hear why you love your new-spouse, so make sure you tell them in your groom wedding speech.

“Oh god it?s wonderful

to get out of bed

and drink too much coffee

and smoke too many cigarettes

and love you so much” (Frank O?Hara)

I?d Like to Thank…


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Whatever you do, do not turn your groom wedding speech into one long and laborious thank you list. That?s not to say don?t thank your nearest and dearest or the people who have helped and waited on you throughout the day, however, there?s no need to thank your great-great-great uncle Neil who took you to the park that one time.

Hook your guests in with a good tale or two and then bore them with the odd thank you. The pleasantries should be no more than an overzealous extra; a walk-on part even, but what they certainly shouldn?t be is the leading man.

?You seem to me to be in every way the visible personification of absolute perfection.? (Oscar Wilde)

Make Sure You Stay Sober


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Sure, you want to enjoy yourself, and yes, a shot or two may help loosen you up ? but please, make sure you stay sober.

Staggering up to make your speech, drink in hand, while your spouse?s dad tries to murder you with his eyes isn?t a good look. Stay clear of the free champagne and focus on the job in hand.

So, save the boozing for the honeymoon and let your best man make a fool of himself when he gives his best man?s speech instead.

??I could tell him, too, that to know and love one other human being is the root of all wisdom.? (Evelyn Waugh)

Make a Toast and Wrap It Up


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There?s a skill in keeping your speech short and punchy. A groom wedding speech should be between 1,000 and 1,300 words and should always be to the point.

The moment anecdotes turn into tales and tales turn into novels, it?s time to put everyone out their misery ? remember, no one has ever thought when listening to a wedding speech: ?I wish that was longer.?

So, skip the odd thank you, wrap your stories up, raise your glass and get it over with.

?We get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds. The question is: Whether you?re perfect for each other. That?s the whole deal. That?s what it?s about.” (Robin Williams)

Signature Living Weddings

groom wedding speech

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to give the best groom wedding speech. These thoughtful tips promise to help you shape and structure your speech.

At Signature Living Weddings, we thrive on creating bespoke weddings designed with you and your fiance in mind. From the incredible Rainhill Hall to the spectacular 30 James Street, our venues are simply breath-taking.

We also provide a wide range of flexible wedding packages to ensure your day is extra special. So, why not get in touch today on 0151 305 3752 and start the next chapter of your love story with us.

29th May 2019

5 Tips on How to Style a Summer Wedding Suit

Whether you?re the groom or a guest, weddings are stressful ? and that?s even before you start panicking about what and how to wear a summer wedding suit.

Wedding season is just around the corner ? and that means it?s time to step up your sartorial game. But there?s no need to stress. We, at Signature Living Weddings, have devised a foolproof plan to ensure you?re among the best-dressed men at every summer ceremony.

So, here?s everything you need to know about how to rock a summer wedding suit this year.

Live in a Linen Summer Wedding Suit


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There is no other fabric so synonymous with summer as linen. Weightless, delicate and practical, a linen summer wedding suit cannot be praised and valued enough. For summer wedding season, linen fabric should be your go-to if you?re a guest.

Embrace pastel colours ? but avoid bleached palates, instead opting for shades of grey, stone and cream; and leave the fedora at home. Looking for inspiration? Look no further than Jude Law?s ensemble in The Talented Mr. Ripley or Leonardo DiCaprio?s summer wardrobe in The Great Gatsby.

Regardless of how many summer ceremonies you?ve agreed to go to this year, your linen summer wedding suit promises to be the perfect plus one.

A White Shirt is Your Best Friend


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Whether you?re a groom, best man or guest, a white shirt is always the most appropriate choice when dressing to impress.

There?s a lot to be said for the safe, albeit spot on, choice. In linen or any other summer-friendly fabrics, a white shirt is not only the cleanest choice, but it also promises to keep you cool when wearing a blazer.

Plus, when you?ve packed your summer wedding suit away for another year, you can always wear your crisp white shirt to work or on a night out.

This fashion staple never goes out of fashion.

The Importance of Shoes


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Make no mistake, shoes are the most important part of any look.

Sartorial godfather, Tom Ford stated that, ?black shoes were to be worn with blue suits and brown shoes with grey.? Those are the rules.

So, make sure to leave the inexplicable, disgustingly brown slacks ? which seem to be the shoe of choice for the middle-aged man stumbling into questionable and uncool nightclubs on his stag do ? in the 90s where they belong.

Make no mistake, trainers can look smart when wearing a tux, however, informal footwear for a wedding is a none-starter. If you?re the groom, as with everything, err on the side of caution and opt for black, plain shoes.

For guests, a pair of loafers may compliment your summer wedding ensemble but, when in doubt, keep it smart, simple and sophisticated.



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Maybe the groom gave you a lovely watch as a thank you for being his best man, or maybe your summer wedding suit is crying out for a splash of colour. If that?s the case, your choice of accessorises is every bit as important as the rest of the clothing you choose.

Accessories add personality to your look, from your choice of watch to a matching pocket square. A floral lapel pin is a summer-appropriate accessory, while a windsor tie is a must.

And, if you?re fortunate enough to have the sun as a guest at the wedding, opt for a pair of unique sunglasses for an instant injection of character and panache.

The Cut Counts


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There is no more important piece of advice we can impart than to consider the cut of your tux.

A modern or slim tuxedo always works best. And, since it?s such an important day, make sure your clothes are altered appropriately. Indeed, always remember good blazer decorum, and no tying your tie around your head on the dancefloor.

In spite of temperature, never undo your shirt but, above everything else, make sure to have a good time.

Signature Living Weddings

summer wedding suit

We hope you?ve found our guide on how to style a summer wedding suit helpful.

At Signature Living Weddings, we?re known for creating bespoke weddings designed with you in mind. Our party accommodation rooms, experienced wedding coordinators and unique venues make us stand out from the crowd.

From the spectacular Rainhill Hall to the historic 30 James Street, each of our venues are simply extraordinary. We also provide a wide range of flexible wedding packages to ensure you make the most of your special day.

So, why not get in touch today on 0151 305 3743 or complete our enquiry form here ? and start the next chapter of your love story with us.

8th June 2018

6 Things You Need for a Summer Wedding

If you?re dreaming of a summer wedding, we’ve got the perfect guide to everything you need to make the most of your special day.

Enjoy the ideal?sun-kissed day with Signature Living Weddings, from the ultimate outdoor wedding venue to the most fabulous floral arrangements, it?s time to put your mind at ease and start planning!

A Spectacular Terrace Venue

The Garden of Eden is the most breathtaking spot for a rooftop wedding in Liverpool. Showcasing unrestricted views across the city of Liverpool, it’s the perfect venue for an idyllic summer wedding.

Featuring 360-degree glass exterior, enjoy panoramic views of the Liverpool skyline while gazing down at the world famous waterfront and exquisite Three Graces.

Every magnificent moment is complemented by the unrivalled beauty of Liverpool?s architectural gems and maritime magic. So for a day you?ll never forget, the Garden of Eden Terrace is truly one of a kind.

Summer Themed Flowers

Summer wedding flowers

Source: Shutterstock

No summer wedding would be complete without a stunning bouquet of vibrant flowers.

From Craspedias, to Yellow Gerberas,?Snapdragon’s and of course the wonderful Sunflower, there are a whole host of seasonal flowers that are sure to give your big day a fragrant burst of colour and sunshine.

A Floaty Dress

Summer wedding dress

Source: Shutterstock

Obviously, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’re going to need a dress that is cool, light and stunning in the sunlight. The key to achieving this is to find a dress that is gloriously floaty and flattering, with a beautiful boho feel.

Think, cool lace details with light fabric, short sleeves, or off the shoulder and a gorgeous vale that will catch the light just like in a fairy tale.

Picturesque Photo Shoot Venue

Cunard House - Historic Wedding Venues

You’ll need to capture your amazing wedding on camera, and you want to make it look the best it possibly can. That’s why you need to find an idyllic backdrop for your wedding photo shoot.

At Signature Living Weddings, our venues range from the stunning Cunard House, which is situated on Liverpool’s famous waterfront, 30 James Street on the Pierhead, to the beautiful Alma de Cuba and The Shankly Hotel. Each of these venues offers a unique backdrop that will make your photos look fabulous.

Why not have your wedding photo’s taken in front of one of the Three Graces and make memories you’ll cherish forever?

Summer Cocktails

summer cocktails

There’s no better way to celebrate the sunshine than with a delicious tipple that has been mixed and crafted to perfection by talented bar tenders.

Why not plan some summer wedding cocktails that are personalised to your occasion and make the most of the glorious weather?

Enjoy a delicious Daiquiri or maybe a Pina Colada! If you?d like something a little different, why not try a Watermelon Martini and raise a toast to many more years together.

Live Music

Summer wedding music

Source: Shutterstock

Live music is a must at any wedding, but when it comes to a summer wedding, having a live band is all the more special.

Really give your celebration a festival feel with some live music that everyone will enjoy. It’s the ultimate romantic soundtrack to your idyllic wedding day.

At Signature Living Weddings, we offer a range of amazing venues that will suit your dream summer wedding. They each have a unique character and charm that can be tailored to be everyone’s perfect wedding.

From the elegant and intimate to the grand and remarkable, each Signature Living wedding venue delivers exactly what any and every bride could dream of for their perfect wedding day.

Call?0151 305 3753 or have a browse around our website to see the different Signature Living wedding venues, keep up to date with news from our wonderful wedding open days?and browse our blog archives for more ideas and inspiration.

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