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11th June 2019

Our Favourite Weird & Wonderful World Wedding Traditions

When it comes to wedding traditions, we Brits still honour some of the oldest.

Grooms can’t see brides before the wedding because tradition says he might have the chance to change his mind. We throw rice or confetti at the end of the ceremony, to encourage fertility and then there’s the obligatory lift over the threshold, which protected the bride from demons lurking in the marital home.

British wedding tradition

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The list is endless and dated, but these are the time honoured wedding traditions most adhere to, for fear of jinxing their marriage before it’s even begun.

After contemplating the reasons behind our own country’s customs, we ventured out across the globe in search of some equally strange, yet time honoured, wedding traditions from other countries and cultures.

What we found will shock and amaze as some of these are wonderful wedding traditions we’d happily adopt, others are a bit too weird, even for us.

Bride Squad Goals: China

An interesting and fun wedding tradition from China, and one of our favourites; the hazing of the groom.

China wedding traditions

Credit: Shutterstock

Bridesmaids in China are said to set a series of challenges for the groom and his groomsmen to overcome before he is deemed worthy for the bride.

If the groom and his men are unsuccessful, the maids might be bought off with ransom money.


Kiss the Couple: Sweden

At a Swedish wedding reception, a wonderful wedding tradition involves wedding guests sneaking a kiss with the bride or groom whenever the other leaves the room.

This tradition was once reserved for just the groom, but in today?s society, the bride is also free to peck when her new hubby isn?t around.

Ready, Aim, Fire: China

Chinese grooms from the Yugar culture become Cupid on the day of their wedding, shooting the bride with three headless arrows before breaking them in two.

The breaking of the arrows is a symbol, showing their marital love will last forever.

Our Kind of Wedding Tradition: Mauritania

Instead of dieting to fit into their wedding dresses, brides from certain cultures in Mauritania would be sent to fat camps.

The idea is that the plumper the bride was, the wealthier the husband would seem.

Shoe Theft: India

Bridesmaids at it again, raising money for their bride-to-be, an Indian wedding tradition involves the girls pilfering the groom’s elaborate shoes.

Indian wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

They then hold the footwear to ransom until the groom pays up.

Blackening the Bride: Scotland

It?s well known that Scottish ladies are tough, it’s in their DNA. But, to be sure they can take whatever their new marriage might throw at them, friends and family put them through their paces.

The bride-to-be would first be pelted with rubbish, rotten fruit and veg, spoiled milk and fish then tarred and feathered.

After being tied to a tree her ?friends? would then take her out for a night on the town.

No Getting Cold Feet: Korea

Grooms in Korea don’t worry about getting cold feet, instead, their feet are whipped with rope or dead fish.

This is done for an entire hour, to test the strength and willingness of the groom-to-be.

Let the Tree Take the Fall: India

According to wedding traditions in India, brides born as Manglik?s must first get married to a tree.

It is custom to believe that these women are cursed from birth and, without this weird tree marrying wedding tradition, an early death would befall their first husband.

The tree basically takes the fall of the curse, instead of the first husband.

Biggest Mouth Wears the Pants: Russia

It?s all up for grabs in the Russian household as, wedding traditions dictate, whoever takes the biggest bite out of the wedding sweetbread ?Karavay? will wear the trousers in the relationship.

Russian wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

The trick is you can?t use your hands.

Marriage Going Down the Toilet: France

Past French wedding traditions involved the leftovers from a wedding feast being eaten out of a toilet. This was to give the couple fuel for the wedding night ahead.

These days the custom has given a been given a chic makeover, with Champagne and chocolates now being served . . . still from a toilet bowl mind.

Chicken Liver Lovers: Mongolia

Before Mongolian brides and grooms can officially tie the knot, they must first butcher a few chickens.

Only when they find a healthy liver can they proceed to set a date. Macabre we know but this is the tradition.

Lasso for Life: Mexico

At the altar of a Mexican wedding, the person performing the ceremony passes a lasso made of flowers in a figure of eight over the happy couple?s shoulders.

This is meant to signify an everlasting marriage and a love that will last for all eternity.

Bride Napping: Romania

Bringing a new meaning to the phrase ?Runaway Bride?, wedding guests at a Romanian wedding will kidnap the bride and stash her in a secret location. They then demand a ransom from the groom for her return.

Romanian wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

If he can?t pay with cash, or booze, as this strange wedding tradition demands, he must sing a sappy love song in front of the entire wedding party to get her back.

Brides in Drag: Sparta

Ancient Spartan wedding culture would see the brides shave their heads and dress up as men.

They would then be left alone in a darkened room and ritually captured by their husbands to be.

This is Sparta.

Testing Teamwork: Germany

After becoming husband and wife, happy couples in Germany are presented with a large log and dual-ended saw.

They are challenged to saw the log in half, proving their strength and resilience as a couple.

Staying Grounded: Ireland

Ever a fanciful folk, Irish wedding tradition keeps the bride grounded throughout her wedding day. The rule even extends to her having both feet on the floor throughout the first dance.

Should either of her feet lift from the floor, fairies are said to swoop in and steal her away.

A Smashing Way to Celebrate: Germany

Back in Germany now, and these guys really want to make sure the bride and groom work hard on their wedding day.

German wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

Not only will they be sawing large logs in half, but their entire wedding party will smash plates, pots and cups after the couple say ?I do?, which the bride and groom must then clean up!

Lock, Stock, Tie and Garter: Spain

After weddings in Spain, groomsmen and bridesmaids will steal the groom’s tie and brides garter, chop them up and send them out to wedding guests.

A souvenir from the day to keep as long as the marriage lasts.

All the Single Ladies: Peru

This interesting wedding tradition involves baking ribbons into the first layer of a wedding cake, one of which will have a ring attached.

All the single ladies at the wedding each grab a ribbon, and whichever gets the one with the ring will be the next to be married.

A Whale of a Tale: Fiji

Going to new depths to impress the potential father in law, men in Fiji must swim into the ocean in search of a whale tooth to present for their loved one?s hand in marriage.

Now that?s dedication if you ask us.

Getting Through the Groom Gates: Thailand

A beautiful wedding tradition in Thailand asks that the groom passes through several gates on his way into the wedding ceremony.

Thailand wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

These can be anything as simple as breaking a chain of jasmine flowers, or belts made of gold, to performing embarrassing tricks, or singing songs.

Take a Walk Down the Human Aisle: French Polynesia

Forget wedding gifts and or donations to honeymoons, this weird and wonderful wedding tradition dictates all guests lie face down, side-by-side for the bride and groom walk along out of the ceremony.

The gesture is meant to show your support of the new marriage.

Here Comes the Bride: Jamaica

Instead of oohing and aahing at the beautiful bride in her wedding day ensemble, Jamaican locals will instead come out to critique her look.

The bride will parade down her local high street, with passers-by shouting out their thoughts on how she could have improved her bridal attire.

Dances for Money: Cuba

Men who wish to dance with a newly wedded Cuban bride on her wedding day must pay for the privilege by pinning cash to her dress.

The money raised is to go towards the happy couple?s future home.

Love Spoons, Not Diamonds: Wales

Handcrafted goods go further than diamonds with this Welsh wedding tradition.

Welsh Love Spoon wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

Grooms have been known to hand carve Love Spoons to win the hearts of their loved ones, adding keys to unlock each other?s love and beads as a symbol of how many children they?ll have.

Saliva for Success: Massai Kenya

The father of the bride has more responsibility in Kenya than simply paying for the wedding. Instead, it is his job to spit all over his daughter, immediately after the ceremony.

This is apparently custom so as not to jinx the new marriage by tempting fate and being overly happy for the newlyweds.

Putting the Baby to Bed: Czech Republic

Something that will no doubt be part of the new couple?s life in the future, putting the baby to bed in the Czech Republic is a wedding tradition that encourages fertility.

The bridal party basically find an infant at the wedding and place it in the matrimonial bed, blessing the marriage with children in the future.

Sock It too Them: Canada

Older, unmarried siblings of brides and grooms in Canada, carry out a traditional sock dance where they don crazy, unmatched socks and perform silly dances.

The wedding party then throw cash at them which is collected and given to the newly married couple for their future.

Disappearing Bride Groom: Venezuela

Sometimes weddings can be so exhausting for the bride and groom and all they want to do is run away from it altogether.

Venezuela wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

And in Venezuela, that?s exactly what they do. In fact, it?s a challenge for the bride and groom to escape their own wedding party unnoticed and its seen as good luck if they succeed.

The Price You Pay: Russia

To wed any Russian bride, its custom for the groom-to-be to pay up, literally, on the day of the wedding.

He must either come to the bride?s parents house armed with cash or gifts and if he has neither, must be prepared to be humiliated.

The bride?s parents will request that the groom sings and dances until they are satisfied he?s paid his dues.

La Serenata: Italy

This is without a doubt the most romantic on our list of weird and wonderful wedding traditions, and who?s surprised it?s from Italy.

Italian wedding tradition

Credit: Shutterstock

On the eve of the wedding, Italian grooms will appear outside their bride’s windows to serenade them, complete with backing singers, after which a full-blown street party takes place with all the family and plenty of food.

That?s how to sweep a girl off her feet, with music, pasta and pizza.

Don?t Smile for the Camera: Congo

Congolese wedding ceremonies are no laughing matter. In fact, it’s a customary wedding tradition that both bride and groom must remain stony-faced throughout their entire wedding day.

Should they crack a smile at any point, it is seen as a warning that they aren?t serious about their marriage?

Make Your Own Traditions

When looking forward to planning your own wedding day, why not incorporate any of these weird and wonderful wedding traditions from around the world or, better still create some of your own.

Our blog archive has some great ideas on how to host the most magnificent wedding ceremonies and receptions, from sensational seasonal styling, theme inspiration and how to guides.

Check out some of the stunning historic wedding venues in Liverpool available at Signature Living Weddings, each one a unique and breathtaking backdrop that is perfect for hosting your special day.

Liverpool wedding venues

Rainhill Hall

Go outdoors at Rainhill Hall or opt for elegance in The White Star Grand Hall, bring the heat at Alma de Cuba or visit paradise in The Garden of Eden. whatever your tastes, Signature Living Weddings have a venue and wedding package to suit.

Call 0151 305 3753 to speak with our team or email, to start planning your special day with Signature Living Weddings.

15th February 2019

6 Beautiful & Historic Places to Get Married in the UK

Searching for the best places to get married can be a little overwhelming, but worry not. At Signature Living Weddings, we’ve rounded up some of the very best wedding venues to say ‘I do’.

Our spectacular places to get married offer something special for everyone. Whether you’re dreaming of an outdoor venue with a fairy tale twist, hidden rooftop location or historic grand hall, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Places to Get Married

So, take a browse of our recommendations for the places to get married…

30 James Street Hotel (Liverpool)

Just a stone’s throw from Liverpool waterfront, 30 James Street is the perfect setting for hosting the wedding of your dreams. Built in the late 1800s, the Grade II* listed venue was once home to the White Star Line Shipping Company.

Photography: Madison Picture

Home to rich maritime history, this opulent building was formerly the port of registry for ocean liners including RMS Titanic.?Today, 30 James Street stands as a hotel and spa, wedding and events venue and is also home to Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant.

One of Liverpool’s most pretty places to get married, The White Star Grand Hall?is sure to sweep you off your feet. Our striking Grand Hall was once the?first-class lounge and ticketing office for the White Star Line, and the grandeur of the hall has been carefully preserved. Today, guests are offered the chance to soak up the hall’s unrivalled character and charm.

The Exchange Hotel (Cardiff)

This architectural gem is one of the best places to get married. Located in the heart of Cardiff Bay, The Exchange Hotel is one of the UK’s most historic wedding venues. Formerly known as Cardiff’s Coal Exchange, this iconic building was once home to the world’s thriving coal trade and is a special landmark of Welsh history.?The ideal setting for an enchanting wedding, this Grade II* listed venue has been carefully restored following years of dereliction.

The Exchange Grand Hall features many of its most exquisite original fixtures, from the Corinthian columns and the infamous ceiling, to the original clock that adorned the hall in its heyday. Radiating a character, charm and history that simply can?t be found elsewhere, The Exchange Hotel is the most magical setting to get married.

Rainhill Hall (Merseyside)

Rainhill’s Grade II listed Loyola Hall is set to be transformed into a fairy tale wedding venue. Treasured by local people, this luxury setting is being taken back to its roots, embracing its original title, Rainhill Hall.

The grand country house dates back to 1824, and was built by?Bartholomew Bretherton. Nestled within scenic grounds and majestic greenery, this versatile space is set to play host to indoor and outdoor celebrations.

Featuring a treetop Bridal Suite and woodland cabins, this unique wedding retreat is already booking up and proving to be one of the most popular places to gar married.

So, why not be one of the first to get married at this exciting new wedding venue??Complete our online enquiry form here for more information!

The Shankly Hotel (Preston)

Once Preston’s famous Old Post Office, The Shankly Preston is a historic Grade II listed building. An iconic landmark of the city, this spectacular wedding venue will proudly open its doors once again later in the year.

The Shankly Preston’s spacious wedding venue will encompass striking period details, ethereal decorations and fantastic views across the Flag Market. What better venue to host an occasion to remember?

Alma de Cuba?(Liverpool)

Alma de Cuba is without a doubt one of the most unique places to get married. Formerly?St. Peter?s Roman Catholic Church, this outstanding Grade II listed building was converted into a Cuban-themed bar and restaurant in 2005.

Retaining many of its original features, guests can enjoy the grand altar, ornate glass windows and pew style booths. Enjoy either the upper and mezzanine levels or take over the entire former church for an occasion you?ll never forget.

Showcasing fabulous views across the venue, The Vestry can be tailored exclusively to your wedding celebrations. Alma’s new events space is the perfect spot to host your private event while incorporating live entertainment.

Garden of Eden (Liverpool)

A breathtaking space for the wedding of your dreams, the Garden of Eden is a hidden gem of The Shankly Hotel. This versatile wedding venue is one of the best places to get married if you’re in search of a rooftop wedding venue.

places to get married

The Garden of Eden can be tailored exclusively to you. From the centrepieces of your choice to all the finer details, look no further for the perfect wedding venue.

places to get married

Our stunning outdoor terrace can also be incorporated into your celebrations. Fantastically spacious, this scenic space is the perfect backdrop to your wedding photographs. We can also craft a fantastic party atmosphere upon the terrace with our bar, seating areas and entertainment packages.

Adding the Wow Factor

At Signature Living Weddings, we love to add a sprinkle of the wow factor to our unique venues. Our wedding coordinators are the experts when it comes to designing the wedding of your dreams.

Whether you want to add a touch of nostalgia with a vintage photobooth or capture every angle by drone videography, we can make it happen!

Not forgetting, our venues can be given a sprinkle of magic with avant-garde entertainment.?From aerial performers, fire breathers and samba dancers, to jazz musicians, harpists and fireworks, you can go as big and bold as you like.


Our team can build a bespoke wedding package exclusively for you, to ensure everything you’re dreaming of is incorporated. So, once you’ve set your heart on one of the best places to get married, we can add the extras!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the very best places to get married. If you’re thinking of planning your dream wedding at one of these beautiful buildings, get in touch with our friendly team today and take the first steps to your perfect day.

You can reach us on?0151 305 3753 or complete our online enquiry form here.

15th October 2018

Festivals, Foliage & Autumnal Touches: Royal Wedding Inspiration for Your Special Day

There?s nothing more magical than a fairy-tale royal wedding and Princess Eugenie’s nuptials to Jack Brooksbank last Friday ticked all the boxes. Two awe-inspiring dresses, a historic venue, stunning floral arrangements – it was the perfect occasion to pick up royal wedding ideas for your special day.

Unlike the more formal affairs of Prince William and his brother, the younger Princess was willing to break tradition and pick something a little bit different for her special day. From laid-back catering options to a right royal knees up for all the guests over the weekend, this was a relaxed royal wedding that’s easy to draw inspiration from.

We took a look at the key trends to surface from this autumnal wedding and how you can incorporate a bit of royal magic into your big day?

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Autumn is the new Spring

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank have shown that summer weddings are no longer the customary expectation of big days. Autumn nuptials are now preferred over summer weddings.

With stunning colour scheme options, cosy receptions ideas and the bonus of stunning natural light in the later months of the year, more and more couples are choosing an autumn wedding. This royal bash confirms that it?s the season of choice for 2019.

Seasonal floral arrangements

One of the easiest ways to reflect a little seasonal beauty in your wedding day is to match your floral arrangements to what?s outside the window and Princess Eugenie was reportedly keen to take the inspiration from nature for her big day.

Sourcing local foliage and flowering branches from Windsor Great Park, the stunning flowers for the big day reflected the rich seasonal tones on fall trees, autumn?s jewel colours and the warming undertones of woodland walks.


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Foliage is having a moment in weddings, and the newly-weds definitely picked up on this trend.

Turning away from the Spring-like, and more formal, arrangements used outside St George?s for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?s wedding, Eugenie and Jack opted for rustic, reddish tones with ornamental Liquid Amber Trees offering an unstructured and natural look to the floral decorations.

If you?re looking to mimic the carefree look, pick rich jewel tones of purple and red and contrast them with brighter touches of vibrant pinks, with the occasional yellow or orange. Opt for darker foliage in deep green and purple tones. Blooms including roses, spray roses, hydrangeas, dahlias and plenty of glittering, juicy berries were used to create a bountiful, harvest look.

Elsewhere more vibrant floral arrangements were spotted, with bright yellows, reds, pinks and oranges creating a warm, pop of colour on the autumnal day in the marquee.


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An alternative bouquet

Unusually, Princess Eugenie?s bouquet didn?t match the floral arrangements outside of the church ? instead she opted for a lighter, brighter display which looked as though it had been inspired by more wintry?tones and textures.

Featuring Lily of the Valley, white spray roses and trailing ivy the bouquet symbolized purity, happiness, humility and eternal love.

Keeping the cake simple

The autumnal inspiration was taken further at the Royal Wedding in the happy couple?s choice of cake decoration. And it?s clear that the move towards natural, botanical styles has been cemented by their beautiful Sophie Cabot design.

The cake was decorated with burnished orange leaves, English ivy and touches of white flowers, while delicate sugar blackberries nestled amongst the leaves. Buckingham Palace said it was inspired by the ?rich colours of autumn?.

The cake emphasized another clear wedding trend to look out for this year: a steer towards timeless, classic styles with a modern update. In fact, the cake was described as traditional with a ?modern feel? by the Buckingham Palace Press Office.


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The dress

The most anticipated reveal of the big day on Friday was what Princess Eugenie would be wearing to walk up the aisle. And we weren?t disappointed.

The stunning Peter Pilotto design was elegant and timeless, with a portrait neckline, that folded around her shoulders and dipped gracefully at the back. In another touch to modernity, the Princess decided against a veil, opting instead for just a tiara formerly owned by her great-grandmother.


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And the second dress!

A second wedding dress is now a hallmark of modern weddings. From the Duchess of Cornwall to Kim Kardashian, the evening outfit on your big day is almost as important as what you wear down the aisle.

With receptions becoming the main event for big days up and down the country, it makes sense to dress for your party in something new! And we loved Princess Eugenie?s choice. Picking a Zac Posen gown in the blush colour of an English Rose, she looked radiant on the arm of her new husband.

And the newest Botanical theme for weddings even crept into the second dress: designer Posen stated that he?d drawn inspiration from the natural world around Windsor and the surrounding countryside during creation.


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Time to leave sit-down meals behind

In another break from tradition, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank chose to hold two receptions this weekend for friends and family. After a toasting reception held by The Queen at Windsor Castle, guests enjoyed a boozy night under the stars when they entered a marquee in the park grounds. Lasting late into Friday night, they were then offered a second chance to celebrate with a festival-themed day-time event on the Saturday.

Moving away from more formal wedding breakfasts and sit-down, multi-course meals, the couple chose finger food as the sustenance of choice for their wedding weekend. From delicate pastries at the toasting reception to gourmet pizza served direct from a van on the Friday night, fast and fuss-free was on the cards.

At Signature Living, we love mixing it up and will help you make your wedding feast exactly how you want it. Whether you?d love a traditional sit-down meal, a delectable buffet of gastro-delights or plates piled high with personalized offerings that reflect you as a couple, we?re happy to help out.

Festival fiestas

You heard it here first: 2019?s top wedding trend is definitely going to be festival inspiration. Breaking away from the stuffy formality weddings are so often associated with, it?s time to get mess at your reception!

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank nailed this trend with their second wedding reception on Saturday, which offered guests a festival experience in the grounds of Windsor. With funfair rides, inflatable slides, coconut shies and even dodgems, guests got busy having fun while sipping on custom-made cocktails and enjoying street-food.


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Relaxed, informal and fun, it made the wedding as exciting for guests as for the happy couple ? especially as fancy dress was encouraged. At Signature Living Weddings, we love it when our soon-to-be-wed couples ask for something a little different on their wedding day, because we make a promise to never say no!

From fire-breathers and stilt-walkers to cakes hanging from the ceiling, we won?t raise an eyebrow at weird and wacky suggestions to make your wedding day the special occasion it should be. And our newest venue is the ultimate backdrop for a festival-inspired big day. Nestled in the suburbs of Merseyside, Rainhill Hall offers a picturesque woodland setting for the biggest day of your life.

Whether you?re looking for a ethereal woodland wedding or a fairy-light reception, the rustic lakeside cabins and treehouse retreats in the grounds of a beautiful country house are the perfect location for a festival fiesta.

Planet-friendly celebrations

With the oceans swimming in plastic and all of us looking for more sustainable ways to live our lives, it?s no surprise that the royal newly-weds were keen to do their part and host a once in a lifetime occasion without damaging the planet.

In an interview with British Vogue in August, Eugenie stated that she was aiming for her big day to be ?plastic-free? so that the impending nuptials would reflect her views on sustainability.

botanical wedding

Credit: | Pinterest

And with wedding suppliers increasingly seeing eco-friendly as a new trend that isn?t going anyway, you can also help save the planet without compromising on a spectacular big day.

One easy way to help the planet is ditching cellophane-wrapped wedding favours. Why not double-up on place cards and get hand-iced biscuits with guests names on for the table? Or give something back and offer guests packets of wildflower seeds so you can be sure the environment gains something from your big day.

Perfect personalisation

There?s nothing more special at a wedding than personalisation ? it makes the special day unique to you and your partner and instantly memorable to everyone involved.

It?s not surprising then, that we saw plenty of personal touches across Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank?s big day, making what was a very public affair more intimate for the newly weds.

Their initial-iced cake might have kept long-held Royal traditions alive, but its inside delicacy was based upon a deeply personal choice by the two newly-weds. Moving away from the customary fruit cake, the stunning five-tier centerpiece was made from three layers of Red Velvet and two layers of chocolate cake, with baker Sophie Cabot stating that the two were ?very excited? about having red velvet.


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Timeless, classic wedding venues

The historic backdrop to Princess Eugenie?s wedding day gave the occasion a timeless and classic atmosphere. There?s nothing more emotional than exchanging vows in a venue filled with charm, heritage and tradition.

And while the stunning St George?s Chapel at Windsor might not be available for every soon-to-be-wed partnership, Signature Living?s wedding venues will ensure your big day has a romantic and elegant backdrop to rival any royal wedding.

royal wedding ideas

Enjoy a historic wedding venue at 30 James Street. Credit: Andy Jackson Photography

The beautiful interiors of 30 James Street?s White Star Grand Hall in Liverpool and The Exchange?s Grand Hall in Cardiff are steeped in elegance, charm and history, offering a regal setting for your wedding day.

Or, if you?re more concerned with beautiful vistas, our Garden of Eden rooftop venue is the perfect place to host a festival-inspired big day. Offering stunning, panoramic views across Liverpool?s skyline, full use of one of the UK?s largest outdoor roof terraces and even access to our incredible tepees, it?s a sunshine-filled venue that will make your special day an unforgettable experience.

For more information on all our wedding venues, and to start your journey towards your big day, call our team today on 0151 305 3753.

2nd October 2018

Halloween Wedding Ideas for a Wickedly Wonderful Wedding Day

Just for those of us who love the idea of a Halloween Wedding we?ve put together a handy guide to throwing the perfect Halloween themed day of your dreams.

Everything from ghoulishly gorgeous dresses to frighteningly fabulous flowers alongside all the bizarre and brilliant ways you can make your Halloween wedding everything you ever wished for.

Creepy Cake Ideas

Your guests will remember a lot from your Halloween wedding day, mainly your dress but in close second comes the cake.?This is a chance to play with your creativity, and your chosen cake designers skills too.

Ask them to help make your spooky day of dreams come true by fashioning a deliciously devilish Halloween themed wedding cake that looks both tempting and terrifying at the same time.


Channel your favourite Halloween movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas or go all out hellish with skulls, red roses, stained glass and black icing.

You could even go for a natural approach taking all the golden rusted colours of autumn and using them to decorate and adorn your haunting Halloween wedding cake.

As the centrepiece of your special day, Halloween wedding your cake is a chance to impress your guests with your bold choice and creative wedding day choices.

Heavenly Halloween Wedding Dresses

A Halloween wedding really gives you the opportunity to step outside the conventional wedding dress box and chose from an array of stylish alternatives.

For floor sweeping glamour choose endless black and grey tulle, long lace sleeves and intricate black beading.

Or instead, invoke your favourite gothic glamour icon and chose a Morticia style fishtail or the rich royal hues worn in medieval times.

You needn’t choose all black either. Alternatively, you can accent an off-white gown with black detailing and give an otherwise conventional wedding dress the Halloween edge.

The elaborate styling of traditional Spanish attire lends itself well to a Halloween wedding, with black lace veils, square-necked gowns and button up gloves.

There?s a haunting beauty in the darker details of a Halloween wedding and your dress will speak volumes about the mood you want to set.

Devilish D?cor Ideas

Just because you?ve picked Halloween as your wedding theme, the wedding venue needn?t be decked out like a kids Halloween party. Opt instead to go for dark and decadent glamour with black elaborate candelabras, hanging lanterns, autumn coloured fabrics and delicate tree branches wrapped in chiffon.

Set the mood with plenty of natural candlelight and dress your tables with playful carved pumpkin or skull place settings.

Bring the outside in and turn your wedding venue into an enchanted forest complete with blackbirds in hanging faux tree branches, evergreen centrepieces and leaf-strewn floors.

Your Halloween wedding needn?t be all about black, red-purple, orange, gold and greens work just as well to set the mysterious mood.

Bewitch your guests with an enchanting Halloween wedding day decor on this the most important day of your lives.

Mysterious Masquerade Reception

Keeping your guests from attending your Halloween wedding in fancy dress is simple if your reception theme is an elegant masquerade ball.

Encourage your guests to stick to your colour scheme and theme by asking them to come to a ball dressed in black tie, channelling masquerade balls of the 19th century.

Your buffet could include a selection of trick or treat style sweets and cocktails could be white and black Russians, Zombies and Champagne cocktails with red and black liquors.

Book your entertainment to be more classical than a DJ or find a band who will perform all your favourite rock and roll classics.

Frighteningly Fabulous Flowers

Celebrate nature in the floral arrangements for the perfect Halloween wedding and choose evergreens, pale succulents and feathers for bouquets and pin holes.

Thistles, ferns and lavenders will give a pop of colour whilst keeping things natural and dark.

And of course, a large bouquet of red roses wrapped in fake ivy will always look elegantly enchanting.

Tie everything up with rich ribbons, dark lace or rustic parcel string and add gleaming red jewels or strings of shining pearls for some extra bling.

The Perfect Halloween Wedding Venue in Liverpool

Find the perfect Halloween wedding venue in Liverpool at Signature Living Weddings where we make all your wedding day wishes come true.

Alma de Cuba is the perfect place to host a Halloween wedding in Liverpool. Once a Catholic Church, Alma de Cuba has since been converted into Liverpool top nightlife and dining destination.

Halloween wedding at Alma

Alma de Cuba first dance

With a mysterious Southern Latin theme, the stage at Alma de Cuba is already set and all you and your intended need do is add your own personal touches to create the perfect Halloween wedding in Liverpool.

Alma de Cuba has everything from ornate stained-glass windows to exposed original roof beams and an intimate reception space for you and your guests to enjoy. The venues original altar is still standing and the exposed brick d?cor is just waiting to be the backdrop to the perfect Halloween wedding.

Another wedding venue in Liverpool that would be a stunning setting for a Halloween wedding in Liverpool is the White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street. The Grade II* listed building has features that echo an opulent past when shipping success bestowed the city of Liverpool with riches and wealth.

White Star Grand Hall in Liverpool - Halloween wedding venue

White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street

The White Star Grand Hall retains stunning period features such as the 15-foot Georgian windows that can be decorated with swathes of dark chiffon and a lofty vaulted ceiling that was uncovered during the extensive renovation of the heritage building.

Hosting your Halloween wedding with Signature Living Weddings will guarantee all your deepest wedding day wishes are made into a reality. Call our wedding co-ordinators for more information on 0151 305 3753 or browse our site for further wedding day inspiration.

2nd August 2018

Take a Look at Signature Living?s Stunning New Wedding Venues

A Signature Living Wedding is like no other. Stunning, exquisite, radiant, magical ? they?re just some of the words used to describe a special day in one of our venues. And we?re so excited to give you a sneak peek at what our next beautiful, new events spaces are set to look like.

Form the iconic Cunard House in Liverpool, to the elegance of The Exchange Grand Hall in Cardiff, our current venues are located within some of the most historic buildings in the UK. We?ve got experience in helping couples have a perfect, romantic day with a backdrop to match.

And now, we want to give you an exclusive look at our newest venues, so you can feel inspired to start planning your dream day with Signature Living Weddings.

Take a look at some of our magical new wedding venues and get in touch with our dedicated wedding coordinators today. You could be one the first couples to exchange rings in these stunning locations?

The Shankly Preston

A CGI visualisation of The Shankly Preston wedding venue

Our first hotel in the historic city of Preston, this unique wedding venue is located at the heart of the city. Inside, The Shankly Preston will be a breathtaking venue in which to exchange your vows ? the perfect place to make lasting memories.

We?re so excited to reveal this intimate wedding venue, seating up to 320 people, which includes self-contained banqueting and kitchens ready to serve all your guests without a fuss.

A CGI visualisation of The Shankly Preston wedding venue

The stylish bar area inside The Shankly Preston is sure to keep drinks flowing throughout your big day and the roof-top terrace will be the perfect place to take some stunning wedding photos, with fantastic views across the Market Square and beyond.

Why not contact us today, and we can start discussing your dream wedding in this luxurious hotel?

The George Best Hotel

A CGI visualisation of The George Best Hotel wedding venue

Prepare to be awe-struck by the breathtaking wedding venue at our George Best Hotel in Belfast.

The delicate pale pink interiors and stunning floral display will ensure that the George Best Hotel is a must-book venue in the city. This intimate, elegant space is the perfect romantic backdrop for your special day.

A CGI visualisation of The George Best Hotel wedding venue

Your wedding will be an unforgettable occasion in this beautiful room, with its magnificent chandeliers, dramatic decor and opulent golden furnishings.

If you haven?t already, make sure you have a look at the first glimpse inside this iconic new hotel, which is set to celebrate the legacy of one of Belfast?s most famous sporting stars.

Loyola Hall

A CGI visualisation of Loyola Hall wedding venue

For a truly special wedding day, there will be nowhere more magical to exchange vows than at Loyola Hall in St Helens.

Previously a spiritual retreat for the Society of Jesus, this beautiful wedding venue and luxury hotel will have a unique events space within the old chapel of the historic property.

A CGI visualisation of Loyola Hall wedding venue

The ornate, stain-glass windows and dramatic high ceilings add a touch of tradition to this airy, elegant space, while the stunning floral displays and opulent chandeliers will ensure your wedding is a heavenly affair.

19th June 2018

One Of a Kind Venues to Get Married in Liverpool: Alma de Cuba Liverpool

If you are looking for the most unique and charming wedding venues in Liverpool then put Alma de Cuba Liverpool at the top of your list. Add a taste of Cuban carnival spirit to your special day inside one of Liverpool’s most popular Latin-inspired venues.

The Charm of Cuba in a Liverpool Church

First Dance Wedding - places to get married in Liverpool

Alma de Cuba is a striking Liverpool wedding venue that promises to deliver an unforgettable wedding experience for both you, your special someone and your guests.

By infusing your wedding day dreams together with the all the glamour and flare associated with the Cuban culture, Alma de Cuba provides a certain alluring mystique for a truly magical wedding day.

Whether you’d like to host your ceremony, reception or both choose to Samba outside the conventional wedding box in favour of adding a little flavour and decadence to your wedding day plans.

Now Liverpool?s number one choice for a taste of Cuban heat, the grounds of Alma de Cuba once housed St Peter?s Roman Catholic Church and therefore the space still echoes with evangelical charm.

Stained glass windows Alma de Cuba - places to get married in Liverpool

Intricately stained glass windows, cavernous vaulted ceilings and of course the commanding presence of the central altar make Alma de Cuba stand apart from any of the other wedding venues in Liverpool.

Cuban Flare Everywhere

Alma samba dancer - places to get married in Liverpool

We make sure the spirit of a Cuban carnival resonates within every detail of your wedding at Alma de Cuba by taking your own personal wedding day dreams and spicing them up with some colourful Cuban touches.

Our talented chefs will help you tailor make menu options using their own experience with South American flavours and your personal taste preferences.

We can even help you concoct some perfectly paired wedding cocktails to compliment your favourite tastes, inspired by punchy exotic flavours found in the best Latin liquors.

Alma de Cuba Cocktails - places to get married in Liverpool

Anything from exquisite table settings, to breath-taking lighting, soulful entertainment and energetic dance performances can be organised for your special day.

Each of our carefully tailored wedding packages was created to help happy couples plan the wedding of their dreams inside one of the most alluring and magnetic wedding venues in Liverpool.

A Cuban Carnival Reception

Alma Carnival - places to get married in Liverpool

To truly take advantage of such a glamorous wedding venue let the Latin nightlife take hold and allow our expert wedding planners to help you plan an extraordinary and exciting wedding day celebration.

Alma de Cuba is famous for providing Liverpool with its own Latin style nightlife venue and for your wedding day this same curious, carnival-style atmosphere can be adapted to help you throw an unforgettable wedding reception.

Alma petal shower - places to get married in Liverpool

Our talented samba dancers will put on an exotic floor show sure to impress all your guests, and our well-known petal shower will provide a magical backdrop and keep the party ambience alive all night.

Each Latin-inspired detail will provide stunning photo opportunities and the most romantic setting for your one of a kind Latin style wedding reception, leaving your guests with something to talk about for years to come and you with magical memories of your perfect day.

Book Your Wedding at Alma de Cuba

No other wedding venues in Liverpool can provide the same Cuban character and charm as Alma de Cuba.

Alma mezzanine wedding meal - places to get married in Liverpool

This utterly extravagant wedding venue was built to host glorious celebrations and is the perfect choice to celebrate your love for one another with a healthy measure of South American flare.

Call to discuss your wedding day plans with our dedicated wedding planners on 0151 305 3753 or contact us via our online enquiry form here.

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