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9th July 2019

Hen Party Games That Everyone Will Love

The hen party is booked, the venue agreed, the drinks are chilling in the fridge, the last thing to think about is how you?re going to entertain a large group of women who?ve been promised a good time. You need some fun hen party games!

At Signature Living Weddings, we know that every bride-to-be is looking forward to an unforgettable hen do. That?s why we offer the very best hen do advice for everyone that books a wedding with us. From bingo to drinking games, memory quizzes to dares these hen party games are sure to keep everyone entertained during your hen do.

The Best Hen Party Games?

Hen party bingo

This one might take a bit of organising but it?s definitely worth it. Get your hens to write down what gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive, and as she opens them, mark off any of the presents written down. Once someone correctly guesses five in a row, they shout out Bingo! The winning prize is up to you!

The Garden of Eden Suite

Funny story time

Before the party begins, ask all the guests to write down an embarrassing, funny or unusual experience they have had with the bride-to-be. Put them all into a bowl and have guests take it in turns to draw one and read it aloud! Everyone can then guess who wrote the story. This is one of the best hen party games and is sure to get all your guests talking and laughing.

Fill in the blanks

Another fun way to bring up old embarrassing stories of the bride. Ask the hen party crew to write down an embarrassing story about the bride-to-be, but leave some of the key words blank. For example ?Sophie once accidentally exposed her blank at a party in high school, which earned her the nickname blank.? Each person then has to guess the blank words, enjoy! This is one of the most popular hen party games on the list.

hen party games

Fun hen party games

Don?t say it!

Fun, easy and as naughty as you like! Simply choose a list of words that can?t be spoken throughout the night, but make sure they?re relatively hard to avoid! You and the hens can decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, from doing a shot, to taking part in a dare, the choice is yours!

Prosecco pong

One of the most popular hen party games, prosecco pong is perfect for getting the real party started. If you?ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years, this game is a ?classy? take on beer pong. It requires your hens to be split up into two teams, with a table set up in the middle and 6 prosecco-filled glasses either end, in a triangular shape. The teams then take it in turns to throw or bounce ping pong balls into the opponents? glasses. If they succeed, the opponent must drink the glass of fizz in one!

prosecco pong hen party games

Never have I ever

I think we all know the rules to this game. Basically, everyone takes turns admitting to something that they?ve never done. If anyone in the group has done it, they have to drink. This is one of the hen party games where the quiet ones will surprise you!

Balloon dares

Next up in our list of the very best hen party games is balloon based. To play, simply fill a number of balloons with funny dares and throughout the night nominate someone to pop a balloon and complete the challenge. This game also provides the perfect excuse to decorate your venue with pretty balloons!

Balloon pass

Start by splitting the hens into two teams and ask them to pass the balloon from one person to the next using their knees or noses. After a few proseccos, this game is much harder than it sounds. You could even combine the balloon dares with this game and have double the fun if someone pops one.

hen party games

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The cocktail quiz

Test your guests? knowledge of some cheeky cocktail names with this fun quiz. Write down a list of funny or suggestive cocktail names, leaving certain words blank. For example, slippery? sex on the ? and many more. If you don?t know the answers the game becomes even funnier, as the cocktail names become even more hilarious. ?If you?re starting your night in a bar, then order a few of each of these cocktails or ask the barman to design a special drink based off your wrong guesses.

Wedding film charades

You may not have enough time to take part in a wedding movie marathon, but you can definitely act some of them out! Re-enact everything from Bridesmaids, to Runaway Bride and see if the other team can guess the film.

Bridesmaids - hen party games

Pin the trunks on the hunk

Print a large picture of a ?hunk? ? could be the groom, could be a celeb crush of the bride?s (we recommend Leonardo DiCaprio, but that?s just us). Much like pin the tail on the donkey, you can then take it in turns to pin some trunks on him, whilst blindfolded.

Make a man

This one calls for some creativity. Split the hens up into teams and equip them with plasticine or play-doh. Each team is then given a body part to make, but they?re not allowed to see what the other teams are doing. At the end it?s the bride?s job to put it together and make a man. It?s our favourite kind of team-work!

Hen Party Games – Wedding Celebrations With Wow Factor

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The Flamingo Room

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