11th February 2019

23 Wedding Table Centrepiece Ideas for Every Brides Budget

As your dream day gets closer and closer, the finer details of your wedding are sharply coming into focus. It’s time to start choosing favours or picking one of the millions of wedding table centrepiece ideas you’ve saved to your wedding Pinterest table centrepiece ideas

But how do you narrow your choices down?

Will your budget stretch to having life-size swan ice sculptures on every table, or would you prefer to whip out the crafting kit and start recycling used mason jars and empty wine bottles?

We’ve got a long list of wedding table centrepiece ideas for every bride’s budget, ready for those who want to save and others who have cash to burn.

The Rustic Look

Perfect for those who love the outdoors, the rustic wedding theme is a popular one, allowing the beauty of nature to set the tone of your wedding day.

Here are some ways you can transform even the simplest, everyday items into stunning and creative wedding table centrepieces.

Log Slices

Take a slice of a fallen log and give it a makeover by piling it high with tea lights, pine leaves or small glass jars filled with the sweetest smelling meadow fauna.

Log Wedding table centrepiece ideas

Log slices can be stacked on top of each other at juxtaposing angles, with trinkets balanced on each tier.

An intricate golden photo frame next to a fallen pine cone or a naked pillar candle with a twine collar are just a few of the wedding table centrepiece ideas you can create from a slice of a fallen tree log.

Terracotta Potted Plants

In keeping with the rustic and humble theme, the terracotta plant pot is something we see every day, in gardens and homes all over the world.

Use their simplicity as inspiration for some of the most beautifully rustic wedding table centrepiece ideas perfect for your most special day.

Teracotta Pot Wedding table Centrepeices

Fill one large pot up with a variety of bright flowering plants or choose a different type of flower per table.

You could even gather a selection of different sized pots together and arrange them in irregular groups, filling them with succulents, sweet smelling herbs or the blossom of the season.

Bring a touch of English garden style to your wedding day celebrations, using the humble terracotta potted plant.


Some of the most stunning things in life can be found in nature, so why not use them to make imaginative wedding table centrepieces and let your special day stand apart from the rest.

Go on the hunt in the woods nearest your home and pick up bits of fallen evergreen, pine cones, weathered branches and moss to form the most impressive wedding table centrepieces.

Or perhaps forage on a nearby beach collecting driftwood, shells, sea glass and wave-worn pebbles to create a stunning seaside centrepiece.

Stand out among the crowds and give your special day that rustic touch, showing off your creativity and love for the natural world.

Teapots and China

Thanks to oodles of charity shops and ways to buy online second hand there are some fantastic examples of China-esque tea sets available to buy for buttons.

Tea set wedding table centrepiece ideas

For an elegant wedding table centrepiece, why not get your hands on a few sets, one for each table, and fill them up with your choice of flowering foliage.

British flowers look the best with sprigs of lavender, roses in full bloom, daisies, forget-me-nots, baby’s breath and fern leaves all reaching out from delicate cups and pots.

Fabulous Florals

It may seem fairly obvious but, thanks to the pioneering work of botanical artists, florals can be so much more than bouquets these days.

We’ve rounded up a selection of the best ways to put your favourite florals together to form some of the most fabulous wedding table centrepiece ideas.

All of which would look simply stunning in our Garden of Eden Rooftop Wedding venue.


Okay, so we said there was more to florals than bouquets, but you can still utilise the idea of a bouquet and really make it your own.

Flower bouquet wedding table centrepiece ideas

Choose between spherical arrangements that sit prettily perched upon thinly stemmed vases and larger bouquets that spill out over the tops of elegant crystal chalices.

Or give your bouquet a modern twist by adding in non-flowering elements such as baubles, jewels, brooches and buttons lending tidbits of your personality to your choice of floral décor.


For long seating arrangements, make it seem as though your flowers are growing from the table itself by creating a meandering chain of blooms and greenery that snakes along the entire length of the table.

Alternatively, for round place settings, gather a mass of your favourite blooms and arrange them in a mound to form the central focus of each guests table.

Both these wedding table centrepiece ideas give you the freedom to place your arrangements in a more natural manner, doing away with the difficult choice of what to use as a flower holder.


Pick up some decorative birdcages, get rid of the birds, and fill them with all sorts of flowering arrangements, decorated with strings of pearls, ribbons or fairy lights.

Wedding table centrepiece idedas cages

Whether you wind your flowers, vine-like around the intricate bars or stuff them in until they push through the gaps, the delicate birdcage is an interesting way to display your choice of floral centrepiece and are so easy to embellish.

Afternoon Tea Tiers

A charming wedding table centrepiece idea, and one that is so simple to achieve, the afternoon tea tier filled with flowers and trinkets.

Simply place piles of pretty flowers on each tier balanced next to delicately painted china cups, pastel coloured macarons and specially decorated cupcakes.

This will serve as an attractive wedding table centrepiece and something for your guests to nibble at after dinner.

DIY & Handmade

Sometimes, when you want something doing right you have to do it yourself, and no matter how many times you’ve scoured the internet for the perfect centrepiece, you know it’d just be better if you made it yourself.

Use all the wonderful wedding centrepiece ideas you’ve gathered since the day you got engaged and get to work creating your own self-made centrepiece.


Easy, pretty and so good for the budget, the succulent is the perfect wedding table centrepiece to add an evergreen chic to any reception.

Succulents wedding table centrepieces

Simply select a few succulents and arrange them in an elegant fashion then top with a gleaming glass cloche. Or set your succulents off with a collection of smooth grey pebbles and gleaming white candles.

The rich green of succulent plants provides an endless list of exciting wedding table centrepiece ideas, easily adapted to any and every wedding day theme.

Old Books

Turn those old, long forgotten hardback novels into the perfect wedding table centrepiece by piling them high and topping with flowers, lanterns and candles or wrapping them in vintage laces and elaborate ribbons.

Better still try your hand at book sculpting, transforming the pages of an old book into a literary masterpiece by folding down pages to create dates, words and images.

Recycled Bottles, Jars and Tins

Giving the Eco-friendly bride a chance to save the planet, and decorate her wedding table at the same time, these wedding table centrepiece ideas are budget-friendly and beautiful to look at.

Save any old jar from the recycling bin and give it a new lease of life as a wedding table centrepiece by filling it with flowers, fairy lights, coloured glass beads or decorative branches.

Jar tin and bottle wedding table centrepiece ideas

Or take an empty wine or liquor bottle, clean off the labels and use for tapered candle holders or fill with long stem flowers and such as lilies and roses.

The humble tin can, can and will still serve a purpose once the baked beans are cooked and eaten, as they make the most charming flower holders. Simply scrape off the labels and add a lace or ribbon embellishment then stuff with flowers to make a pretty and inexpensive wedding table centrepiece.


From intricate and vintage to up-cycled or wooden, lanterns prove to be a popular choice for wedding table centrepieces.

Fill them with flowers that delicately spill out onto the table or flickering candles, alone or in groups.

You can choose to make your lantern the star of the show or pay more attention to what’s inside. Either way, your rustic wedding theme will be perfectly complemented by a well-placed lantern centrepiece.

Umbrellas and Parasols

Got an old brolly lying around? Fab!

Simply remove the fabrics and paint the frame in your theme colours then go to town, decorating it with dangling ornaments of every variety. Paper birds and butterflies, twinkling fairy lights, beads or jewels, all will look fabulous for your big day.

Umbrella themed wedding table centrepiece ideas

You could even get yourself a few ornate parasols with intricate lace frills or embellished paper ones with stylish artwork painted on.

There’s so much you can do with an old brolly, but this wedding table centrepiece idea is strictly not for the superstitious bride.

Extra & Extravagant

It’s your special day, the most important of your life so far, so it’s your chance to be as extra and extrovert as you care to be.

Here are a few wedding table centrepiece ideas that really do push the boat out and will certainly impress all your wedding guests on your big day.

Ice Sculptures

The glistening quality of ice lends itself well as a decorative material. Tricky to work with but, in the right environment, there are plenty of wedding table centrepiece ideas involving ice.

Ice wedding table centrepieces

From huge blocks containing one frozen flower to carved champagne buckets and frosted artwork fantasies. Real ice is an impressive and elegant addition to any wedding table.

Tip: If your guests wouldn’t enjoy sitting in a freezer for your reception, consider using ice-like crystals to give the same frosty effects.

Opulent Candelabras

A more traditional choice for wedding table centrepieces, the candelabra is easily adapted to any theme of any wedding.

The stems can be as simple or opulent as you like and the material can be glistening gold, sleek in silver or beautifully black.

Add candles to the tops and leave the base bare or choose to embellish your candelabras with crystals, pearls, ivy vines or beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Hanging Ornaments

One way to make an impression upon your guests is to arrange hanging centrepieces above their tables. If you have the option, clear up some space and fix a flowered hoop to swing above your guests.

Hanging wedding table centrepieces

Other options include rope swing seats, strewn with candles, larger than life glass bubbles with industrial style lamps and strings of crystals or mini chandeliers.

Give your guests more table space and your wedding the wow factor by using these unique wedding table centrepiece ideas.

Decorative Trees

The delicacy of a blossom tree adds a gentle beauty to any wedding reception.

Imagine them sprouting up from the centre of your wedding reception table, dotted with cherry blossoms, dripping with crystals or draped in baubles and hanging candles.

Better still, this is one of our wedding table centrepiece ideas that can be as big as you’d like as guests will be able to chat around the trunk and beneath the decorative branches.

Personal Touches

When brides and grooms add their own personal style and flair to their wedding day, you instantly know they’re going to cherish the day’s memories for a lifetime.

These are some unique and unforgettable wedding table centrepiece ideas that really say something about the happy couple.

Vinyl LP’s

“If Music be the food of love, play on”


Couples who adore music will certainly share a favourite track or two, a special song that reminds them of a moment in their relationship.

Vinyl wedding table centrepieces

What better way to share their love of music, and each other, with their wedding guests than by using LP’s of their favourite tracks to make the most memorable wedding centrepieces?

Each record or its sleeve would sit proudly among smaller flower arrangements, or cluster of candles, the record itself having a special memory or meaning associated with it, privy to the bride and groom alone.

Photos of the Bride/Groom

Some guests may have known the bride and groom for years, since birth in some cases, but others might only know them as a couple.

Placing pictures of their younger selves on guest tables allows everyone in attendance to see the journey the couple have been on, before making it to this, the most special day of their lives.

A great way to add something unique to any wedding day and a real conversation starter among guests.

Movie Memorabilia

For some, it’s music for others its movies, and at any film fanatics wedding expect to see table centrepieces based on some of their all-time favourite movie moments.

Movie themed wedding table centrepiece ideas

Whether it’s Disney quotes or Spielberg’s biggest blockbusters, every movie can be an inspiration for some of the most brilliant wedding table centrepiece ideas.


There’s something bold about doing things differently, standing out from the crowd and making a statement about who you are as people, and as a couple.

These are the sort of weddings where you wonder how the couple came up with such remarkable wedding table centrepiece ideas.


Not just for the head, in this case, the most decorative hat can also double up as a whimsical wedding table centrepiece, if you really put your mind to it.

Use elaborate top hats with flowers and feathers stuck in the brim or straw hats decorated like bonnets filled with meadow fauna.

Hat themed wedding table centrepiece ideas

Cowboy hats are great for western themed weddings and eccentric feather headdresses can adorn a Gatsby themed wedding reception.

The possibilities are endless when using hats to inspire your wedding table centrepiece ideas, hats off to those bold enough to use them.


A tad macabre for some perhaps, but for others, the skull can represent something extremely beautiful. Take the decorative day of the dead ornaments used in Mexico or the glittering or artist Damien Hirst’s stunning diamond-studded skulls, both frighteningly fabulous and beautiful in their own way.

Alma de Cuba would be the perfect Liverpool wedding venue and setting to host a marvellous mysterious wedding day, the perfect backdrop for quirky skull centrepieces to shine.

Used as candle holders, decorated with diamonds or stuffed with flowers, human or animal skulls are a popular choice for the quirkier wedding table centrepieces.


Whimsical and nostalgic, balloons remind us of childish simplicity, giving us a feeling we could be carried away above the clouds on a string.

Add this sense of whimsy and wonder to your wedding day with bunches of brightly coloured balloons, or transparent spheres filled with glitter.

Balloon themed wedding table centrepiece ideas

Chose balloons that spell out words of love to float above your guests’ tables or add baskets of flowers and string nets to create hot air balloons.

The most magical and inventive wedding table centrepiece ideas come from the heart and, after all, who doesn’t love a big bouncing balloon.

No matter what you budget our guide to the best wedding table centrepiece ideas should get those cogs turning and inspire you to bring something truly special to the table on your wedding day.

Read on to find out what kind of bride you are, see what you can do to make your wedding day planet-friendly or bring the outside inside for a botanical wedding as we help you to plan your entire day at Signature Living Weddings.

25th January 2019

The 7 Different Types of Bride

They say that planning a wedding is up there as one of the more stressful things you can choose to do. It can bring out the bridezilla in most brides-to-be, but it’s all with the best intentions. All you want is a practically picture-perfect day that everyone will enjoy, great dress, amazing venue, flowers, good weather and last but not least a wedding that feels unique to you and your beau.

It’s not too much to ask…is it?

You may be so laid back you’re horizontal or you’ve ended up swinging from the chandelier in your dream venue refusing to come down unless they fit you into their schedule. There are 7 types of bride; which one are you?

1. A Serial Spender

This is the most important day of your life and you’re prepared to give an arm and a leg to make sure it’s the dreamiest wedding your guests will have ever had the pleasure of attending. Outfit changes throughout the day have been discussed at length and you’ve been trying to get John Legend’s agent on the phone to organise the entertainment for the evening. Budget? You don’t know her.


You’re fancy yourself as a bit of a Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton – that red carpet isn’t going to buy itself now, is it?

2. Bridezilla

Knock knock – it’s me, The Moodswing! This wedding is the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before you go to bed. You’re willing to sell your soul for the perfect dress and are currently responsible for the local shortage of waterproof mascara. You currently love this wedding more than you love your fiancé.


You’re Liv and Emma from Bride Wars combined into one; you’ll stop at nothing to make sure your day is absolutely-100%-without-a-doubt faultless.

3. The Budget Bride

You’re determined to cut any unnecessary costs to make sure your big day doesn’t end up quite literally breaking the bank. You’ve searched Pinterest high and low for the best DIY wedding hacks and have already started searching for the perfect second-hand gown on Etsy. Mum has agreed to tackle the cake and you’ve got all your bridesmaids on hand to help craft your own table decorations. Girl, you’ve got this!


You’re a Phoebe from Friends getting married in the snow or a Miranda from Sex and the City tying the knot in the park in front of all her nearest and dearest.

4. A Laid Back Lady

You’ve put everyone on edge with how un-bothered you are, but you just don’t care. You know you’re going to be exchanging vows with your significant other one way or another. It’s not really an issue that you’ve left it too late to book the caterers; you’re happy to just order pizza for everyone. That’s if they turn up. You forgot to send your invites out in time, so just posted it on Facebook instead.


You’re more of a Pam from The Office when she sneaks off with Jim to seal the deal. You’re not bothered what the celebrations are as long as everyone’s there to celebrate with you at some point.

5. The Life and Soul

Forget the ceremony, you’re here for the party! The hen ‘do was probably the highlight of this whole wedding shebang, but you can’t wait to carry on the celebrations as soon as the formalities are over. You’ve put more planning into the evening’s playlist than what flowers you carried down the aisle and your bridesmaids can’t wait to bust out the moves you’ve all been practising for weeks.


You’re a Lillian from Bridesmaids, but only once she’s dropped the bridezilla routine and lets loose with her best mates.

6. Miss Meticulous

Clipboard? Check. Colour coded spreadsheet? Check. Walkie-talkies and headset? Check. The planning started before you were even engaged and you’ve put the Maid of Honour out of a job because you’ve already arranged your own hen party.


You’re a Monica from Friends through and through, and the prospect of all that new wedding stationary feels much more exciting than actually getting hitched.

7. The Hopeless Romantic

Your head is in the clouds, the stars are in your eyes and birds are tweeting on your shoulder. We’ll just call you Cinderella. You’ve watched all your favourite romcoms throughout the entire process and the wedding scrapbook you made when you were 11 has been used as a very serious and detailed reference. You’re a walking, talking bridal stereotype – and you love it!


You are most certainly a Charlotte from Sex and the City. You’ve been dreaming of this moment since you were little and no amount of stress or any obstacle can pop your lovey-dovey bubble.

No matter what type of bride you are, what really matters is that you’ll get to marry the one you love on your big day. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to tie the knot, then look no further than these five beautiful places to get married.

6th November 2018

Celebrate With Those Who Missed Out on Your Destination Wedding

If like so many brides of today, you have opted for a dream destination wedding overseas then you’ll be looking forward to spending your special day with all those closest to you, as well as a great holiday.

But what to do about all those family and friends who you left behind in Blighty?

Fear not because at Signature Living Weddings, we have a long list of stunning wedding venues that were designed to host exquisite wedding receptions, regardless of where you hosted your special day.

All our amazing wedding venues have something unique to bring to your reception, perfect for making it up to all those people who were left behind on your big day.

A Rooftop Reception Venue in Liverpool

After sunning yourself in whatever climate you chose for your dream destination wedding you can continue the magical experience upon the only rooftop wedding venue in Liverpool; The Garden of Eden.

Bring your guests to paradise high above the bustling streets of the city where you can enjoy the flexibility of both the exquisite indoor venue and spacious outdoor roof terrace.

Garden of Eden - destination wedding recpetion

In the Garden of Eden, all your wedding reception dreams can come true as our talented wedding coordinators cater to your every whim.

The exclusive space on top of The Shankly Hotel gives you and your guests total privacy to celebrate your marriage, with plenty of space for dancing, a large well-stocked bar and flexible seating arrangements.

The Garden of Eden allows you to treat your guests and yourselves to a wonderful wedding reception experience in the centre of Liverpool.

Rainhill Hall’s Wonderful Woodland Wedding Venue

Everyone who has ever dreamed of the perfect wedding venue in Liverpool will find exactly what they are looking for at Rainhill Hall. The latest and most exciting venture of Signature Living, Rainhill Hall is an enchanting fairy-tale space on the outskirts of the city.

Give your guests the chance to share your wedding celebrations in a stunning stylish venue. Inside and out this remarkable space will provide flexibility to host your wedding reception anyway you wish.

Rainhill Hall - destination wedding reception venue

Indoors, the gleaming white hall has period features including arched ceilings complemented by viewing alcoves and kaleidoscopic stained-glass windows letting rainbows of natural light.

Outside an enchanting woodland can be transformed to accommodate your wedding reception, complete with carpets of natural foliage, and curtains of twinkling fairy lights.

Come rain or shine Rainhill Hall has everything the perfect wedding reception requires, simply let your imagination run loose and create your vision with our wedding team.

Carry on the Carnival at Alma de Cuba

For those of you who chose a destination wedding, we have the ideal venue to carry on an exotic Latin theme at Alma de Cuba. This stunning space is steeped in Liverpool’s history and has long been the home of the city’s Cuban carnival spirit.

Inside you’ll discover plenty of original features, retained from its time as a Catholic church. These include a magnificent marble altar, striking exposed roof beams and intricate stained-glass windows.

Alma de Cuba destination wedding reception

Today, Alma de Cuba is adding another level to the already flexible space, creating a lofty private space in the eaves of the old church.

Your wedding reception can be hosted within any of the private spaces or the entire venue can be yours to fill with all those guests who hadn’t attended your special day abroad.

Destination Wedding Receptions at Signature Living

You can’t take everyone away with you for your destination wedding, but that doesn’t mean you cant include them in the celebration of your marriage.

There are plenty of friends and family who might not have been at your ceremony, but you can still share the special occasion with them in any of these fabulous Liverpool wedding venues.

Your wedding reception can be anything you imagine when booking with Signature Living Weddings. Our gifted wedding team are ready and waiting to help you make your dreams a reality, using years of experience and wedding know how.

Call today on 0151 3053753 or sign up with Signature Living Weddings to receive news and discuss planning your destination wedding reception in Liverpool.

2nd October 2018

Halloween Wedding Ideas for a Wickedly Wonderful Wedding Day

Just for those of us who love the idea of a Halloween Wedding we’ve put together a handy guide to throwing the perfect Halloween themed day of your dreams.

Everything from ghoulishly gorgeous dresses to frighteningly fabulous flowers alongside all the bizarre and brilliant ways you can make your Halloween wedding everything you ever wished for.

Creepy Cake Ideas

Your guests will remember a lot from your Halloween wedding day, mainly your dress but in close second comes the cake. This is a chance to play with your creativity, and your chosen cake designers skills too.

Ask them to help make your spooky day of dreams come true by fashioning a deliciously devilish Halloween themed wedding cake that looks both tempting and terrifying at the same time.

Halloween wedding cake ideas

Channel your favourite Halloween movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas or go all out hellish with skulls, red roses, stained glass and black icing.

You could even go for a natural approach taking all the golden rusted colours of autumn and using them to decorate and adorn your haunting Halloween wedding cake.

As the centrepiece of your special day, Halloween wedding your cake is a chance to impress your guests with your bold choice and creative wedding day choices.

Heavenly Halloween Wedding Dresses

A Halloween wedding really gives you the opportunity to step outside the conventional wedding dress box and chose from an array of stylish alternatives.

For floor sweeping glamour choose endless black and grey tulle, long lace sleeves and intricate black beading.
Halloween wedding dress ideas

Or instead, invoke your favourite gothic glamour icon and chose a Morticia style fishtail or the rich royal hues worn in medieval times.

You needn’t choose all black either. Alternatively, you can accent an off-white gown with black detailing and give an otherwise conventional wedding dress the Halloween edge.

Halloween wedding dress

The elaborate styling of traditional Spanish attire lends itself well to a Halloween wedding, with black lace veils, square-necked gowns and button up gloves.

There’s a haunting beauty in the darker details of a Halloween wedding and your dress will speak volumes about the mood you want to set.

Devilish Décor Ideas

Just because you’ve picked Halloween as your wedding theme, the wedding venue needn’t be decked out like a kids Halloween party. Opt instead to go for dark and decadent glamour with black elaborate candelabras, hanging lanterns, autumn coloured fabrics and delicate tree branches wrapped in chiffon.

Halloween wedding Decor

Set the mood with plenty of natural candlelight and dress your tables with playful carved pumpkin or skull place settings.

Bring the outside in and turn your wedding venue into an enchanted forest complete with blackbirds in hanging faux tree branches, evergreen centrepieces and leaf-strewn floors.

Halloween wedding decor ideas

Your Halloween wedding needn’t be all about black, red-purple, orange, gold and greens work just as well to set the mysterious mood.

Bewitch your guests with an enchanting Halloween wedding day decor on this the most important day of your lives.

Mysterious Masquerade Reception

Keeping your guests from attending your Halloween wedding in fancy dress is simple if your reception theme is an elegant masquerade ball.

Encourage your guests to stick to your colour scheme and theme by asking them to come to a ball dressed in black tie, channelling masquerade balls of the 19th century.

Masquerade Halloween wedding ideas

Your buffet could include a selection of trick or treat style sweets and cocktails could be white and black Russians, Zombies and Champagne cocktails with red and black liquors.

Book your entertainment to be more classical than a DJ or find a band who will perform all your favourite rock and roll classics.

Frighteningly Fabulous Flowers

Celebrate nature in the floral arrangements for the perfect Halloween wedding and choose evergreens, pale succulents and feathers for bouquets and pin holes.

Thistles, ferns and lavenders will give a pop of colour whilst keeping things natural and dark.

Halloween wedding bouquet ideas

And of course, a large bouquet of red roses wrapped in fake ivy will always look elegantly enchanting.

Tie everything up with rich ribbons, dark lace or rustic parcel string and add gleaming red jewels or strings of shining pearls for some extra bling.

The Perfect Halloween Wedding Venue in Liverpool

Find the perfect Halloween wedding venue in Liverpool at Signature Living Weddings where we make all your wedding day wishes come true.

Alma de Cuba is the perfect place to host a Halloween wedding in Liverpool. Once a Catholic Church, Alma de Cuba has since been converted into Liverpool top nightlife and dining destination.

Halloween wedding at Alma

Alma de Cuba first dance

With a mysterious Southern Latin theme, the stage at Alma de Cuba is already set and all you and your intended need do is add your own personal touches to create the perfect Halloween wedding in Liverpool.

Alma de Cuba has everything from ornate stained-glass windows to exposed original roof beams and an intimate reception space for you and your guests to enjoy. The venues original altar is still standing and the exposed brick décor is just waiting to be the backdrop to the perfect Halloween wedding.

Another wedding venue in Liverpool that would be a stunning setting for a Halloween wedding in Liverpool is the White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street. The Grade II* listed building has features that echo an opulent past when shipping success bestowed the city of Liverpool with riches and wealth.

White Star Grand Hall in Liverpool - Halloween wedding venue

White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street

The White Star Grand Hall retains stunning period features such as the 15-foot Georgian windows that can be decorated with swathes of dark chiffon and a lofty vaulted ceiling that was uncovered during the extensive renovation of the heritage building.

Hosting your Halloween wedding with Signature Living Weddings will guarantee all your deepest wedding day wishes are made into a reality. Call our wedding co-ordinators for more information on 0151 305 3753 or browse our site for further wedding day inspiration.

2nd August 2018

Take a Look at Signature Living’s Stunning New Wedding Venues

A Signature Living Wedding is like no other. Stunning, exquisite, radiant, magical – they’re just some of the words used to describe a special day in one of our venues. And we’re so excited to give you a sneak peek at what our next beautiful, new events spaces are set to look like.

Form the iconic Cunard House in Liverpool, to the elegance of The Exchange Grand Hall in Cardiff, our current venues are located within some of the most historic buildings in the UK. We’ve got experience in helping couples have a perfect, romantic day with a backdrop to match.

And now, we want to give you an exclusive look at our newest venues, so you can feel inspired to start planning your dream day with Signature Living Weddings.

Take a look at some of our magical new wedding venues and get in touch with our dedicated wedding coordinators today. You could be one the first couples to exchange rings in these stunning locations…

The Shankly Preston

A CGI visualisation of The Shankly Preston wedding venue

Our first hotel in the historic city of Preston, this unique wedding venue is located at the heart of the city. Inside, The Shankly Preston will be a breathtaking venue in which to exchange your vows – the perfect place to make lasting memories.

We’re so excited to reveal this intimate wedding venue, seating up to 320 people, which includes self-contained banqueting and kitchens ready to serve all your guests without a fuss.

A CGI visualisation of The Shankly Preston wedding venue

The stylish bar area inside The Shankly Preston is sure to keep drinks flowing throughout your big day and the roof-top terrace will be the perfect place to take some stunning wedding photos, with fantastic views across the Market Square and beyond.

Why not contact us today, and we can start discussing your dream wedding in this luxurious hotel?

The George Best Hotel

A CGI visualisation of The George Best Hotel wedding venue

Prepare to be awe-struck by the breathtaking wedding venue at our George Best Hotel in Belfast.

The delicate pale pink interiors and stunning floral display will ensure that the George Best Hotel is a must-book venue in the city. This intimate, elegant space is the perfect romantic backdrop for your special day.

A CGI visualisation of The George Best Hotel wedding venue

Your wedding will be an unforgettable occasion in this beautiful room, with its magnificent chandeliers, dramatic decor and opulent golden furnishings.

If you haven’t already, make sure you have a look at the first glimpse inside this iconic new hotel, which is set to celebrate the legacy of one of Belfast’s most famous sporting stars.

Loyola Hall

A CGI visualisation of Loyola Hall wedding venue

For a truly special wedding day, there will be nowhere more magical to exchange vows than at Loyola Hall in St Helens.

Previously a spiritual retreat for the Society of Jesus, this beautiful wedding venue and luxury hotel will have a unique events space within the old chapel of the historic property.

A CGI visualisation of Loyola Hall wedding venue

The ornate, stain-glass windows and dramatic high ceilings add a touch of tradition to this airy, elegant space, while the stunning floral displays and opulent chandeliers will ensure your wedding is a heavenly affair.

12th July 2018

10 Things Everybody Forgets to Do Before Their Wedding

From taking in the beautiful venue you’ve chosen, to enjoying the experience of walking down the aisle as newlyweds, the day of your wedding is going to be a magical whirlwind. But on the morning of the big day you’ll probably be a little bit panicky and all over the place.

To keep things running smoothly, make sure you write up a wedding checklist a few days before so you can calm those pre-wedding nerves and enjoy the day without any stress. After all, it’s meant to be a beautiful occasion all about you and your partner!

There’s always a few important things that the happy couple tend to forget leading up to the big day. Writing up a list of all the little details you might forget ensures any problems can be fixed early on and guarantees it will be a truly memorable occasion.

Here are 10 things that often get forgotten to add to your checklist.

1. Pack a Pair of Comfortable Shoes

The shoes you wear on your wedding day might be the most gorgeous pair you’ve ever owned, but if they pinch your toes while you’re dancing, their beauty isn’t going to cancel out how much your feet hurt.

Remember to take a spare pair of comfortable shoes to slip into when you get to your reception. They don’t have to be boring – why not buy some sparkly trainers or elegant flats?

And gents, this applies to you too. Fresh-out-the-box brogues can be just as uncomfortable. You don’t want to spend your wedding night sitting down, so make sure to pack a pair of shoes you’re happy to dance the night away in.

2. Make Sure You Have a Touch-Up Makeup Kit

Weddings are teary events for everyone. But if you’ve just had your make-up done for the special day, you don’t want it half way down your face after only a few hours.

Giving someone in your party a little bag of makeup for touch-ups throughout the day will make your life so much easier. Remember to include eyelash glue if you’re using fake lashes – it’ll be a lifesaver.

3. Remember to Eat!

A typical mistake lots of spouses-to-be make is forgetting to eat on the big day. Make sure you eat a big breakfast and a light lunch. Then you’ll have plenty of energy to get you through to the reception but won’t feel stuffed just before your ceremony. Nobody wants fainting newlyweds!

If you’ve chosen the stunning White Star Grand Hall as your venue, why not book a wedding breakfast at the Carpathia Champagne Restaurant and Bar in 30 James Street? With stunning waterfront views and a delicious menu, the friendly staff will be happy to accommodate your wedding party before the big day.

4. Drink Water

Yes, we all know staying hydrated is important. But it’s something that’s easy to forget on the big day. Make sure you take regular sips of water from the word go and don’t just rely on bubbly to keep you refreshed. You don’t want a headache to set in as you walk down the aisle!

5. Don’t Forget Your Undergarments

Underwear seems like the last thing you’d forget but you’d be surprised how often it gets left behind. Make sure you pack it alongside your dress so you aren’t left borrowing your bridesmaid’s red knickers or wearing your old, holey underpants on the wedding night.

6. Assign a Post-Wedding Caretaker

If you’re jetting off on a gorgeous honeymoon straight after the reception, assign a family member or friend to pick up the belongings you aren’t taking with you, like you dress and pre-wedding outfit.

7. Remember The Kids

Children can make or break a wedding day – make sure that any little ones have ample activities or a baby sitter to look after them and keep them entertained.

Every parent knows the pain of bored children acting up, so if you’re got something to keep them happy, you’re less likely to have screaming toddlers during the toasts and embarrassed parents leaving early.

8. Set More Than One Alarm

You might think waking up would be easy, but mistakes happen, and alarms can fail! Make sure you’ve set an alarm and a back-up as well, so there’s no chance you’ll sleep in and wake up in a panic.

It’s a good idea to assign a friend or family member to give you a call or come and check you’re up first thing in the morning just to be doubly sure you don’t hit the snooze button accidentally.

9. Get Your Emergency Bag Together

On the day things do go wrong, so plan in advance to minimise the disruption. Get someone in your party to carry a little bag with needle and thread, double-sided tape, safety pins, tampons, hairspray, breath mints, wet wipes, scissors and deodorant in it.

Then you’ll be prepared when that hem comes down on a trouser leg, or the lunchtime snack before the ceremony ends up stuck in your teeth.

10. Make Someone the Memories Collector

In the magic of the day, it’s easy to enjoy the experience and forget to collect any mementos that you might want to keep to remember the special day. Assign someone to collect the little things that will help capture the moment like flowers to press, menu cards and pieces of ribbon from bridesmaids’ hair.

You don’t want to be thinking about this on the day – but you will really appreciate having physical memories in years to come.

At Signature Living Weddings, our capable wedding coordinators will be on hand throughout your wedding journey to keep everything running smoothly and ensure your special day is a magical experience. We always go the extra mile to make sure you have your dream wedding in a beautiful venue.

From the historic Exchange Hotel in Cardiff to the iconic Cunard House on Liverpool’s waterfront, each of our hand-selected venues make perfect, romantic backdrops to your wedding.

If you’re planning your special day and want to find out more about our stunning venues, get in touch with our team by calling 0151 236 0166 and take your first steps towards an unforgettable day.

19th June 2018

One Of a Kind Venues to Get Married in Liverpool: Alma de Cuba Liverpool

If you are looking for the most unique and charming wedding venues in Liverpool then put Alma de Cuba Liverpool at the top of your list. Add a taste of Cuban carnival spirit to your special day inside one of Liverpool’s most popular Latin-inspired venues.

The Charm of Cuba in a Liverpool Church

First Dance Wedding - places to get married in Liverpool

Alma de Cuba is a striking Liverpool wedding venue that promises to deliver an unforgettable wedding experience for both you, your special someone and your guests.

By infusing your wedding day dreams together with the all the glamour and flare associated with the Cuban culture, Alma de Cuba provides a certain alluring mystique for a truly magical wedding day.

Whether you’d like to host your ceremony, reception or both choose to Samba outside the conventional wedding box in favour of adding a little flavour and decadence to your wedding day plans.

Now Liverpool’s number one choice for a taste of Cuban heat, the grounds of Alma de Cuba once housed St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church and therefore the space still echoes with evangelical charm.

Stained glass windows Alma de Cuba - places to get married in Liverpool

Intricately stained glass windows, cavernous vaulted ceilings and of course the commanding presence of the central altar make Alma de Cuba stand apart from any of the other wedding venues in Liverpool.

Cuban Flare Everywhere

Alma samba dancer - places to get married in Liverpool

We make sure the spirit of a Cuban carnival resonates within every detail of your wedding at Alma de Cuba by taking your own personal wedding day dreams and spicing them up with some colourful Cuban touches.

Our talented chefs will help you tailor make menu options using their own experience with South American flavours and your personal taste preferences.

We can even help you concoct some perfectly paired wedding cocktails to compliment your favourite tastes, inspired by punchy exotic flavours found in the best Latin liquors.

Alma de Cuba Cocktails - places to get married in Liverpool

Anything from exquisite table settings, to breath-taking lighting, soulful entertainment and energetic dance performances can be organised for your special day.

Each of our carefully tailored wedding packages was created to help happy couples plan the wedding of their dreams inside one of the most alluring and magnetic wedding venues in Liverpool.

A Cuban Carnival Reception

Alma Carnival - places to get married in Liverpool

To truly take advantage of such a glamorous wedding venue let the Latin nightlife take hold and allow our expert wedding planners to help you plan an extraordinary and exciting wedding day celebration.

Alma de Cuba is famous for providing Liverpool with its own Latin style nightlife venue and for your wedding day this same curious, carnival style atmosphere can be adapted to help you throw an unforgettable wedding reception.

Alma petal shower - places to get married in Liverpool

Our talented samba dancers will put on an exotic floor show sure to impress all your guests, and our well-known petal shower will provide a magical backdrop and keep the party ambience alive all night.

Each Latin-inspired detail will provide stunning photo opportunities and the most romantic setting for your one of a kind Latin style wedding reception, leaving your guests with something to talk about for years to come and you with magical memories of your perfect day.

Book Your Wedding at Alma de Cuba

No other wedding venues in Liverpool can provide the same Cuban character and charm as Alma de Cuba.

Alma mezzanine wedding meal - places to get married in Liverpool

This utterly extravagant wedding venue was built to host glorious celebrations and is the perfect choice to celebrate your love for one another with a healthy measure of South American flare.

Call to discuss your wedding day plans with our dedicated wedding planners on 0151 305 3753 or contact us via our online enquiry form here.

12th June 2018

Wedding Inspiration: Ideas for Your First Dance

No wedding is complete without your first dance as a couple. From the choice of music to picking a perfect backdrop, you and your partner’s dancefloor debut will be one of the most memorable moments of your wedding day.

Have a look at our ideas to make your first dance the perfect end to an unforgettable day.

Choosing the Right Song

first dance wedding

Whatever you chose as your first dance music will be significant for the rest of your married life together.  Classic choices include ‘Your Song’ by Elton John, ‘At Last’ by Etta James or ‘Moon River’ by Andy Williams but even more modern songs like Adele’s ‘Make you feel my love’ are equally romantic. Liverpool’s rich music history will give you plenty of ideas if you’re struggling for inspiration – try The Beatles’ ‘Something’ for a classic Scouse touch to the celebrations.

Picking the Right Dance

first dance wedding

If you want your first dance to be more than a gently sway on the dancefloor, there are plenty of dances you can learn that will bring elegance to your reception. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give waltzing a go?

Book you and your partner into a private wedding dance lesson to truly make it a moment to remember. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated slow dance, or a cheeky can-can, there are hundreds of teachers out there who can help you find your dancing shoes.

Take a Rooftop Dance

first dance wedding

Your first dance should be unforgettable and where better celebrate your first of many dances as newlyweds than looking over the spectacular skyline of Liverpool? The Signature Living Garden of Eden Terrace offers a beautiful backdrop for the most memorable day of your life. Perfect for Spring and Summer weddings, you can take to the dancefloor with the lights of the city behind you.

The Garden of Eden venue offers a 360-degree glass exterior as well, giving you panoramic views of the Liverpool skyline, including the three Graces and the world-famous waterfront.

Hire a Live Band

First Dance Wedding

Double the romance of your dance by choosing live musicians to play your favourite song. Match the music to atmosphere of your wedding, from the relaxed, fun-filled sounds of a Mexican Mariachi band to the magical touch a string quartet can bring to the reception.

The Dance Moves

First dances don’t have to be serious. The only rule of the first dance is that it should mean something special to you and your partner.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a slow-dance, why not chose an up-tempo song to whizz around the dancefloor? Or take inspiration from the hilarious choreographed dance above. You can either go solo as a couple or, for a memorable mash-up, encourage your bridesmaids and grooms men to get involved and have your whole wedding party grooving as the drinks begin to flow.

Picking a Dancefloor

First Dance Wedding

For a touch of sparkle on your big day, why not hire out a dancefloor that makes an impression? Opt for a floor that mimics the night sky, with twinkling LED lights across the tiles, for a magical touch to the dance.

If you’re looking for a subtler effect, so that you and your partner are the ones in the limelight, pick a classic white tile. Or, if you want a more traditional style to your reception, chose a classic wooden dancefloor.

Beautiful Historic Setting

first dance wedding

If you’re looking for a timeless and classic setting to stage your first-dance, Signature Living’s White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street Hotel will be the perfect backdrop for you to take to the dancefloor as a married couple for the first time. Complete with grand chandeliers and gorgeous historic interiors, the Grade II* listed venue is brimming with history: perfect for hosting an unforgettable wedding day.

Make it a Moment to Remember

First dance Wedding

Imagine it: you take to the dance floor as a couple and as your chosen song reaches a crescendo, the dancefloor is filled with a cascade of white paper petals that shower you and your partner. A confetti cannon will create a picture-perfect moment for your first dance. Just make sure you tell your photographer what’s happening, so they’re prepared to take that unforgettable shot.

Personalise the Music

First Dance Wedding

If you can’t quite find that perfect tune, why not ask the DJ for a medley of all your favourites or even commission a musician to write a song especially for the big day? Your first dance should reflect you as a couple and the more personal it is to you, the more special it will feel.

Get Everyone Involved

First Dance Wedding

First dances can be nerve-wracking. If you’re really feeling the fear, why not ask your guests to join you from the beginning of your dance? Skip the stress of the lime-light and make your first dance a family- and friend-filled affair, taking the heat off you and your partner.

Relax Afterwards

First Dance Wedding

After the buzz and excitement of your first dance and reception, there’s nothing more calming than the bliss of a bridal suite to make your wedding night as special as the rest of the day.

The spectacular bridal suite at The Shankly Hotel is the perfect wedding night hideaway after you’ve danced the evening away, with an in-room Jacuzzi bath to sooth aching muscles, a plush private snug and decadent interiors.

We hope you enjoyed our Wedding Dance Inspirations ideas. If you’re planning your dream wedding and want to find out more about our beautiful venues, get in touch with our team today and take your first steps towards an unforgettable day.

Call 0151 305 3753 or have a browse around our website to see the different Signature Living wedding venues. 

1st June 2018

A Maid of Honour Cheat Sheet to Planning the Perfect Wedding

Okay, so we know you won’t actually be planning the entire perfect wedding yourself but once you accepted the job for the Maid of Honour you became an integral piece of the big day.

The question is, are you ready for it?

Maid of Honour checklist for the perfect wedding

To help you help your bride when it comes to planning the perfect wedding we’ve drawn up a cheat sheet to make sure you are the best Maid of Honour you can possibly be.

What Exactly is the Perfect Wedding?

You may have your ideas of what your own perfect wedding day would be but what about your Bride to be?

It’s important to know exactly how she wants her day to go unless of course, you are already well versed in every detail. Discover her dream wedding venue, the dream dress and do everything you can to help her make those dreams a reality.

Assert Your Authority

When it comes to bridesmaids we all know they can get a little rebellious at times so it’s your job to herd the bridesmaids like a professional cattle wrangler. You are leader of the bridesmaids for the foreseeable future so let them know who’s boss, like Beyonce.


If one doesn’t like the dress or the other doesn’t like the fancy dress theme for the hen party, tough!

It’s up to you to keep the peace and get them to the dress fittings, hair and make-up tests, bridal shower and then hen party in an orderly fashion and with a smile.

Plan The Perfect Hen Party

Start your hen party plans by listening to your Bride-to-be’s wishes and then completely ignore most of what she has to say.

Hen party Signature Living - perfect wedding parties

Every Bride-to-be may say she wants a classy, ladylike event but deep down you know she’s lying. Pull out all the hen party clichés and make sure the Bride-to-be is the centre of attention on the night and you’re golden.

Signature Living Hotel has the ideal group accommodation for hen parties and when it comes to planning the perfect hen party in Liverpool they are number one on every list. With everything from epic pool parties to Magic Mike nights and even adult themed afternoon teas a Signature Living hen party is always unforgettable.

Plan An Even Better Bridal Shower

This is your chance to give the Bride the classy pre-wedding event she says she wants. Inviting all the right people and picking the perfect wedding shower venue is key.

perfect wedding party - bridal shower venue

Whether it’s an at-home garden party or a private soiree in an exquisite city centre events venue you are the hostess with the mostess and there’s no room for failure.

Learn How to Be a Human Shield

One of your most important jobs is to shield the Bride from any possible and unnecessary drama or stress.


So get out your Wonder Woman Bracelets of Submission and block all that negativity so your Bride will have the perfect wedding day of her dreams without any of the bother or hassle.

Study That Guestlist

Time to climb the family trees of the Bride and Groom because you may think you already know everybody but you are wrong.

Maid of Honour guestlist - perfect wedding

Your Bride to be will have aunties and uncles you’ve never met and distant cousins you’ve never heard of and don’t even start on the Groom’s side.

You will be the main contact for all these guests on or before the big day so, to save your Bride having to answer everyone’s urgent questions, you need to know names.

Get Involved in Planning

If you know the ins and outs of the big day then you are instantly more helpful when the Bride forgets something or the Groom shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Find out the when, where, how and who as fast as you can to help your Bride enjoy the perfect wedding day she’s always wanted.

The Big Day Checklist

Just in case you get overwhelmed yourself it might help to have a small checklist to hand just for your peace of mind;

  • Don’t forget the veil
  • Have a safe place for the wedding band
  • Know the wedding planners number
  • And the Best Man’s (he could become your best friend on the day)
  • Don’t drink too much pre-wedding champagne

Keep it together missy.

Maid of Honour Emergency Kit

To make sure you are ready to meet the needs of your Bride pack our Mary Poppins- tyle emergency kit with everything you could possibly need on the Big Day;


  • Sewing Kit – for rips and tears
  • Nail and eyelash glue – in case either should falter throughout the day
  • Make-up touch up kit – because
  • Hairspray and hairpins – for any hair-related mishaps
  • Tissues – for happiness tears
  • Stain removal wipes – for spills and smudges
  • Paracetamol – for your own headache
  • A hip flask – for pre-ceremony butterflies
  • The Brides favourite sweets or chocolates – for low blood sugars and nibbles
  • Flats – because your Brides shoes are fab but very high
  • Phone charger – you are the emergency contact and need to capture candid camera moments

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

After all, this is said and done you will have helped your Bride plan the perfect wedding and given her the support she needed throughout the perfect wedding day. And don’t worry, you can always pay her back by asking her to be your Maid of Honour when it’s your turn to walk down the aisle.

Signature Living Weddings

We are every maid of honours best friend at Signature Living Weddings because we have all the tools to make sure your Bride’s perfect wedding day is delivered.

White Star Grand Hall - perfect wedding venue in Liverpool

Our exquisite Liverpool wedding venues each have a unique character and charm that can be tailored to be everyone’s perfect wedding.

From the elegant and intimate to the grand and remarkable, each Signature Living wedding venue delivers exactly what any and every Bride could dream of for their perfect wedding day.

Call 0151 305 3753 or have a browse around our website to see the different Signature Living wedding venues, keep up to date with news from our wonderful wedding open days and browse our blog archives for more ideas and inspiration.

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