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22nd July 2019

How to Plan a Wedding with a Fairy Tale Theme

Planning a wedding with a fairy tale theme doesn’t need to be complicated. From horse-drawn carriages, to enchanting woodland wedding venues and glass slippers fit for a princess, there are so many ways to make your wedding fairy tale themed.

Whether you dream of recreating scenes from Cinderella, or wish you could walk down the aisle with Rapunzel-style hair, check out these ideas and start planning a wedding straight from the story books.

A Fairy Tale Theme

Find the perfect venue

fairy tale theme - wedding at Rainhill Hall

The first thing to think about when planning a wedding with a fairy tale theme is the venue. And what better place to say ‘I do’ than in a stunning enchanting woodland setting?

Be transported into your favourite fairy tale at Rainhill Hall near Liverpool. Set with a Grade II listed country house with magical woodland grounds and beautiful bridal log cabins, this venue is the perfect place to enjoy a fairy tale wedding.

fairy tale theme - wedding inspiration

The grand house dates all the way back to 1824 and was built by Bartholomew Bretherton. Nestled within scenic grounds and majestic greenery, this versatile space is set to play host to indoor and outdoor celebrations, straight out of a fairy tale.

Start the next chapter of your love story with a wedding at Rainhill Hall. With the venue opening very soon, be one of the first to get married at this gorgeous new venue in Merseyside. Complete our online enquiry form for more information!

Charming invitations


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A post shared by Wedding Invitation (@millionyellow) on

Be our guest! The best way to establish your fairy tale theme is with some creative wedding invitations. The perfect way to set the tone whilst getting your guests excited for your big day, try and use regal language and gold detailing to really get across your fairy tale theme.

You could even add a personal touch and hand-make them yourself!

Enchanting flowers


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A post shared by Katie Noonan, AIFD (@noonansdesigns) on

A wedding with a fairy tale theme would not be complete without an array of beautiful blossoms and bouquets. Opt for a colourful, whimsical colour scheme and keep your bouquets neat and perfectly arranged. We love using some pastel shaded ribbons to hold a wedding bouquet together, it adds a stylish accent and compliments the theme.

Every couple have their favourite type of flower, but if you want to stay with the fairy tale theme, some pastel roses are a must.

A themed cake


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A post shared by Aster & Wilde (@asterandwilde) on

Your wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to get really creative with your fairy tale theme. Gather inspiration from your favourite mythical stories, find the perfect cake maker and work together on the cake of your dreams.

Think enchanted castles made of icing, or a classic cake with subtle themed detailing, the choice is yours!

A pumpkin carriage


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A post shared by Jensey ? | Root Photography (@jenseyroot) on

Forget vintage cars, imagine arriving to your fairy tale themed wedding in a Cinderella-style, horse-drawn carriage! This is the ultimate transportation for a couple who love old fashioned romance. Just make sure you return the carriage before midnight!

Plan some fireworks


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A post shared by Clare Kinchin (@clarekinchinphotography) on

We all know how the fairy tales end, with love and fireworks! So, what better way to end your celebrations than with a breathtaking display of fireworks?

Take a romantic moment with your partner as you watch the show and celebrate your happily ever after.

Table settings as old as time


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A post shared by Tauta-Home (@tautahome) on

If you dream of a wedding with a fairy tale theme, the table settings should definitely reflect that. Whether you want to keep the enchanted woodland theme going, or opt for more of a magical castle setting, think classical and delicate for your wedding table decor.

Keep it simple and choose your feature pieces carefully, from candelabras, to branches decked with fairy lights and a stylish pink and white palette, this theme always looks elegant. Hold your breath for any musical numbers from the cutlery!

Snow White and her flower girls


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A post shared by Taos/ABQ Photographer (@jasperkphoto) on

There is no better way to feel like a princess than by being surrounded by beautiful little flower girls. Take inspiration from Snow White and go for emerald green velvet, miniature baskets filled with pastel petals, satin shoes and pretty botanical head bands.

Flower girls are a must for any fairy tale wedding after all!

Accessories fit for a princess


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A post shared by Marionat (@marionat_bridal) on

A fairy tale princess wouldn’t be complete without her crown and a handsome prince would look out of place without a traditional suit.

Really embrace your fairy tale theme and wear an elegant tiara with your veil. Think traditional pearls and diamonds with sleek hair and subtle makeup, it’s the perfect look for your dream day.

A legendary menu


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A post shared by Mysty & Bella Designs (@mystyandbella) on

One upon a time…? two people said ‘I do’, but first lets talk about their amazing wedding menu! We know that the food you serve at your wedding can be a tricky decision, but most wedding coordinators will be on hand to talk you through the options.

The style of the menu, however, can be completely designed by you! Why not keep your fairy tale going with a poem or rhyme to start off your meal?

The glass slippers


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A post shared by Jimmy Choo (@jimmychoo) on

If you love the story of Cinderella as much as we do, why not live the fairy tale theme and wear your very own pair of glass slippers. From silver sparkly heels, to fashionable clear stilettos, there are so many choices when it comes to choosing footwear that is fit for a princess.

A beautiful gown


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A post shared by MollyNguyenDesign (@mollynguyen_design) on

Whether you’re looking to keep it traditional with a beautiful white ball gown, or take inspiration from famous fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel and Sleeping Beauty and opt for a colourful princess gown, you’re sure to take your guests’ breath away. Try to step out of your comfort zone with your gown and wear something that really makes you feel your best.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the hardest tasks, but if you know your theme, then the choice becomes much easier.

Fairy lights everywhere!


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A post shared by Rainhill Hall (@rainhillhall) on

Everyone knows that fairy lights instantly make any venue look completely magical. Whether you drape them from the ceiling like icicles, or twirl them around the branches of trees, these twinkling lights are sure to transform your wedding venue.

Fairy lights also create a gorgeous backdrop for all of your evening wedding photographs.

Rapunzel hair


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A post shared by Camarillo Bridal Boutique (@camarillobridalboutique) on

Channel Elsa from Frozen and Repunzel with a ‘messy braid’. This is a great way to keep long hair styled but out of the way during the celebrations.

You could even accessorise with a pretty twist. We love how this bridal hairstyle is finished with some delicate white cut flowers, perfect for a Disney princess on their wedding day.

The special touches


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A post shared by Rainhill Hall (@rainhillhall) on

Take inspiration from your favourite stories and decorate your chosen venue with pretty candles, winding ivy and floral features. The choices are endless when it comes to the interior decor you go for, but those little special details are the things you’ll notice even more on your big day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on how to plan the perfect wedding with a fairy tale theme. At Signature Living Wedding, we specialise in designing weddings with a difference. With a number of breathtaking venues across the UK and a talented team of wedding coordinators, look no further when planning your dream day.?

Start the next chapter of your love story by?getting in touch with our weddings team today!?Find more wedding inspiration over at?our Instagram page @sig_weddings.

30th April 2019

5 Things on Every Groom’s Checklist

Accustomed as you are to planning and preparing, chances are that you?ve overlooked something when organising your wedding.

Today?s grooms are becoming more involved in planning their own weddings ? from choosing the wedding cake to selecting a best man. Nevertheless, there is always something to do as the big day approaches.

So, whether you?re a hands-on type of guy or just looking to stay out of the way, here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you draw up your groom?s checklist.

Dress to Impress


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A post shared by Jim Chapman (@jimchapman) on

For men, dressing for a wedding has never been so important. Thanks to the copious amounts of Royal weddings and celeb nuptials recently, men now have a duty to stand out and look their best.

Once your soon-to-be bride has picked out the colour scheme, you should go and choose what you?re wearing. Whether it?s a regal morning suit or an elegant tuxedo, it?s important for you and your groomsmen to look sharp and sophisticated.

So, save the novelty bow tie for your bachelor party and ask your mates to do the same, pick out something smart and relax safe in the knowledge that you?ve crossed another thing off your groom?s checklist.

The Importance of Grooming


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A post shared by David Gandy (@davidgandy_official) on

Grooming, be it the fragrance you choose or the haircut you sport, is important ? fact. There?s no point in wearing a perfectly tailored tux for you to then look rough.

Of the pre-wedding appointments that you should make, a manicure is one of the most important because your hands are going to be photographed over and over again – and, it goes without saying that you should shave and get a haircut.

Also, this is no day to raise a stink so, post-deodorant, spray on something extra ? something that complements what you?re wearing.

An immaculately groomed groom is what you should aim to be.



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A post shared by Meghan Markle Gallery (@meghanmarklegallery) on

If you want a lesson in elegant wedding cars, Prince Harry?s recent nuptials provided just that. Leaving for his intimate wedding reception in a vintage Jaguar E-Type, Prince Harry showed every groom how it?s done.

The lesson learned? When it comes to your wedding day, you want to arrive and leave in style.

So, if you?re looking to escape the pre-wedding madness for a few hours, add the word ?transport? to your groom?s checklist and go classic car shopping.

Pick your Best Man


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A post shared by Olivia Osgood (@olivia_elegantaura) on

For those of you standing at the end of the aisle, choosing who to stand next to you can be extremely problematic ? particularly if you have more than one very close friend.

Not only is the best man?s job to make an hilarious speech at your reception, but it?s also his job to make sure you?re punctual, prepared, dressed and relaxed ? so maybe choose someone you can trust.

What we?re trying to say is, pick someone who?s responsible enough to keep your rings safe and get you to the venue because, lets be honest, nobody wants to see another Hangover movie.

You also want someone who knows you inside and out so, whether that be your brother, mate, two mates or your female friend, do what works for you.

Your Groom?s Speech


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A post shared by Blanck Magazine UK (@blanckdigital) on

Nerves, alcohol and new in-laws can make your speech seem daunting ? that?s why it should take priority on your groom?s checklist.

Maybe practice your speech a couple of times in front of your friends ? and try and make them shed a tear or two.

At the end of the day, you?re standing up and speaking to simply thank your groomsmen, encourage the guests to enjoy themselves and, most importantly, compliment your other half who, we imagine, looks stunning.

Signature Living Weddings

Groom's speech

We hope you?ve enjoyed our guide on how to make a groom?s checklist. These thoughtful and helpful pointers are sure to help you when planning your wedding.

At Signature Living Weddings, we?re known for creating bespoke weddings designed with you in mind. Our party accommodation rooms, experienced wedding coordinators and unique venues make us stand out from the crowd.

From the spectacular Rainhill Hall to the historic 30 James Street, each of our venues are simply extraordinary. We also provide a wide range of flexible wedding packages to ensure you make the most of your special day.

So, why not get in touch today on 0151 305 3753 or fill out our enquiry form here – and start the next chapter of your love story with us.

25th April 2019

How to Make the Perfect Best Man’s Speech

So, your mate has chosen you to be his best man. Accustomed as you are to planning epic parties and tearing up the dancefloor at weddings, it?s unlikely that you?ve ever given a best man?s speech.

But, you know that best man speeches can quickly descend into an awkward, drunken spectacle during which your mate has his head in his hands. So, here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you prepare to give your best man?s speech. No pressure.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don?t be that guy who, hours before the reception, is nervously scribbling down notes on the back of his hand ? only for them to disappear the moment they stand up in a hot, sweaty room. Nor do you want to be that guy, namely Smithy in Gavin & Stacey, who has been banging on about how hilarious his best man?s speech is ? only for it to be absolutely awful.

Maybe try your speech out a couple of times in front of the mirror ? you?d be surprised how strange it may sound when read out loud.

A rehearsed best man?s speech is guaranteed to be an improvement on anything you can drunkenly scrawl on the back of a napkin ten minutes beforehand

Stay Sober-ish

Sure, you want to enjoy yourself, and yes, a few drinks may help you relax before giving a speech in front of hundreds of people ? including your mates who, lets be honest, want you to make a fool of yourself.

But staggering up to make your speech, drink in hand, isn?t a good look. Veer away from the free champagne and focus on the job in hand ? delivering an epic best man?s speech.

So, save the boozing for when everyone is buying you drinks to congratulate you on delivering a hilarious speech.

Don?t Mention any Exes

Whether it?s your mate?s former flame or his bride?s bygone boyfriend, don?t mention any exes ever. As far as the guests should be concerned, both bride and groom have never so much as spoken to anyone of the opposite sex.

Your mate?s new father-in-law hates him enough without you bringing up the son-in-law he wished he had.

Plus, swerve using words such as ?psycho? to describe the women who passed on the chance to marry your mate. It won?t impress his new bride and it certainly won?t impress the ex-lover who he?s oddly invited to his wedding ? but we won?t go there.

Less Humiliation, More Embarrassment

On balance, your tone should be good-natured ? you?re describing the groom, not trying to ruin his marriage before it?s even begun. Remember, it?s a wedding, not the bachelor party ? so anything that happened on the stag weekend is not for here.

Also, any reminders of criminal activity are out-of-bounds unless it?s either trivial or victimless ? and nobody wants to hear about any awkward fishing trips or weird holidays in Amsterdam.

What we?re trying to say is, read the room ? it?s not an open-mic night in which your mate is the victim.

Wrap it Up

Ten minutes is enough, honestly. The perfect best man?s speech is a balance of jokes, the revelation of a few embarrassing stories and, a tear in the eye and a hearty handshake at the end. A poignant ?I love you, man? as you pretend to hold back the tears is sure to do the trick.

What you don?t want to do is ramble ? you?re only stopping people from either dancing, drinking or eating, and nobody wants that. If you?re worried that your speech is too long, skip a few embarrassing stories, raise your glass and get it over with.

And, speaking of raising your glass.

Make a Toast

When James Corden took that piece of plastic toast out of his shopping bag only for it to be met with silence, shows just how hard it is to make a good toast. So, for starters, maybe leave the props at home.

One of the most annoying parts of any wedding speech is being asked to raise your glass every couple of minutes in honour of everything from the DJ to the clergy.

So, raise your glass and ask the guests to do the same, say something cute and relax in your seat safe in the knowledge that you?ve just given an epic best man?s speech.

Signature Living Weddings

We hope you?ve enjoyed our guide on how to give the perfect best man?s speech. These thoughtful and helpful pointers are sure to help you shape an epic speech.

At Signature Living Weddings, we?re known for creating bespoke weddings designed with you in mind. Our party accommodation rooms, experienced wedding coordinators and unique venues make us stand out from the crowd.

best man's speech

From the spectacular Rainhill Hall to the historic 30 James Street, each of our venues are simply extraordinary. We also provide a wide range of flexible wedding packages to ensure you make the most of your special day.

So, why not get in touch today on 0151 305 3753 and start the next chapter of your love story.

20th February 2019

7 Beautiful and Unique Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement rings aren’t known for being understated. When it comes to wedding jewelry, Hollywood’s biggest stars like to go big!

From Katy Perry’s flower-shaped ring, to Lea Michele’s 4-carat showstopper, we’ve selected a few of our favourites and delved into the finer details.

So, take a browse of some of the most glamorous, bedazzling and unique celebrity engagement rings of recent years…

Katy Perry’s engagement ring

Katy Perry’s engagement to Orlando Bloom is one of the most recent celebrity engagements to make headlines. Bloom proposed on Valentine’s Day, and the award-winning singer took to her Instagram page to share the news.


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full bloom

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Opting for a unique flower-shaped engagement ring, Perry captioned the photo with the words ‘full bloom’, a fitting reference to her husband’s last name.

Experts have estimated a range of possible values for the ring, dependent on its beautiful pink centre stone. So far, estimates have ranged from $25,000 to $5 million!

Emily Ratajowski’s engagement ring

Without a doubt one of the most impressive celebrity engagement rings, Sebastian Bear McClard proposed to model and actress Emily Rataowski with a sparkling two-stone ring.


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A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Emily’s ring is a bespoke Alison Lon design, uniquely pairing a princess and pear-cut diamond side by side. Speaking exclusively to Vogue, Emily shared:

‘We liked the idea of two stones instead of one and spent a long time looking at rings with multiple stones for inspiration. At one point it included a ruby as the second stone, but ultimately we loved the idea of the femininity of the pear contrasted with the architecture of the princess.’

Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring

Justin Bieber is of course, one of the richest stars in the world. So, it’s no surprise that when it came to choosing an engagement ring, Bieber went above and beyond. Following a whirlwind romance, the pop star proposed to model and long-term friend, Hailey Bieber with an impressive engagement ring, said to be between 6 and 10 carets.


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absolute best friend.

A post shared by Hailey Rhode Bieber (@haileybieber) on

Hailey’s breathtaking ring was picked out from Solow? & Co and is estimated to be have been purchased for upwards of $500,000. A renowned private jeweler, Solow spoke to People magazine about the thoughtfully chosen ring:

‘Justin wanted something that would gracefully accentuate Hailey?s beautifully shaped hands. We settled on an oval stone that was just exceptional in its length and grace.’

Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring

Following the news of Katy Perry’s engagement, fans were quick to compare Perry’s ring to the ring Miranda Kerr received from ex-husband Orlando Bloom. And though there may be a resemblance, it’s safe to say that the Australian model has officially moved on from the The Lord of the Rings actor.


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I said yes!!! ????????

A post shared by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

Kerr confirmed the news of her engagement to CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel in 2016, posting a stunning black and white photograph of her diamond ring. One of the most traditional celebrity engagement rings, Kerr’s ring features a round-cut solitaire and classic tapered baguettes. Of course, Miranda gave the photograph a personalised touch by adding a custom Snapchat cartoon to mark the occasion!

Lea Michele’s engagement ring

Lea Michele is another star to send Instagram into overdrive with news of her engagement. Zandy Reich proposed to Michele in 2018, and it’s safe to say fans were dazzled by her 4-carat diamond.

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Yes ?

A post shared by Lea Michele (@leamichele) on

Jeweler Greg Kwiat spoke to The Knot to offer his expertise:

‘Michele?s stone weighs in at four carats, and is classified as a rectangular radiant cut. The piece itself includes a diamond halo and is set on a single, pave diamond band. A ring [of this caliber] would likely have a value in the range of $100,000 to $150,000.?While it has its roots in antique and vintage jewelry designs, it continues to have a timeless allure.’

Margot Robbie’s engagement ring

Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie marked her engagement by sharing a fun photograph with fans. And though the first image released to the public was a little blurry, experts have since had a chance to weigh in on the finer details of the stunning ring.


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A post shared by @margotrobbie on

One of our favourite celebrity engagement rings, Margot’s ring is an elegant solitaire pear cut, complemented by a yellow gold?pav??band. The shimmering piece is a unique choice, making it a fantastic option for those in search of something a little different. The total cost of the ring has been debated by experts, but is likely to fall between $11,900 and $18,500.

Lauren Conrad’s engagement ring

After turbulent years of dating on The Hills, the original queen of reality TV found happiness with law student and musician William Tell, following a blind date arranged by friends. To the delight of fans, Tell proposed in 2013 and Conrad shared her timeless, elegant ring on social media.


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Best surprise ever.

A post shared by Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) on

One of the most classic celebrity engagement rings that we’ve seen, Conrad’s 2-carat diamond is a round cut design by Sydney Evan. Experts have suggested the ring is worth as much as $40,000. But since her engagement, the TV star turned designer released her own line of affordable engagement rings at Kohl’s.

If you’re planning a proposal, make sure you don’t miss our guide to the best places to propose in Liverpool! We hope our selection of beautiful and unique celebrity engagement rings has offered plenty of inspiration.

To contact Signature Living weddings or download our brochures, head over to our contact page.

29th January 2019

7 World Famous Celebrities That Married a Fan

If you’ve ever dreamed of marrying your celeb crush or dating a celebrity, there may still be hope! Because some of the world’s most famous faces have fallen head over heels for none other than a fan.

Celebrities Who Married Fans

From some of Hollywood’s most prolific actors to stars of the 60s, we’ve delved into the love stories of 7 celebrities that married fans…

Justin Bieber Married Hailey Baldwin

Without a doubt one of the most famous married couples in the world, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s love story is far from ordinary! Years before her modelling career took off, Hailey was a self-confessed ‘Belieber’ and one of millions of fans hoping to catch Justin’s eye at his concerts.

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absolute best friend.

A post shared by Hailey Rhode Bieber (@haileybieber) on

In 2009, Hailey struck lucky when she was introduced to her future husband by her father Stephen Baldwin. Behaving like any other starstruck teenager, Hailey stood awkwardly with her arms crossed as her dad took the lead and told Justin, “We’ve been enjoying your music”.

Elvis Presley Married Priscilla Beaulieu

It may come as a surprise that the King of Rock himself ended up marrying one of his fans. At 14 years old, Priscilla Beaulieu met Currie Grant, a friend of Elvis’ at the Eagles Club. Grant asked Priscilla, ‘How’d you like to meet Elvis Presley?’

celebrities who married fans

When it came to the night of meeting the rock ‘n’ roll icon, Priscilla was overcome with nerves. Elvis played songs for her, while Priscilla didn’t say much at all. After the night they met, Priscilla wondered how anyone at school would believe she’d been to the house of Elvis Presley…and the rest was history!

Reese Witherspoon Married Jim Toth

Now for a slightly different fan scenario, Hollywood superstar Reese Witherspoon fell in love with Jim Toth, who worked at a talent agency paid to promote the actress and her work.


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Love my Valentine! ?? #9years of love and putting up with all my picture taking ?

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

The pair are said to have crossed paths at a party, when Jim stepped in to save Reese from his drunk friend! Reese told ELLE magazine, ?Jim came over and said, ?Please excuse my friend. He?s just broken up with someone.? She added, “?That?s just kind of who he is, a really good person.?

Ringo Starr Married Maureen Cox

The story of the next couple means rewinding back to the 1960s, the height of Beatlemania! Maureen Cox, a hairdresser at the time, was a regular at The Fab Four’s early shows.

celebrities who married fans

Living the dream of Beatles fans around the world, Cox was noticed by Ringo Starr at a show and married the drummer in 1965. Sadly, it wasn’t to be, and the pair divorced in 1975.

Tom Cruise Married Katie Holmes

They were once one of Hollywood’s most famous married couples, but did you know that Katie Holmes was fan girling over Tom Cruise before the term even existed! The Dawson’s Creek star had a crush on Cruise as a teenager and even had posters of him on her bedroom wall.

celebrities who married fans

Source: Wiki Commons

In 2004, Holmes told Seventeen Magazine ‘I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise’. A year later, the famous duo were engaged. Less than ten years on, Holmes filed for divorce in 2012.

Kim Kardashian Married Kanye West

One of the most talked about celebrity weddings of all time was of course, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s! And though it may have seemed like a whirlwind romance, it took the famous rapper years to start dating the reality star.

celebrities who married fans

West is said to have fallen head over heels for Kim when he saw a photo of her with Paris Hilton in 2006, but as people say, timing is everything. Though Kim and Kanye crossed paths multiple times over the years, one or the other was involved with someone else. Kanye admitted he dreamed about being next to Kim for years, and rumour has it, he’d even go as far as drawing himself in to the Kardashian family Christmas card next to Kim!

?Posh Spice Married David Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham are one of the rare famous couples to have stood the test of time. But Posh and Becks have also made it onto the list of celebrities who married fans.


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A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

Though it may seem unlikely, the story is that Beckham was a big fan of the Spice Girls back in the 90s. The football star finally got the chance to meet his future wife in 1997 after a match. After they met, David was determined to win her over, and it’s safe to say it all worked out!

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celebrities who married fans

Country venue Rainhill Hall is one of our most exciting venues to date. To enquire today about your special day, you can reach us on 0151 305 3753.?

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