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12th July 2018

10 Things Everybody Forgets to Do Before Their Wedding

From taking in the beautiful venue you?ve chosen, to enjoying the experience of walking down the aisle as newlyweds, the day of your wedding is going to be a magical whirlwind. But on the morning of the big day you?ll probably be a little bit panicky and all over the place.

To keep things running smoothly, make sure you write up a wedding checklist a few days before so you can calm those pre-wedding nerves and enjoy the day without any stress. After all, it?s meant to be a beautiful occasion all about you and your partner!

There?s always a few important things that the happy couple tend to forget leading up to the big day. Writing up a list of all the little details you might forget ensures any problems can be fixed early on and guarantees it will be a truly memorable occasion.

Here are 10 things that often get forgotten to add to your checklist.

1. Pack a Pair of Comfortable Shoes

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The shoes you wear on your wedding day might be the most gorgeous pair you?ve ever owned, but if they pinch your toes while you?re dancing, their beauty isn?t going to cancel out how much your feet hurt.

Remember to take a spare pair of comfortable shoes to slip into when you get to your reception. They don?t have to be boring ? why not buy some sparkly trainers or elegant flats?

And gents, this applies to you too. Fresh-out-the-box brogues can be just as uncomfortable. You don?t want to spend your wedding night sitting down, so make sure to pack a pair of shoes you?re happy to dance the night away in.

2. Make Sure You Have a Touch-Up Makeup Kit

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Weddings are teary events for everyone. But if you?ve just had your make-up done for the special day, you don?t want it half way down your face after only a few hours.

Giving someone in your party a little bag of makeup for touch-ups throughout the day will make your life so much easier. Remember to include eyelash glue if you?re using fake lashes ? it?ll be a lifesaver.

3. Remember to Eat!

A typical mistake lots of spouses-to-be make is forgetting to eat on the big day. Make sure you eat a big breakfast and a light lunch. Then you?ll have plenty of energy to get you through to the reception but won?t feel stuffed just before your ceremony. Nobody wants fainting newlyweds!

If you?ve chosen the stunning White Star Grand Hall as your venue, why not book a wedding breakfast at the Carpathia Champagne Restaurant and Bar in 30 James Street? With stunning waterfront views and a delicious menu, the friendly staff will be happy to accommodate your wedding party before the big day.

4. Drink Water

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Yes, we all know staying hydrated is important. But it?s something that?s easy to forget on the big day. Make sure you take regular sips of water from the word go and don?t just rely on bubbly to keep you refreshed. You don?t want a headache to set in as you walk down the aisle!

5. Don?t Forget Your Undergarments

Underwear seems like the last thing you?d forget but you?d be surprised how often it gets left behind. Make sure you pack it alongside your dress so you aren?t left borrowing your bridesmaid?s red knickers or wearing your old, holey underpants on the wedding night.

6. Assign a Post-Wedding Caretaker

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If you?re jetting off on a gorgeous honeymoon straight after the reception, assign a family member or friend to pick up the belongings you aren?t taking with you, like you dress and pre-wedding outfit.

7. Remember The Kids

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Children can make or break a wedding day ? make sure that any little ones have ample activities or a baby sitter to look after them and keep them entertained.

Every parent knows the pain of bored children acting up, so if you?re got something to keep them happy, you?re less likely to have screaming toddlers during the toasts and embarrassed parents leaving early.

8. Set More Than One Alarm

You might think waking up would be easy, but mistakes happen, and alarms can fail! Make sure you?ve set an alarm and a back-up as well, so there?s no chance you?ll sleep in and wake up in a panic.

It?s a good idea to assign a friend or family member to give you a call or come and check you?re up first thing in the morning just to be doubly sure you don?t hit the snooze button accidentally.

9. Get Your Emergency Bag Together

On the day things do go wrong, so plan in advance to minimise the disruption. Get someone in your party to carry a little bag with needle and thread, double-sided tape, safety pins, tampons, hairspray, breath mints, wet wipes, scissors and deodorant in it.

Then you?ll be prepared when that hem comes down on a trouser leg, or the lunchtime snack before the ceremony ends up stuck in your teeth.

10. Make Someone the Memories Collector

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In the magic of the day, it?s easy to enjoy the experience and forget to collect any mementos that you might want to keep to remember the special day. Assign someone to collect the little things that will help capture the moment like flowers to press, menu cards and pieces of ribbon from bridesmaids? hair.

You don?t want to be thinking about this on the day ? but you will really appreciate having physical memories in years to come.

At Signature Living Weddings, our capable wedding coordinators will be on hand throughout your wedding journey to keep everything running smoothly and ensure your special day is a magical experience. We always go the extra mile to make sure you have your dream wedding in a beautiful venue.

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