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3rd April 2019

Be Inspired by These Fun and Unique Confetti Ideas

Confetti is the Italian word for sweets. It also is used to describe the pretend plaster sweets that were thrown in Italy during festivals, parties or carnivals. At weddings, they were thrown with flowers as the bride left the church. The tradition ended up spreading far and wide across Europe until the plaster confetti had been banned in France in the 1890s. Colourful paper discs replaced the plaster imitations, and thus the confetti custom as we know it today was born.

In England, the traditional item to throw as the bride left the church as a married woman was in fact rice! It was considered a symbol of fertility ? however, did pose a slight health and safety risk when being thrown into the air. Gradually, the paper confetti replaced rice ? with the added appeal that it was French and tr?s chic!

Get Creative with Confetti

Now, a lot of time has passed since then and it seems that more and more brides are getting creative when it comes to their confetti ideas for the send-off. Let?s look at some fun and unique confetti ideas that you can incorporate into your dream day.

Flower Petals


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If you can, sourcing fresh flower petals is a gorgeous alternative to the average paper variety. Go for one particular type – like rose petals – for a more uniform look in photographs or mix it up with a cocktail of colourful natural confetti.



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If you?re working to more of a budget, then paper or ribbons can be a fantastic option when you want that big pop of colour as you exit the building. We recommend picking for a biodegradable confetti paper type that dissolves when it rains, as this makes it a lot easier for venue staff to clear up ? and it?s better for the environment!

Leaves or Dried Flowers


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Speaking of the environment, dried leaves can be an excellent choice for an autumn wedding. Dried flowers will provide a soft, beautiful and almost vintage feel to your confetti. Lavender is also an option when looking for something more natural, plus it smells fantastic!



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Why not have your guests blow bubbles as you walk down a corridor of your nearest and dearest? It?s a really fun way to get everyone involved, and kids will love it too. Just imagine how magical it will be with dreamy bubbles floating above your heads!



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If you?re having a winter wedding and know the end of the day will be darker, sparklers are a fabulous option. They create such a beautiful effect for your wedding photographs and provide a truly memorable experience for guests as they send you off into the world of marriage.

Rice or Birdseed


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If you want to take it back to tradition, then why not opt for the original confetti ? rice? Although, it has been found that this can be harmful to birds to eat, so we suggest replacing with birdseed. It?ll be an eco-friendly option – and the birds will thank you!

Paper Planes


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Go for something truly unique and interactive by having your guests throw paper planes into the air instead of confetti. They could even write their well wishes for the happy couple onto them before they’re folded! Just make sure you?ve got the groomsmen and bridesmaids ready to clear up at the end – if you have a fair number of guests this may be a pain for venue staff to clear up. If you?re mindful and organised, a paper plane send-off could be one of the highlights of your day!

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