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11th December 2019

Will These Be The Top 10 Most Exciting 2020 Wedding Trends?

We all know wedding planning can be as fun as it is stressful, we intend to help all you brides out there get ahead of the game by giving you the top 10 2020 wedding trends.

These include ideas for the environment conscious couples, unique ways to record your special day and the biggest trend of 2020, lush green outdoor wedding venues, floral stylings and accessories.

Here are the most exciting predicted wedding trends of 2020 you simply must follow.

2020 Wedding Trends: Simple Gowns Are Replaced with Detailed Tattoo Lace

This year the wedding gown trend took a decided turn down a simple yet elegant path. Silhouettes were streamlined and detailing was kept to a minimum.


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? PALMA ? we love the way you sparkle…

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But by 2020, the trendiest wedding gowns will feature intricate lace overlays and detailed embroidered finishes.

Choose your shape and opt for a nude or blush underlayers, mimicking the tone of skin, then cover with floral motifs and whimsical laced sheer slips and sleeves. The effect will hug your figure and show off your feminine silhouette.

In 2020 the tattoo lace and embroidery trend mean brides can give the effect of showing traces of skin, whilst still keeping things classy and modest.

2020 Wedding Trends: Get Ready to Video Map Your Venue

Make leaps and bounds into the future and bring a touch of technological wizardry to your special day in 2020 with the latest wedding trend: video mapping.


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Thanks to this unique concept, couples can project anything they want into their chosen venue, turning their venue into an exotic palace or woodland wedding in a deep forest.

Video mapping can project carpets of florals on every surface or fill the ceiling with stars mimicking the night sky.

The choices are endless meaning brides and grooms can get married anywhere in the world, no matter where they host their wedding.

2020 Wedding Trends: Blush Pink to Make Your Guests Wink

Whether it’s in your floral arrangements, on your bridesmaids or accenting your accessories, blush pink is the top colour of choice for 2020 wedding trends.


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The soft and subtle colour will be found in rose laden bouquets, lapel pins and table centrepieces. Blush ribbons will find their way into hair pieces or wrapped around chair coverings and bridesmaids will be draped from head to toe in the palest of pinks.

No longer reserved for girly style weddings, blush pink will give any and every wedding day a soft on-trend edge in 2020.

2020 Wedding Trends: Lush Green Garden Party Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor weddings are tricky in the UK, with our fabulous unreliable weather you simply have to pray you?ll get a sunny day.

But thanks to one of the latest 2020 wedding trends, outdoor garden party style venues are the in choice for forward-thinking couples.

2020 wedding trends outdoor venues

Rainhill Hall – Outdoor ceremony

Not only does Rainhill Hall boast the most extraordinary outdoor wedding venue in Liverpool, but the flexibility of the space allows you to stick to your dreams of a lush green backdrop, come rain or shine.

Greenery and natural colours will play a big part in 2020 wedding trends, so there’s really no better choice for your 2020 outdoor wedding venue than Rainhill Hall.

2020 Wedding Trends: Lights, Camera, Action Wedding Movies

For a lot of brides and grooms, their special day can fly by in an instant, which is why many couples rely on a skilled wedding photographer to capture as many precious memories on camera as possible.

For 2020, wedding trends will include making epic wedding movies.

2020 Wedding trends wedding movies

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As well as plenty of stills, a wedding video maker will put together a mini moving montage of your day, creating a one of a kind special memory you can watch and share with your guests.

Kind of retro, but with today’s modern technology this wedding trend is one we see being big in 2020.

Add a Princess Tiara For a Really Regal Wedding

Following on from the last royal wedding, we predict the princess theme still being one of the biggest 2020 wedding trends.


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One way to add a splash of royal class to your wedding day is to choose a tiara style headpiece to complete your princess wedding ensemble.

Choose from opulent crowns, to barely there embellished bands, either way, princess tiaras are sure to be spotted at plenty of weddings in 2020.

2020 Wedding Trends: Keeping Things Eco-Friendly

Saving the planet is on everybody?s minds these days, and for the most environmentally conscious of us, our wedding day shouldn?t compromise the health of our planet.

Wedding trends in 2020 will see eco-friendly couples doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint.


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Compostable and biodegradable packaging and of course biodegradable petals.

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These will include recyclable materials being used for stationary and confetti or using in-season flowers. Wedding feasts will be sourced from local providers to help reduce transport pollution and favours will include edible options or encourage gifting plants or charity donations in guests? names.

Brides can even do their bit by sourcing responsibly made wedding gowns, or even choosing vintage fashion, and second chance wedding dresses. After all, someone else?s trash can always be made into treasure.

There are plenty of ways to throw a planet-friendly, sustainable wedding and this is one of the best 2020 wedding trends we hope will be adopted by happy couples tying the knot in the future.

We Say Welcome the Zen Do

When it comes to getting married,?ladies love a hen do.?Getting dressed up in a silly outfit and hitting the town with your girlies is something every bride looks forward to.

2020 wedding trends - Zen Do

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In 2020, however, we predict a new trend will emerge in the form of a “Zen Do”.

Instead of the wild hen parties we?re all used to, health-conscious brides are predicted to opt for a Zen Do including indulgent spa retreats and elegant meals or dining experiences.

Not that we?re expecting the traditional hen dos to disappear, but you may start to see fewer tutus and ‘L’ plates in town and more treatments and bathrobes in your local spa come 2020.

Commission a Wedding Canvas

One thing we?ve seen recently, and adored the idea of is a wedding canvas.

As well as wedding photos and wedding videos, the wedding trend of 2020 sees couples hiring artists to capture their most special moments with paint and a brush.


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This unique 2020 wedding trend will give the bride and groom the chance to capture their day on canvas, giving them something to hang in their home forever.

Artists would be stationed in prime position ready to capture every detail of the venue, your guests and the entire feel of your special day, adding their own individual sense of style to the piece.

We hope our predictions of the top 10 2020 wedding trends will give happy couples inspiration to tailor their special day to their tastes, making the entire affair a day to remember and cherish forever.

At Signature Living Weddings, our coordinators will be on hand to help couples create the most amazing and unforgettable weddings. Their experience and knowledge of the business keep them ahead of the game and, when it comes to predicting the top wedding trends of 2020, they?ll have all our ideas above and much more to offer.

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