26th October 2018

Planning Your Honeymoon: Interview with our Travel Expert, Christopher Kelly

Everyone knows one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is the honeymoon. It’s a much-needed respite after months of organising, preparation and designing. But for many couples, it’s also the trip of a lifetime!

However, while the actual honeymoon is heavenly, planning it and deciding where to go can get stressful. That’s why at Signature Living Weddings, we have an in-house Travel Expert who can give you the insider knowledge on how to plan your dream honeymoon.

We sat down with our Travel Expert, Christopher Kelly, to learn more about his job, why couples should choose to consult an expert like himself and reveal a few of his all-time favourite destinations!

Christopher Kelly Travel Expert

Travel Expert Christopher Kelly

Hi Christopher, to get things started I think we should start with a bit about you! How long have you been a Travel Expert and what made you want to become one?

Hi guys, okay great! Well I’m Christopher and I began my own travel expert company in the first quarter of 2018. I had always had a huge passion for travel and amazing experiences, I spent most of my spare time travelling the world and searching for unforgettable destinations. Using Dubai as my headquarters for 8 years, I embarked on ten long haul adventures every year!

I decided that I should put this unique knowledge into practice and help others achieve the incredible experiences I had been lucky enough to be a part of around the world. I obtained the relevant licences and financial protection and now I can offer my customers spectacular holidays at industry rates, so it is both affordable and excellent value for everybody.

Wow, that’s amazing! What would you say is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is definitely the feedback from clients when they return from their trip. I actually get excited when presenting customers with holiday offers, as if it was me going myself! Being a travel consultant means I bring joy to people’s lives, I like to think I give them something positive and exciting to look forward to, when maybe they are experiencing a stressful day. Certainly, when I talk to couples who are planning their honeymoon, it’s nice to put them at ease so all they have to worry about is their wedding and what to pack!

Why should people use a Travel Expert?

There are many reasons why Travel Experts are important. Firstly, our flights are ATOL protected, this means that should an airline not provide the service they promised, your finances are protected. For example, when Monarch went bankrupt overnight, those that booked independently lost their money. Secondly, the holiday itself is ABTA protected, so you won’t need to worry about losing money that way.

A Travel Expert also saves the customer endless hours searching for their perfect holiday. Just a few hours looking, twice a week, can add up to over 24 hours at the end of the month. It’s stressful and often confusing, whether you know what you’re looking for or not.

We have the expert knowledge on hotels, flight paths, airlines, locations, time of year, transfers and especially, offers. A normal travel company can only provide you with what they have been given to sell, an independent agent can personally tailor a package or an offer just for you.

However, I believe the most important thing is the point of contact. If you book with a large holiday supplier, it is incredibly difficult to contact them about queries you may have. A Travel Expert like myself is always on hand to help with any questions you may have, extras you’d like to add to the holiday or just simply chat about what you might expect from your trip.

Christopher Kelly - Travel Expert

Travel Expert Christopher Kelly

What do you think makes you different from other Travel Experts?

I am completely independent, so I am never under any pressure to provide you with offers from particular holiday consolidators. I also have over 200 suppliers that are contracted to me, so the choices are just about endless!

I am extremely passionate about travelling, I see every new client and their holiday as a project. So, whereas a travel agent will usually allocate around 30 minutes to finding a deal for you, I will happily dedicate a number of days to filter through every supplier and guarantee you have a fantastic offer presented to you.

Due to my extensive knowledge, it is very likely that I will have visited either the country or definitely the region you want to visit. This means I’ll be able to give you some great first-hand help and advice!

Why do you think Signature compliments you as a travel expert so well?

I think, as a brand, Signature Living Weddings share a similar ideology. You are unique and offer personalised luxury at affordable prices. Like myself, Signature is all about creating unforgettable memories by being innovative and taking the lead within the industry. Our clients both look for a high standard of customer service and seek a personalised bespoke experience, together we do that very well!

Perhaps a difficult one, but what is your favourite holiday destination?

That is very difficult as you will often hear me say how much I love ‘this destination and that destination’. But if I had to choose, personally, I’d say Cape Town or the Maldives. Both are extremely beautiful and unique.

Of course, you deal with a lot of our couples that are planning honeymoons. What would you say are three essentials for the perfect honeymoon?

The specifics will, of course, differ from individual to individual. However, I’d say whether you’re booking a serene beach honeymoon or a vibrant city honeymoon, making it stress free is the number one priority.

Number two I would say the accommodation has got to be truly excellent. A honeymoon isn’t just any holiday, it’s your first trip abroad as a married couple, so it’s got to be spectacular!

Lastly, I think an essential for the perfect honeymoon is to create everlasting memories. You want to be telling people in twenty year’s time just how incredible it was and revisiting those magical memories regularly.

What are the most popular destinations for honeymoons at the moment? 

The Indian Ocean is the most popular destination by far for honeymoons. More specifically, the Maldives is currently top of the list for a lot of couples I book with.

Travel Expert

Travel Expert Christopher Kelly

We’ve talked a lot about honeymoons, but there’s something new called a mini-moon which has taken off lately. What is a minimoon and why do you think they have become so popular?

A mini-moon is a short break or short holiday that usually lasts around 3-7 days, straight after the wedding party. Used instead of, or just before the honeymoon, many couples book a mini-moon to take a break after the wedding planning and have a little time to themselves.

Lots of couples don’t plan to go away for their honeymoon a month or so after the wedding has taken place, so getting away for a short time before that can be perfect. It is a chance for the bride and groom to instantly enjoy each other’s company and reflect on the amazing wedding. These short trips are often just a quick plane journey away, so you don’t have to worry about extended travelling.  Many people even choose to enjoy a couple of days in a hotel a short flight away, before embarking on the journey to their final honeymoon destination.

Thanks so much for talking to us, to round things off can you tell us a fun fact about you?

Of course, okay. I once went to an evening social event in Dubai and 24 hours later found myself, unintentionally, sat on a beach in the Maldives eating an Alfredo pasta and feeling confused as how it all transpired!

Planning a honeymoon when you have a Travel Expert like Christopher couldn’t be easier! With his wealth of knowledge and passion for travel, he’s sure to plan and book a trip you and your partner have always been dreaming of. If you’d like to get in touch with Christopher, he’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! You can call him on 07885670143 or email

At Signature Living Weddings, making your wildest dreams come true is what we specialise in. We have a plethora of exquisite wedding venues, dotted all over the UK. From historic spaces, to magical woodland areas and venues with real character and charm, a wedding with Signature is always unique and unforgettable.

To begin the first steps to your perfect wedding, get in touch with us today by calling 0151 305 3753.

15th October 2018

Festivals, Foliage & Autumnal Touches: Royal Wedding Inspiration for Your Special Day

There’s nothing more magical than a fairy-tale royal wedding and Princess Eugenie’s nuptials to Jack Brooksbank last Friday ticked all the boxes. Two awe-inspiring dresses, a historic venue, stunning floral arrangements – it was the perfect occasion to pick up royal wedding ideas for your special day.

Unlike the more formal affairs of Prince William and his brother, the younger Princess was willing to break tradition and pick something a little bit different for her special day. From laid-back catering options to a right royal knees up for all the guests over the weekend, this was a relaxed royal wedding that’s easy to draw inspiration from.

We took a look at the key trends to surface from this autumnal wedding and how you can incorporate a bit of royal magic into your big day…

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Autumn is the new Spring

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank have shown that summer weddings are no longer the customary expectation of big days. Autumn nuptials are now preferred over summer weddings.

With stunning colour scheme options, cosy receptions ideas and the bonus of stunning natural light in the later months of the year, more and more couples are choosing an autumn wedding. This royal bash confirms that it’s the season of choice for 2019.

Seasonal floral arrangements

One of the easiest ways to reflect a little seasonal beauty in your wedding day is to match your floral arrangements to what’s outside the window and Princess Eugenie was reportedly keen to take the inspiration from nature for her big day.

Sourcing local foliage and flowering branches from Windsor Great Park, the stunning flowers for the big day reflected the rich seasonal tones on fall trees, autumn’s jewel colours and the warming undertones of woodland walks.


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Foliage is having a moment in weddings, and the newly-weds definitely picked up on this trend.

Turning away from the Spring-like, and more formal, arrangements used outside St George’s for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, Eugenie and Jack opted for rustic, reddish tones with ornamental Liquid Amber Trees offering an unstructured and natural look to the floral decorations.

If you’re looking to mimic the carefree look, pick rich jewel tones of purple and red and contrast them with brighter touches of vibrant pinks, with the occasional yellow or orange. Opt for darker foliage in deep green and purple tones. Blooms including roses, spray roses, hydrangeas, dahlias and plenty of glittering, juicy berries were used to create a bountiful, harvest look.

Elsewhere more vibrant floral arrangements were spotted, with bright yellows, reds, pinks and oranges creating a warm, pop of colour on the autumnal day in the marquee.


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An alternative bouquet

Unusually, Princess Eugenie’s bouquet didn’t match the floral arrangements outside of the church – instead she opted for a lighter, brighter display which looked as though it had been inspired by more wintry tones and textures.

Featuring Lily of the Valley, white spray roses and trailing ivy the bouquet symbolized purity, happiness, humility and eternal love.

Keeping the cake simple

The autumnal inspiration was taken further at the Royal Wedding in the happy couple’s choice of cake decoration. And it’s clear that the move towards natural, botanical styles has been cemented by their beautiful Sophie Cabot design.

The cake was decorated with burnished orange leaves, English ivy and touches of white flowers, while delicate sugar blackberries nestled amongst the leaves. Buckingham Palace said it was inspired by the “rich colours of autumn”.

The cake emphasized another clear wedding trend to look out for this year: a steer towards timeless, classic styles with a modern update. In fact, the cake was described as traditional with a “modern feel” by the Buckingham Palace Press Office.


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The dress

The most anticipated reveal of the big day on Friday was what Princess Eugenie would be wearing to walk up the aisle. And we weren’t disappointed.

The stunning Peter Pilotto design was elegant and timeless, with a portrait neckline, that folded around her shoulders and dipped gracefully at the back. In another touch to modernity, the Princess decided against a veil, opting instead for just a tiara formerly owned by her great-grandmother.


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And the second dress!

A second wedding dress is now a hallmark of modern weddings. From the Duchess of Cornwall to Kim Kardashian, the evening outfit on your big day is almost as important as what you wear down the aisle.

With receptions becoming the main event for big days up and down the country, it makes sense to dress for your party in something new! And we loved Princess Eugenie’s choice. Picking a Zac Posen gown in the blush colour of an English Rose, she looked radiant on the arm of her new husband.

And the newest Botanical theme for weddings even crept into the second dress: designer Posen stated that he’d drawn inspiration from the natural world around Windsor and the surrounding countryside during creation.


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Time to leave sit-down meals behind

In another break from tradition, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank chose to hold two receptions this weekend for friends and family. After a toasting reception held by The Queen at Windsor Castle, guests enjoyed a boozy night under the stars when they entered a marquee in the park grounds. Lasting late into Friday night, they were then offered a second chance to celebrate with a festival-themed day-time event on the Saturday.

Moving away from more formal wedding breakfasts and sit-down, multi-course meals, the couple chose finger food as the sustenance of choice for their wedding weekend. From delicate pastries at the toasting reception to gourmet pizza served direct from a van on the Friday night, fast and fuss-free was on the cards.

At Signature Living, we love mixing it up and will help you make your wedding feast exactly how you want it. Whether you’d love a traditional sit-down meal, a delectable buffet of gastro-delights or plates piled high with personalized offerings that reflect you as a couple, we’re happy to help out.

Festival fiestas

You heard it here first: 2019’s top wedding trend is definitely going to be festival inspiration. Breaking away from the stuffy formality weddings are so often associated with, it’s time to get mess at your reception!

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank nailed this trend with their second wedding reception on Saturday, which offered guests a festival experience in the grounds of Windsor. With funfair rides, inflatable slides, coconut shies and even dodgems, guests got busy having fun while sipping on custom-made cocktails and enjoying street-food.


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Relaxed, informal and fun, it made the wedding as exciting for guests as for the happy couple – especially as fancy dress was encouraged. At Signature Living Weddings, we love it when our soon-to-be-wed couples ask for something a little different on their wedding day, because we make a promise to never say no!

From fire-breathers and stilt-walkers to cakes hanging from the ceiling, we won’t raise an eyebrow at weird and wacky suggestions to make your wedding day the special occasion it should be. And our newest venue is the ultimate backdrop for a festival-inspired big day. Nestled in the suburbs of Merseyside, Rainhill Hall offers a picturesque woodland setting for the biggest day of your life.

Whether you’re looking for a ethereal woodland wedding or a fairy-light reception, the rustic lakeside cabins and treehouse retreats in the grounds of a beautiful country house are the perfect location for a festival fiesta.

Planet-friendly celebrations

With the oceans swimming in plastic and all of us looking for more sustainable ways to live our lives, it’s no surprise that the royal newly-weds were keen to do their part and host a once in a lifetime occasion without damaging the planet.

In an interview with British Vogue in August, Eugenie stated that she was aiming for her big day to be “plastic-free” so that the impending nuptials would reflect her views on sustainability.

botanical wedding

Credit: | Pinterest

And with wedding suppliers increasingly seeing eco-friendly as a new trend that isn’t going anyway, you can also help save the planet without compromising on a spectacular big day.

One easy way to help the planet is ditching cellophane-wrapped wedding favours. Why not double-up on place cards and get hand-iced biscuits with guests names on for the table? Or give something back and offer guests packets of wildflower seeds so you can be sure the environment gains something from your big day.

Perfect personalisation

There’s nothing more special at a wedding than personalisation – it makes the special day unique to you and your partner and instantly memorable to everyone involved.

It’s not surprising then, that we saw plenty of personal touches across Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s big day, making what was a very public affair more intimate for the newly weds.

Their initial-iced cake might have kept long-held Royal traditions alive, but its inside delicacy was based upon a deeply personal choice by the two newly-weds. Moving away from the customary fruit cake, the stunning five-tier centerpiece was made from three layers of Red Velvet and two layers of chocolate cake, with baker Sophie Cabot stating that the two were “very excited” about having red velvet.


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Timeless, classic wedding venues

The historic backdrop to Princess Eugenie’s wedding day gave the occasion a timeless and classic atmosphere. There’s nothing more emotional than exchanging vows in a venue filled with charm, heritage and tradition.

And while the stunning St George’s Chapel at Windsor might not be available for every soon-to-be-wed partnership, Signature Living’s wedding venues will ensure your big day has a romantic and elegant backdrop to rival any royal wedding.

royal wedding ideas

Enjoy a historic wedding venue at 30 James Street. Credit: Andy Jackson Photography

The beautiful interiors of 30 James Street’s White Star Grand Hall in Liverpool and The Exchange’s Grand Hall in Cardiff are steeped in elegance, charm and history, offering a regal setting for your wedding day.

Or, if you’re more concerned with beautiful vistas, our Garden of Eden rooftop venue is the perfect place to host a festival-inspired big day. Offering stunning, panoramic views across Liverpool’s skyline, full use of one of the UK’s largest outdoor roof terraces and even access to our incredible tepees, it’s a sunshine-filled venue that will make your special day an unforgettable experience.

For more information on all our wedding venues, and to start your journey towards your big day, call our team today on 0151 305 3753.

12th October 2018

The UK’s Only Rooftop Wedding Venue: Garden of Eden Liverpool

Since the shock closure of Kensington Roof Gardens in London, The Garden of Eden is now the UK’s only rooftop wedding venue making it officially one of Britain’s most unusual wedding venues still available to book.

If you’ve been searching for something to give your wedding day a chic and stylish edge, The Garden of Eden, perched proudly upon The Shankly Hotel rooftop is the place for you.

Picture Perfect Paradise

Step outside the conventional wedding venue box and walk right into The Garden of Eden where an otherworldly wonder awaits both you and your guests high above the bustling city streets.

Interior Garden of Eden Liverpool - rooftop wedding venues

Garden of Eden Wedding reception

The exquisite interior space of Eden is bathed in natural light that pours through expansive floor to ceiling windows and an elegant décor reflects the ethereal theme of the venue. Venture outside and onto The Garden of Eden’s terrace where endless views across the city are ready and waiting to take your breath away.

Garden of Eden - rooftop wedding venues

Garden of Eden Terrace

Hosting a minimum of 80 guests at your wedding ceremony and 120 evening guests means you can share your blissful wedding day with all your nearest and dearest friends and family in a picture-perfect paradise.

Dare to Dream Big

The sky is the limit when it comes to planning your dream wedding in The Garden of Eden.

Our flexible approach to helping you create a bespoke experience means you can take the venue and truly make it your own.

Garden of Eden weddings - rooftop wedding venues

Bride and Groom on Garden of Eden Terrace

Inside the last of the UK’s rooftop wedding venues, you and your guests will experience the awe-inspiring effect of sweeping city skyline views and all you need do is add your own special touches to truly bring your wedding dreams to life in The Garden of Eden.

Liverpool Wedding Venues

There’s a certain set of qualities we know all brides and grooms look for when it comes to picking their perfect wedding venue. That’s why we’re excited to be the last of the UK’s rooftop wedding venues, we know we have something truly special in the Garden of Eden Liverpool.

Garden of Eden - rooftop wedding venues

Outdoor ceremony Garden of Eden

Not only does our unusual wedding venue have all the charm of an enchanted oasis in the heart of the city but The Garden of Eden offers guests all the amazing features needed to host a spectacular wedding.

Couples can choose to be wed inside under a canopy of florals and twinkling lights or out in the open under the shining sun.

Indoor Garden of Eden wedding ceremony

Indoor ceremony Garden of Eden

Your wedding reception will be catered to by our own on onsite kitchens and well-stocked bars, staffed by our talented team of servers, mixologists and guest hosts.

There’s nothing we can’t achieve when it comes to creating the day you’ve always dreamed of so reach for the stars because in The Garden of Eden you can almost touch them.

Getting Married on The Shankly Hotel Rooftop

Elegance, style and charm is one thing, but when it comes to wedding planning it’s great when things are simple too.

That’s why, when getting married in The Garden of Eden, we bring the wow factor for your wedding day and the comfort of in-house luxury accommodation to both you and your guests before and after the big day.

Bridal party accommodation - rooftop wedding venues

Bridal party accommodation a The Shankly

Let us help take the stress and strain out of planning additional wedding transport for you and your guests, by removing the worry of all those logistical nightmares that can and so often do arise

No need to worry about late wedding cars, booking taxis or traffic jams because from the moment you meet at the end of the aisle to the last dance of the night, your guests can be with you all under one roof.

rooftop wedding venues in Liverpool with Bridal suite

Shankly Hotel Bridal Suite

From stunning family accommodation and group suites to the most unbelievable bridal suite in Liverpool, The Shankly Hotel has it all, ready and waiting for you and your wedding guests to enjoy.

So, when it comes to the search for the best rooftop wedding venues in the UK there’s only one choice left, The Garden of Eden Liverpool the crowning jewel of The Shankly Hotel and Liverpool wedding venues.

Garden of Eden - outdoor wedding - rooftop wedding venues

Call our talented team of wedding co-ordinators today on 0151 305 3753 and book your consultation to begin planning your special day with Signature Living Weddings.

4th October 2018

Bring the Outside Inside with a Magical Botanical Wedding

Lush grasses, vibrant leaves and freshly cut bouncing bouquets of hydrangeas: the botanical wedding trend is all about bringing the outside inside and putting foliage at the heart of your special day.

Take inspiration from the great outdoors, with delicate sprigs of foliage, forest touches and cascading floral displays. Perfect for stunning rooftop weddings and classic, heritage occasions, this trend isn’t going anywhere as we head into 2019.

Picking the perfect foliage

botanical weddings

Credit: | pinterest

Carry your botanical wedding theme throughout the day by picking key foliage types to repeat across your decorations. The cool tones of eucalyptus, soft edges of ferns (such as asparagus fern or leather fern) and traditional, rustic shapes of ruscus, kumquat or lemon leaf are ideal foundations for flower arrangements.

Foliage tends to be lower in price than blooms, meaning you can create dramatic garlands around wedding arches and head tables without worrying about cost.

“Take inspiration from this elegant interior style and evoke the great outdoors, with delicate sprigs of foliage, forest touches and cascading floral displays”


Garden garlands

botanical wedding

Credit: | Pinterest

Flowers aren’t just for the table – maximize the woodland atmosphere with floral garlands and ceilings hangings above the reception venue. Add pale flowers, delicately lit bulbs and even fragile glass baubles for a cascading, forest-like effect that evokes the magic and mystic of green spaces.

Floral arrangements

For tables, bouquets and venue arrangements, stick to your key foliage choices but add delicate flowers in white, pale yellow and pale pink to offset the darker green tones. The soft, lazy blooms of anemones contrast beautifully with the more structured shapes of eucalyptus or ruscus while traditional roses and ranunculaceae add a timeless and classic touch to any arrangement.

For a softer look, add gypsolia. Its tiny, cloud-like blooms evoke cottage gardens and country weddings.

“The soft, lazy blooms of anemones contrast beautifully with the more structured shapes of eucalyptus or ruscus”

The Table

botanical wedding

Runners of foliage such as eucalyptus or lemon leaf look beautiful, but for a quirky take on the botanical trend, use terracotta pots of herbs. Perfect for naming tables, potted plants at a rustic touch and, if they’re edible, have the bonus of being garnishes for delicious G&Ts!

botanical wedding

Credit: Pinterest

Pick unusual vases such as brown glass bottles, or miniature zinc milk churns to add depth and colour to a simple table arrangement.

Stationary Styles

botanical wedding

Credit: | pinterest

Go bold on your invitations with graphic prints of jungle plants, such as philodendron or dieffenbachia against white card or try a softer, woodland style with delicate floral imagery, botanical drawings and and brushed lettering.

Brown card tones well with green shades, so opt for eco-friendly recycled materials if you want your botanical wedding to be green in footprint, as well as theme.

“For a softer look, add gypsolia. Its tiny, cloud-like blooms evoke cottage gardens and country weddings.”

Bring the trees inside

botanical wedding

Source: | Pinterest

For large spaces, or high ceilings, miniature trees can help fill a reception venue and create a magical, mystical atmosphere. Opt for artificial cherry blossom trees with their cloud-like puffs of pink for a burst of colour against foliage floral arrangements, or pick the lustrously leafy likes of olive, citrus or birch for a greenery explosion that isn’t overpowering.

How to make the cake botanical

botanical wedding

Credit: Tennessee Wedding at RT Lodge, | pinterest

For a botanical cake that’s simple but impactful, aim for modest icing designs and leave the decorations to do the talking. Naked cakes look suitably rustic, but neatly-iced towers topped green leaves and delicate white flowers can be similarly stunning.

And don’t just stick to white – pastel tones or natural greys, beiges and pale pinks in icing can all create warmth against the backdrop of heavy foliage and pale neutrals. Just stay away from the maximalist patterns and let the plants shine.

Enjoy the great outdoors in a drink

botanical wedding

Sparkling Apple Holiday Cocktail. Credit: | Pinterest

Specially concocted cocktails add a personal touch to your big day and ensure you’ll have a flavoursome way to evoke nostalgia in future years. Get creative with spirits, mixers and garnishes to bring the botanical theme straight into guests’ glasses.

Gin and tonics are an easy way to add some greenery into your drinks – consider garnishes such as juniper berries, citric peels and tufts of vibrant rosemary. To bring a delicate warmth, consider using a flavoured gin like raspberry, sloe or rhubarb.

You’d be surprised how often the glassware can make all the difference – unusual glass shapes such as jars or bottles, or delicate goblets will add a finishing touch to your personalised punch.

Seasonal touches

botanical weddings

Credit: Julie Blanner | Pinterest

A botanical wedding theme works best when it’s aligned to the seasons, reflecting the natural world outside. For autumn weddings, a touch of harvest time can be achieved by adding bountiful fruits and vegetables to the table decorations, alongside pinecones, branches and autumnal leaves.

Try hiding ripening apples and pears in table displays and adding the woody tones of chestnuts, dried citrus fruits and physalis.

“A botanical wedding theme works best when it’s aligned to the seasons”

For winter weddings, look to yuletide foliage favourites such as pine, cedar,  juniper and spruces and add touches of natural colour with berries and pinecones.

Favours your guests will never forget

botanical wedding

Credit: | Pinterest

Forgo the traditional sugared almonds and chocolate truffles for tiny potted succulents that guests can take home at a botanical wedding – sedums and echeverias need minimal care and will look healthy for long periods, making them an easy wedding favour to buy in advance of the big day.

Alternatively, send guests home with a favour that encourages them to spread a little greenery into their own lives by offering personalized seed packages, ready to be sprinkled elsewhere as a memory of your big day.

Headdresses and bouquets

botanical wedding

Floral headdresses aren’t just for the flower girls – bring your wedding day together by echoing the blooms your choose for your bouquet and floral headwear in the flowers around your reception.

Ferns work particularly well in bouquets, suggesting volume without looking ‘heavy’ – opt for an all green arrangement if you want a fresh and botanical style that’s pretty without being overpowering.

Book your botanical wedding today with Signature Living Weddings

At Signature Living, our beautiful venues are the perfect backdrop for your botanical wedding theme. With historic interiors, such as the grade-II* listed 30 James Street White Star Grand Hall, and stunning vistas like the panoramic views from our rooftop Eden terrace, you can bring the magic of the woodland world to life in the centre of Liverpool.

Filled with natural light to perfectly compliment foliage decoration, all our venues have light and airy interiors ready to be beautifully personalised for your big day.

botanical wedding

Credit: Matthew Rycraft

Experience a wedding like no other with expert guidance from our incredible wedding-coordinators who are renowned for never saying no to a bride-to-be or future groom’s request. There isn’t a challenge we won’t take on – from fire-breathers and stilt-walkers to getting a pony on the roof of The Shankly Hotel, we’re always happy to make your day an unforgettable and unique experience.

 To start your Signature Living Wedding Journey today, and begin planning your dream day, call us today on 0151 305 3753.

2nd October 2018

Halloween Wedding Ideas for a Wickedly Wonderful Wedding Day

Just for those of us who love the idea of a Halloween Wedding we’ve put together a handy guide to throwing the perfect Halloween themed day of your dreams.

Everything from ghoulishly gorgeous dresses to frighteningly fabulous flowers alongside all the bizarre and brilliant ways you can make your Halloween wedding everything you ever wished for.

Creepy Cake Ideas

Your guests will remember a lot from your Halloween wedding day, mainly your dress but in close second comes the cake. This is a chance to play with your creativity, and your chosen cake designers skills too.

Ask them to help make your spooky day of dreams come true by fashioning a deliciously devilish Halloween themed wedding cake that looks both tempting and terrifying at the same time.

Halloween wedding cake ideas

Channel your favourite Halloween movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas or go all out hellish with skulls, red roses, stained glass and black icing.

You could even go for a natural approach taking all the golden rusted colours of autumn and using them to decorate and adorn your haunting Halloween wedding cake.

As the centrepiece of your special day, Halloween wedding your cake is a chance to impress your guests with your bold choice and creative wedding day choices.

Heavenly Halloween Wedding Dresses

A Halloween wedding really gives you the opportunity to step outside the conventional wedding dress box and chose from an array of stylish alternatives.

For floor sweeping glamour choose endless black and grey tulle, long lace sleeves and intricate black beading.
Halloween wedding dress ideas

Or instead, invoke your favourite gothic glamour icon and chose a Morticia style fishtail or the rich royal hues worn in medieval times.

You needn’t choose all black either. Alternatively, you can accent an off-white gown with black detailing and give an otherwise conventional wedding dress the Halloween edge.

Halloween wedding dress

The elaborate styling of traditional Spanish attire lends itself well to a Halloween wedding, with black lace veils, square-necked gowns and button up gloves.

There’s a haunting beauty in the darker details of a Halloween wedding and your dress will speak volumes about the mood you want to set.

Devilish Décor Ideas

Just because you’ve picked Halloween as your wedding theme, the wedding venue needn’t be decked out like a kids Halloween party. Opt instead to go for dark and decadent glamour with black elaborate candelabras, hanging lanterns, autumn coloured fabrics and delicate tree branches wrapped in chiffon.

Halloween wedding Decor

Set the mood with plenty of natural candlelight and dress your tables with playful carved pumpkin or skull place settings.

Bring the outside in and turn your wedding venue into an enchanted forest complete with blackbirds in hanging faux tree branches, evergreen centrepieces and leaf-strewn floors.

Halloween wedding decor ideas

Your Halloween wedding needn’t be all about black, red-purple, orange, gold and greens work just as well to set the mysterious mood.

Bewitch your guests with an enchanting Halloween wedding day decor on this the most important day of your lives.

Mysterious Masquerade Reception

Keeping your guests from attending your Halloween wedding in fancy dress is simple if your reception theme is an elegant masquerade ball.

Encourage your guests to stick to your colour scheme and theme by asking them to come to a ball dressed in black tie, channelling masquerade balls of the 19th century.

Masquerade Halloween wedding ideas

Your buffet could include a selection of trick or treat style sweets and cocktails could be white and black Russians, Zombies and Champagne cocktails with red and black liquors.

Book your entertainment to be more classical than a DJ or find a band who will perform all your favourite rock and roll classics.

Frighteningly Fabulous Flowers

Celebrate nature in the floral arrangements for the perfect Halloween wedding and choose evergreens, pale succulents and feathers for bouquets and pin holes.

Thistles, ferns and lavenders will give a pop of colour whilst keeping things natural and dark.

Halloween wedding bouquet ideas

And of course, a large bouquet of red roses wrapped in fake ivy will always look elegantly enchanting.

Tie everything up with rich ribbons, dark lace or rustic parcel string and add gleaming red jewels or strings of shining pearls for some extra bling.

The Perfect Halloween Wedding Venue in Liverpool

Find the perfect Halloween wedding venue in Liverpool at Signature Living Weddings where we make all your wedding day wishes come true.

Alma de Cuba is the perfect place to host a Halloween wedding in Liverpool. Once a Catholic Church, Alma de Cuba has since been converted into Liverpool top nightlife and dining destination.

Halloween wedding at Alma

Alma de Cuba first dance

With a mysterious Southern Latin theme, the stage at Alma de Cuba is already set and all you and your intended need do is add your own personal touches to create the perfect Halloween wedding in Liverpool.

Alma de Cuba has everything from ornate stained-glass windows to exposed original roof beams and an intimate reception space for you and your guests to enjoy. The venues original altar is still standing and the exposed brick décor is just waiting to be the backdrop to the perfect Halloween wedding.

Another wedding venue in Liverpool that would be a stunning setting for a Halloween wedding in Liverpool is the White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street. The Grade II* listed building has features that echo an opulent past when shipping success bestowed the city of Liverpool with riches and wealth.

White Star Grand Hall in Liverpool - Halloween wedding venue

White Star Grand Hall at 30 James Street

The White Star Grand Hall retains stunning period features such as the 15-foot Georgian windows that can be decorated with swathes of dark chiffon and a lofty vaulted ceiling that was uncovered during the extensive renovation of the heritage building.

Hosting your Halloween wedding with Signature Living Weddings will guarantee all your deepest wedding day wishes are made into a reality. Call our wedding co-ordinators for more information on 0151 305 3753 or browse our site for further wedding day inspiration.

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